mardi 28 janvier 2014

Gowl - Buzzbox EP (2013)

this Buzzbox Ep by Gowl is an impressive demonstration of chaotic noisegrind, sounding a bit like a collide of Noisear, Eyehategod and Gaza. guitars buzzing like a chainsaw, never linear song structures, crazy and frenetic excecution. it catch you from the start and drive you in its whirlwind of terrific noise, grind beats and screams. grindfreaks and anyone loving extreme music in its most merciless form will dig it. but don't get me wrong it's also "catchy" in its own brutal way, because of the smart songwriting full of diversity, rythmic changes and other surprises. one of the best grind release of 2013.

check their Bandcamp.

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  1. Gowl are great, if you haven't already check out their latest tape: