jeudi 23 février 2012


If you're into grindcore (or into fast and angry music in general) you won't get bored by listening to In boredom by the scottish band Sufferinfuck. the record, released in just a month ago bt Grindcore karaoke is filled with good ol'grind executed just how it should be. exept a noisy/sludgy useless 2 min track in the middle, the rest is all good frenetic raging grind.Good enough to regret that it's only eight minute long for the totality. I hope they will release something new soon. (I'll ask them if I manage to have them answer to a few questions by mail, I'm trying to contact them for that...)

listen to Sufferinfuck's In boredom on the grindcore karaoke page of the band, here.

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