mercredi 29 février 2012


 Découvrez vitre l'afro-beat, musique intense, dansante, énergique et hypnotique, sensuelle et révoltée!! rencontre du meilleur des musiques de l'afrique de l'ouest et du jazz et du funk. je vus propose une sélection de quelques artistes et disques récents dans ce style créé dans les 60-70 par Fela Kuti.

If you don't know afro-beat you miss a lot!! power, enegy, melodies, rythm, urge to dance and sing, sensuality, revolt, afro-beat is all that and much more!!

created in Nigeria by the great Fela Kuti back from the USA it mix west african highlife, traditionnal with jazz and funk, the result is powerful and mesmerizing.
I recommend every Fela records. But this time I propose you to check recent, still active (Fela tragically died in 1997) afro-beat artists.

First, Fela's sons, Femi and Seun (only their last record but they have some more) :

Femi Kuti / Africa for Africa / 2010             le myspace de Femi Kuti

Seun Kuti  & Egypt 80 / From Africa with fury : rise / 2011     le Myspace de Seun Kuti

also Tony Allen, who was the drummer of Fela's band, now followinf a solo caree :

Tony Allen / Secret agent / 2009

and now Ebo Taylor, a long time highlife/afro-beat musician :

Ebo Taylor / Love and death / 2010 (and a new one, Appia kwa bridge, is coming in april 2012, yess!).

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