dimanche 11 novembre 2012

Haut & Court - La vie EP (2012) & interview

Haut & Court means High & Short, like in "hung high and short", it is a band from Strasbourg (east of France). They formed in summer 2012 and just release their first six track record called La vie. They call their music "mathcrust" and it is indeed raw and dark hardcore with some "math" riffing /drumming. The vocals are in a death metal/black metal vein. It's a first release but it seems that they already found their own style, a thing that is really welcome in an overpopulated "blackened hardcore" genre. They manage to bring something different and since the sound, the playing and the songwriting are also good I think it makes a really successful first record. When it stops you want to start it again (it lasts less than 15 minutes) and each time I listen to it again I like it better (especially the fast moments that makes most of the record, a bit less the slow ending).

Try it and spread the word (they're looking for places to play and maybe a record label). Here's their bandcamp

Arnaud from Haut & Court agreed to answer to my questions so you can read it below :

-you formed last summer, how did it happen ? What was the project with Haut & Court?

The drummer, Ravind and the singer, Arnaud knew each other for a while and it has always been obvious for them that they would play together.
Then the guitarist, Bernard joined and the alchemy came right away.

-I don’t know a lot of other band doing this mix of neocrust/hardcore with math elements, how did you get the idea?
We all have various influences and we wanted to enhance the crust style. A kind of mix between originality and efficiency. 

-I guess you play or have played with other bands, which ones?

The drummer has played for several month in The Pledge Of Cain, real nasty sludge from Strasbourg.
The guitarist is still playing in an open minded hip hop band called UNT.
-a few words about La vie (the record!)?
We tried to do the most raw and direct music we could. It has also been our first experience in studio, but we're quite proud of that first shot.

-what about the lyrics?

Each song has it's subject.

Let it burst: Revolution will come through Evolution, it's the small things that matter. 
Krokodil: About addiction, in every possible dimension
Collision: We're leaving in a molecular gang bang, so fuck the differences, we're all the same.
This Genesis: Basically, stop weeping on everything & start something. 
Life: Ahah.
Wasted time for wasted minds: Focus on what really matters. For us it might be cheese.
-you’re looking for places to play isn’t it? looking for a record label also?

Indeed! We really want to share our music and meet new people, it's what bring us together as a band.
For the labels, we aren't in a rush, we already had a few propositions, but we are still open, it is not our first aim those days.
-do you already have new songs or ideas for the next record?
We are always working on new stuff, hopefully our album will be ready for the middle of 2013. 
Being in studio helped us to improve our creativity skills, therefore we'll try to go there asap.

-which bands were the most influential for you?
We're all very eclectic in our influences, it goes from fusion like Zappa, George Duke to pop rock, hip hop and of course, metal, in its wider definition. 

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Tortured Soul, Ratbomb...

In fact, the Alsatian scene is quite huge, we are lucky to have plenty of awesome bands in the area!

-your favourite records for 2012 so far?

The drummer has been highly brain damaged by the last This Gift Is A Curse, the guitarist stopped at the latest Zappa release so don't ask him about novelty. And the singer is definitely waiting for the next Booba to come out this month. 

-what do you think of the evolution of the hardcore scene these last years?

Hardcore is constantly mutating, we are glad to see a new chaotic/blackened hardcore scene coming out to give a bit of freshness in this genre. It's only the beginning, and it already hurt.

-any last comment?
Thanks a lot for this interview and for the support, we only had good feedback from our EP for the moment, we are swimming in love! 
We're really enthusiastic about the future. We hope to travel as much as possible, so, see you soon! 

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