mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Lento-Anxiety, despair, languish (2012)

I discovered Lento last year with their really good second LP called Icon, and now they confirm the good impression they made with a second album (they also released in between a live record) released by Denoali records and called Anxiety, despair, languish. they stay on indus / doom ground but now they developped the different extremities of their music and enlarged its scope, they added colours and not just many shades of grey like in Icon. with the added melodies it's less dark but they gained in diersity. I think they also sound more metal and less ambient / indus with more diversity and change in tempo. They sound a bit like an encounter between Godflesh and Loss. what's sure is that they maintained the high quality of their music. don't fail to give it an ear.

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