mercredi 1 février 2012

Sea of teeth

Sea of teeth's music (one EP released in august 2011 called West is death) can be described as blues/garage. Raw, rocking, or developing a more dark/gothic blues feeling, every songs are good and soulfull.
They manage to sound at the same time original and rooted in the american musical tradition.
I warmly recommend you to check it by by yourself freely on their Bandcamp page.

Their bassist Bill Collins kindly answered to my questions by mail. Here it is :

-to start with, can you present the band, its members, and the history of the band?

Well, I (Bill) play bass, Joe plays drums and Garrett plays guitar and sings. We'd been playing music together for a long time, since we were about 10 years old. We had a band going called Autonym and we played for a couple years. Then Garrett and I started a band called Iluminado and Joe joined a band called The Motel Saints. After a few years of playing with each of those bands we got together one day and wanted to make some music together. Garrett had bought a guitar slide earlier that week and that kind of defined the sound. 

-do you play (or have played) in other bands? what kind of music?

Former bands: Iluminado, Autonym, The Motel Saints. And currently Joe is in a band called Orphans and Garrett is doing a solo project; Garrett Botkins. 

-since West is death is really good, I'm surprised that it has been a bit unnoticed on the internet or elsewhere (I discovered you from a review on the blog Doomgrinder which don't exists anymore, with the link to your bandcamp and nowhere else).
And are you in contact with some record labels? or do you prefer to promote your music by yourself?

The album went unnoticed mostly because we stopped playing after we recorded it so that we could pursue other music endeavors. But record label contact would be very welcomed.  
-I guess from your music that you like bands like The black keys, The white stripes, RL Burnside, and the likes, am I right?
What other bands or kinds of music comes to your minds to describe what influences your music?

 We like The Black Keys a little bit. I'm a fan of The White Stripes. But for the most part we tried to do something original that wasn't going on yet. And it kind of ended up sounding like array of other artists.  

We were influenced by bands like Queens of the Stone Age, Robert Johnson, other blues artists, but we tend to listen to a wide variety of music. Lots of hardcore, hip-hop, indie, pretty much all over the place. 

-I like the photo on the cover of West is death, I also feel it goes well with the name of the band. from where did you get the idea of using this photo as a cover for West is death?

By the way, why these names, Sea of teeth and West is death? just because it sounds good, or are there other reasons?

 Honestly we wanted a deep sea diver for the cover from the start. With a help from google and some photoshop it came out looking pretty good. 

As far as the names go:
Sea of Teeth came from a cartoon called The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack. The Sea of Teeth is where all the bad ass sea monsters reside. It was between that or one of those bad ass sea monsters called Eight Armed Willie. 

And West is Death was the name of the fourth track that I decided to make the name of the album. I wrote the song on a trip to L.A.  That is not the place to be. 

-which good bands from your area should we check?

Ghost of Glaciers has members from Iluminado in it.

Promoters in Denver don't really know what the fucks going on. Good bands don't get any good shows and all the shitty ones are selling out venues. 

-what are your projects for the Sea of Teeth?

Hopefully play some more shows and get the album out more. Reboot? We've been taking time getting our other projects off the ground. 

-have you something to add?
We're really surprised that anyone has been noticing it at all. We keep getting told about the album popping up in places online, and being asked to play shows when we thought the project seemed dead.

Thanks for spreading the word and listening to us. 

-Sea of Teeth

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