lundi 19 mars 2012


 Ghee from London released this demo, their first release, earlier this month.Three good songs. It sounds likes really pissed off hardcore with fast parts and more sludgier parts. If you like bands like Black flag, Converge or Grief or just like your hardcore to be aggressive and dirty then you'll dig these three songs. Keep an eye on them because this demo is really promising. Support them, and if you're organising shows, book them!

Here's their bandcamp page where you can listen/download their cool demo.

I asked them a few questions to learn more about them. Read it below :

-can you present the band? where are you from, when did you form, why did you choose that name, do you play or have played in other bands, etc.

Sam : Well, I play Guitar, James is on bass, Pete shouts his guts out and Jakey G hits things. We've all been friends for years and me, Pete and Jake live together, went to school together and have played in various bands together (XX Cortex, Screen Violence, The Bad Hats, Dead Broads, Daze Like These) from the age of about 14. We formed late 2011 after James left Hail of Abuse and the rest of us were up for doing something a bit different (i.e heavier) and the rest is a very brief history.
We pained over finding some sort of interesting, relevant name for a while (we have been Poor Me, Gape, Mrs Winslows Soothing Syrup, you get the idea...). We've all got a strange fixation on sound-bites, quotes, puns, absurd references to things, which probably looks a bit odd in polite company, so that was always going to be part of the band. We ended up as Ghee, which is a sort of stupid in-joke but I think  it's a also a pretty good descriptive name. We're essentially four fully grown man-children, throwing ourselves about to ridiculous music, and we love it.
-how would you describe your music, I woudl say it's a kind of powerviolence/grind with some sludgy parts, agree?
We'd say that's probably a fair description, but I think 'powerviolence' gets thrown around a lot and we're not entirely sure if it fits us. I find it pretty hard to pin it down is you're playing in the band, we just kind of see it as hardcore I guess, but what does that even really mean? I guess genre tags have their use, and yours is pretty fitting., so lets go with that.
-what about the lyrics and the artwork of the demo?

I'll leave Pete to answer this one - I've never found writing lyrics particularly easy, in fact generally speaking I find it quite a daunting task, partly due to the fact that I wonder what the other guys will think of it and also having people read and potentially judge my writing skills (or lack of it!). James gave me a bit of a pointer and basically told me to write about things that pissed me off, it all became easier after that. So far I guess my lyrics have been based on social observation, and more predominately my own personal inadequacies, as there's so no shortage of those! 

Jake does all of our artwork (check his stuff out at, it's very good!) and we just leave it up to his twisted imagination.

-do you feel like being part of any scene? with what kind of bands do you usually play?

I guess you kind of have to be if you want to play regularly in London. There are a hell of a lot of great bands around these parts so we do try to make an effort to be involved. We also run When You Hit The Ground Promotions ( putting on hardcore shows in London which gives us some good opportunities to play with some great band, but we're also got to be carful no to put ourselves on at any opportunity. We've only played one show so far, with Piranha (excellent, check them out!) Year of the Flood and Black Veins, but we're playing with the likes of Grappler, The Long Haul, Full of Hell, Grieved, etc in the next few months, which is great!
 -your demo is promising, how long do we have to wait before listening to an LP?

Ha, cheers man, it's nice to get good feedback so early on. I'd say it will be a while before we get enough songs for a proper release, we all work full-time and progress is steady but slow. I guess we'd probably need a bit of external motivation to sit down and write a whole LP, as we're all fairly 'laid back', shall we say? We recorded, mixed and mastered the demo ourselves and we'd probably like to keep it that way :)
-you released your demo also in order to help the band book some show, can you tell us more about where you will play or would like to play?

Well, it's neigh-on impossible to get decent shows without some sort of release, and obviously putting on hardcore shows ourselves help to meet lots of cool bands and people so we're just trying to keep it real. People respond better and are more likely to give us a thought if we hand them a demo in person after a little chat, so we tend to take them round with us everywhere. We just want to play with bands that we enjoy watching. There's a lot of great venues for heavy music in London (The Birds Nest, The Constitution, The Black Heart, The Underworld, Powerlunches) so we are just trying to stick to what we know and love and avoid all of the mid-week, pay-to-play bullshit that London is infested with at the moment.
-something to add?

Come to our shows and make your own minds up!

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