vendredi 3 février 2012

Spider crew

Spider crew comes from Vienna (Austria) but their music definitely comes from New York City.
Still crazy but not insane, released in 2011 by wtfrecords, has everything that defines NYHC, the two singers, the singalongs, the crazy uptempo songs, the heaviness, the punk parts, the more metal parts, the basslines, etc..(unfortunately it also has the infantile macho posturing and all the cliche lyrics about unity, brotherhood, strength, blahblah...). but it's not just a good copy of the american bands (Agnostic front, Madball, etc. are clear inluences), its more than that, it's one of the best records in that style from recent times. so if you like NY Hardcore I'm sure you will really enjoy it.

listen to the title track "still crazy but not insane", here.

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