vendredi 10 janvier 2014

Gripe - In his image (2014)

In his image is Gripe swansong, which is really a bummer because since I listened to Pig servant (see HERE my review, which goes with an interview of the band) Gripe was one of my favourite recent grind band. really intense as grind should always be. the real deal. In his image is maybe a bit slower / mid tempo than what they did before (overall it's still fast!), it's still frenetic, raging and really intense, but in a darker, more vicious way, a less straigthforward aggression. at least they stop on a high note, with another salva of cop killing blastbeats. an excellent grind album to start the new year, a pity that it's their last one..

you can listen to it on this Hygiene records BC page.

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