samedi 3 novembre 2012

P.O.O.R-extinction of trust (2012)

In march I posted a review of Point of our resistance by P.O.O.R (you can read it HERE), not knowing it was rough mixes in anticipation of the release of their LP Extinction of trust that they released in september. And it was already really good. and Exctinction of trust is indeed even better (and it's the twelve song that were on point of our resistance plus twelve more good songs). It is death grind with a lot of rythm and groove, they have good grind/punk beats, and really good slower goovy parts. a bit like a mix of old school grind and Dying fetus in a way. a powerfull sound, really good playing and songwriting and really well done and effective vocal parts done by three members of the band (and Matt Harvey form Exhumed appear also as guest for vocals and solos).

don't miss this record. you can listen / download on their

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