mardi 7 janvier 2014

my 10 favourites 2013 grind and related albums

well, all is said in the title of the post..I'm giving you a list of the 10 grind (or related music) albums that I liked the most in 2013. with the exception of a split I limit myself to albums here, but of course some Ep's splits, etc were also very good. I ive it in no specific order.

-Blockheads - this world is dead        review & interview

-Cloud rat - Moksha                                             review                

-Progress of inhumanity  -economy extortion      review & interview

-Captain Cleanoff / War of the second dragon split       review

-Squash bowels - grindcoholism             review

-Detroit - reality denied                           review

-Inhumate - expulsed                               review

-Agents of abhorrence - Relief                 review

-Ratbomb - Lowcost gangstas                 review & interview

-Cut to fit - The doors of deception          review & interview

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