mercredi 8 février 2012

Cannibal corpse

If you like Cannibal corpse as much as I like them (best fucking death metal band of all time. period), you should know that a new record called Torture is on the way, to be released on the 13th of march 2012.
The cover art may looks like a censored version, the intensity of the music is still intact judging by the two traks they offer on streaming.

A fast one : demented agression, that you can listen to on American aftermath, here (been removed, sorry...).

and a slower and heavy one : scourge of iron, on the Revolver site, here.

and another mid tempo new song, encased in cocnrete, streaming on Decibel website.

addition : I listened to Torture. no big surprise as usual, but it's cool that they maintain such a high quality. 
as usual if you like your death metal to be really raw and dirty you'll pass your way, but if you're more into technical death metal, over the top musicianship, and great songwriting, then you'll love it!!

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