vendredi 23 mars 2012

Gripe / Diseksa-Indefinite detention

Gripe (from Athens, Georgia), which  has released Pig servant, one of the best grind record of 2011, just put on the internet their coming split tape with Diseksa (from Singapore) called Indefinite detention. Six songs for Gripe, five for Diseksa. the Gripe songs are really cool grind songs, tight and aggressive, with good blasting beats, good dynamics, and angry vocals as it should be. Maybe it don't top Pig servant but it's still really good grindcore. 
Diseksa, is also cool, in a more powerviolence/crust vein, but sounding maybe less powerfull than the Gripe songs.
But make your own opinion by listening to it on the BC page.

and read this recent interview of Gripe, also on Blasting days here. the guys told me that another split, this time with Chulo (from Columbia), is coming and that's really cool![addition : the (1min only!) split with Chulo has been released and is indeed cool, here is the BC page).

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