mercredi 15 février 2012

The Mars volta

Noctourniquet, the new album by The Mars volta will be out on the 27th march 2012.
Until then we can listen to The malkin jewel, the new single they just released. It' sounds a bit different to what they did before, different but cool. I guess this time again the new album will show a new facet of the band and develop new musical directions. Which is a good thing since they rarely disppoint and usually manage to preserve the quality and intensity of their music in renewing it.

Check this new single on their official website!

and another new song streaming from America, it's called "Zed and two naughts" and offers some weird electro-kraut rythm and good singing melodies. it makes a good song. here it is.

addition : now that it's been release and that I have the record, well, I'd say I'm a bit disappointed, I prefer their previous records with less electro sound and more guitars. Noctourniquet sounds a bit too polished and I miss the more "wild" side of their other works. Not a bad record but clearly not their best in my opinion.

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