dimanche 12 février 2012

Matana Roberts              
Matana Roberts is a saxophonist composer/improviser, born in Chicago, now living in New York but still member of the famous AACM Chicagoan collective.

 In 2011 she released Coin coin chapter one : gens de couleur libre, a live performance recorded in 2010 in Montreal, in which she lead an orchestra of 15 people, plays saxophone, sings and does spoken words parts.
Coin coin was he name of an afro-american slave in the 18th and during the performance Matana Roberts tells her story, with also the point of view of other protagonists.
With the singing, spoken words and also the  screaming, the lyrical themes, but also the free, at times melodic at time wild, sax parts it reminds me of the We insist! record by Maw Roach with Abbey Lincoln, coleman Hawkins, Olatunji (one of  my favorite record of all times).

 This Matana Roberts record is very special, free, innovative, lyrical, and above all intense.

Absolutely great and beautifull music! very highly recommanded!!

 Matana Roberts website.

more info on the record from her site.

 Matana Roberts music from soundcould.

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