dimanche 19 janvier 2014

Beaten to death - Dødsfest! (2013)

Dødsfest! is a really unique album. Beaten to death (from Norway) first and previous record was good modern grind / death with few but discreet try at experimenting, but didn't really catch my attention then (maybe it should have..). Dødsfest! their new one is really something, it's at the same time more brutal, more melodic and more original than Xes and strokes was. first you look at the cover and you imagine you'll have something a bit different from the usual grind / death band. ok, but when you hear the melody and the funky bass lines, then you really know! it won't be just grind with funny lyrics and stupid jokes. well it looks like you have the funny lyrics (for ex : True Norwegian Internet Metal Warrior). but what I mean is that the music itself is really different, with a lot more colours and diversity that what you usually have in extreme music. and it stays really extreme, not some sloppy fusion metal escaped from the nineties alt metal wave. In Dodsfest you'll have real grind / death beats and grooves. i'm not really gonna try to explain you how it sounds, but as I already wrote, the bass lines are a really strong and unique element in this record. I'll also just say that the playing is really tight and the songs are really well crafted , so efficient that they sneak immediately in your brain, and letting you asking for more when it stops.  

enjoy this unique ride on their Bandcamp. 


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