lundi 19 mars 2012

Glorior belli

The great southern darkness is the latest (sept 2011) release by french black metallers Glorior belli. It is indeed great, dark and with a southern flavour, because they mix with great taste and talent black metal blastbeats, vocals and atmospheres, with southern grooves and riffage.
At time it sounds like a kind of blackened version of Pantera, and I guess it is not by chance that the name of their record reminds of The great southern trendkill, the darkest record by Pantera. They even have the creepy blues based ballads.The result, both original and powerfull, full of both warmth and anger, makes one the best  metal record of 2011.

If you like southern sounding rock/metal and black metal you absolutely have to listen to Glorior belli (check also their previous record, Meet us at the southern cross).

on THIS page from their official website you'll be able to listen to songs, watch videos, etc...

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