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Detroit-st (2012)

Detroit, despite its name is a canadian band. they play "grinding fastcore for angry people" as they say, and if you listen to it you'll have to agree. In a year of existence they already released a few short but very good records. Honsetly I don't really now how to explain exactly what makes them a really good band, they just have really cool songs and they play it the punkish grind way it should. good vocals, good punk / grind drumming, well good songs... an old recipe but served with the full effects. anyway just listen to it and if you dig this kind of music I'm quite sure you'll agree with me. sorry for the lazy reviewing but Detroit's music really speaks for itself...

their bandcamp

Yes Detroit's music speaks for itself, but I wanted to have also Detroit's musicians speak about their music!  so I sent them a few questions. read their drummer's replies :

-can you tell us a few words on the beginning of the band, is the line-up stable now?

me and our first singer Rhys started jamming roughly 3 years ago, went through a few guitarists before we found Emmett, who turned out to be a great fit.  we started playing shitty hardcore punk stuff, then we saw a band called kali, and instantly started to try and play powerviolence.  and YES, we finally have a stable line up, i can't see anything changing for a while.

-have you played or still play in other bands?

before Detroit emmett was in a band called The afflictions(punk) with sam, who sung for us before cory, and also Shit for brains(thrash/punk).  Detroit's the first band i've ever played in, but since then i've been in Suicidal cop(hardcore), Burn collector(weird pv), and i also currently play in Hard drugs hamilton (shoegaze), Paleface(harcore punk), and then three brand new bands, two of which are powerviolence, and the other skramz/black metal.  cory plays bass in Dysplasia(rad grind that we have a split 12" coming out with), and also that new skramz band with myself.

-what about the different released you already did up to now?

releases are tricky business for us, we write songs at such a quick pace that once were done waiting for a release to come together (be it because of the other bands, art, pressing time, ect.) we're already sick of those songs and have a ton of new ones that we like way more.  for example, in our current live set we'll play maybe 3 songs off all of our releases on our bandcamp.  at this point, i'm a degree of dissatisfied with everything we've put out so far, i just want people to be able to hear our new shit so band. 

-when can we expect an LP (or a longer record, an LP with less than one min songs would be too much maybe...)?

hopefully within a few months!  we're midway through writing it, but in a month or two it will be in the hands of whatever label wants to put it out.  we kinda sold out because there's some songs around the two minute mark, but we're still at 17 songs in 13 minutes right now haha.  i'm so stupidly stoked on how it's sounding so far, and can't wait to get it out.

-your music stands between fastcore and grind, what's your relation to these scenes?

we'll in Edmonton, pretty much because theres only grind/pv bands in the city, us, Dysplasia and LeonardxLawrence.  bc however has insane as fuck grind and fastcore scenes, i personally feel way more of a connection to that scene than anything happening in edmonton.  we've all good a ton of good friends in the scene here, but we just fit way better in bc.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Edmonton has a ton of great bands, even if not to many of them grind that hard.  my personal favorites are Flint, Mahria, Dysplasia, LeonardxLawrence, Begrime Exemious, Moons, Messiahlator, Black dracula, and Catgut.

-how did you get into this kind of music? and what fuels your love to play it?

for me it was without a doubt seeing Kali for the first time.  instantly hooked.  i can't pinpoint what fuels my desire to play it, it just feels so natural, so fun.  i spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about grinding and going on tour, but it just keeps me so stoked.

-what's your opinion about the DIY ehics and actions?

diy is a cornerstone of punk and for a very good reason.  we all totally endorse and practice it, bands that don't have a tendancy to fucking suck.

-what about your lyrics? isn't it more difficult to write lyrics for so short songs while still saying something?

Cory is actually the first vocalist we've had that will have actual lyrics, so we'll find out when the lp comes out i suppose.  i fell like short songs are good for lyrical clarity though, some lyricists could use that incentive to get to the fucking point.

-what's your favourite record for 2012 so far?

fuck, so many, i can't choose just one.  here's the best of the best though:  Republic of dreams/Cloud rat split. Sixbrewbantha lp, Sea of shit/Water torture split, Whirr lp, Moons ep, Flint ep, Skuff/Bridgeburner split, Obacha/Chetwrecker split.  and it was really hard to narrow it down to that, 2012 has ruled.

-what's the next step for Detroit, what can we expect from you in the coming months?

coming out with a sweet lp, going on a sketchy as fuck west coast tour all the way down to texas, probably playing some pretty not insane Edmonton shows, and getting stoked on life, weed, friends, grindcore, ect.

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