samedi 31 mars 2012

Massachusetts is a coffin vol.2

Massachusetts is a coffin vol.2, released this march, is a really cool hardcore compilation, featuring bands from Massachusetts (Boston and around), it is done by Where its end zine. thanks to them for doing this cool zine and this killer comp. it's things like that (with the bands themselves of course!) that keep the underground alive and exiting!
Listen to it and download for free on its BC page.
On this comp different shades of hardcore are represented, fromt the more metallic, pissed off and dark (Abomination, Revenge) to the more melodic emo/screamo (Defeater, My fictions), to beatdown (Powerwolves),  to anthemic street hardcore (DYS), to NYHC style, to old school, etc..
But with every different band you have your dose of high quality hardcore, so grab it and you won't regret!!

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