jeudi 23 janvier 2014

Narayama - Terra suja vista imunda & Pró​-​Exploração (2013)

Brazil is not famous for it's grindcore, but now with Narayama I know they have at least an excellent grind / punk band. they released in 2013 their two first digital releases (plus a single), the first is called Pró​-​Exploração and the latest Terra suja vista imunda. for the two releases it's 23 songs, and around 10 minutes of music. so you get it every songs if really short, and really fast (I mean really fast) except a more noise song at the end of both release, ending it on a slower, very harsh and apocalyptic note. the fast songs are really intense and relentless grind / punk with a raw / noise sound. sung in brazilian portuguese. it passed largely unnoticed last year but i'd say it was among the best releases in that style of grind / punk / fastcore / noise and maybe Narayama was the best new band doing that. I hope they will do as good in 2014 and am waiting for it!

you can stream / download both release for free on Bandcamp (don't fail to do it!).

2 commentaires:

  1. "Brazil is not famous for it's grindcore"
    gotta disagree with that that. rot, subcut, d.e.r., expose your hate, dispepsiaa, agorhy, infect. ratos de parao. brazil actually has a pretty damn good punk/grind thing going on if you know where to look.

  2. well, ok Andrew, in every country and for nearly every musical style you can find some good bands, and of course Brazil is no exception. but when I said "not famous" I didn't mean "not good"! and the bands you cite may be excellent, they are not what people usually call "famous" (ok Ratos de porao are pretty well known, but in my mind it's more a punk / crossover band than a grindcore one, but I may be wrong).
    but thank you for commenting anyway, and thank you for this list of good brazilian bands! will check those I don't know.