dimanche 5 février 2012

2011 in doom

here's a selection of some of the best doom records released in 2011. voici une sélection de quelques disques de doom parmi les meilleurs sortis en 2011 :
(in no specific order / dans aucun ordre particulier).

-Encoffination : O’Hell, shine in thy whited sepulchres
  this one is more death/doom. listen to elegant in their funebrial cloaks from this record.

-Ramesses : Possessed by the rise of magick
  Towers of silence form this record.

-Whitehorse : Progression
  doom with some industrial elements. bandcamp page.

-Yob : Atma
  this one is more psychedelic doom. Yob myspace.

-Dark castle : Surrender to all life beyond form
 doom crust with some melodic keyboards parts. bandcamp page.

-Loss : Despond
  doom with melancholic melodies. check out Loss official blog.

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