jeudi 9 janvier 2014

Vastum - Patricidal lust (2013)

Vastum first release, Carnal lust, in 2011, left a really good impression and fortunately Patricidal lust lives up to the expectations and confirms that Vastum is one of the best recent death metal band. what they play is old school, mostly mid tempo, death metal. its rooted in old school but the smart songwriting dispays enough creativity in every song to prevent any impression of boring déjà vu, you know the different elements, but the way it is played and arranged makes it sound "fresh" (well, its death metal but you see what I mean..) and intriguing. the vocals are excellent, the lyrics about sex are more original and better  than usual, the riffing and drumming is cool (especially if you like the slayeresque touch it has), and the guitar soli are original, weird and creepy. good to see a record as cool as its excellent cover art.

check it on Bandcamp.

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