vendredi 3 février 2012

Napalm death

As you may know, Napalm death, father of grindcore, will release their new album Utilitarian on the 28th of february 2012.
Their singer Barney Greenway just released an interesting video in which he presents the four first song of the forthcoming record.

And here is part two : Barney talking about tracks 4-8.

and now, the third part : Barney talking about traks 9 to 13.

and here is one of the song from Utilitarian : Leper colony.
and, also thanks to the blog American aftermath who posted it, Napalm death performing live a new song "quarantined", and also "the code is red... long live the code!"

addition : now that the record is out and that I have it, I can say that, well it's a good record, but not one of thir best, too much filler in my opinion (I mean cool songs but average regarding the Napalm death quality standard), but some highlights makes it worth listening to it, Everyday pow with John Zorn on sax for exemple is really good.

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