jeudi 8 mars 2012

Mutant supremacy

Rotting season EP by Mutant supremacy from NY is out today via Blastbeat mailmurder and it's a fucking monster!! think about what you like in early Slayer and Cannibal corpse (The bleeding era for exemple), ok? well, everything that these records had, Rotting season has also. Pure fucking old school death metal, hysteric solos, killer riffs, blast beats, groove, raw sound, etc.. but more than the addition of all these elements, what sets Mutant supremacy apart is the songwriting, they wrote fucking good songs. period.
Chances are it's gonna be my favorite death metal record for 2012. I hope they'll soon release a new LP (after Infinite suffering in 2010). we need more guys!!

the Ep is on streaming here from CVLT nation.

and here's the bandcamp page.

Sam Awry from Mutant Supremacy kindly answered to a few questions I asked him by mail.
Here is the interview : 

-to start with, can you do a presentation of the band?

Yes, we are: Sam Awry-guitar, lead vocals, Curt Johnston-guitar, Winslow-bass, vocals, Robert Nelson-drums, vocals

-did you know precisely at the start which kind of death metal you would play? 

A little bit.  When I met Robert I wanted to start a death metal band, but wasn't actively looking for members.  The style I wanted to play was mostly like Vader, Morbid Angel, and Suffocation. When we started writing songs we decided we wanted to have layered vocals like Deicide and different lead vocals like Carcass, I think in general we have kept with those same basic ideas.  

-The first was already good, but I think you made progress from Infinite suffering to Rotting season, is it also your feeling? what makes the difference between the two?

Thank you!  I also think there is a big progression, I think that the longer we play together the better at it we get. Plus, our current lineup is the strongest one we've ever had. 

-what will be the next step of your musical progression? And do you have already planned the release of a second LP?

Yes, we are a little over half way done writing an other LP.  We also have 2 split 7"s planned and an other ep.  We have a lot of new music in the works. 

-you do a lot of solos (well, soli…) in the typical slayer/death metal way, is it because you like playing solos or because you think it brings a lot to the songs? Or both? 

Both. It's a combination of a lot of things, actually.  When I was starting to play guitar and listen to metal in the 90s, at least in this country(or maybe just in my school), metal and guitar solos weren't popular, most people listened to the alternative bands and didn't like lead guitar playing. And then there was nu-metal... I always liked guitar solos, so in part there are so many of them in our songs as a way to say 'fuck you!' to people who don't like them. Plus, I really like trading solos like Judas Priest(really, where Slayer got it from), and i like having 2 different soloing styles in one band. I guess that's where I really think it brings something to the songs, the solos make the songs more intense and unpredictable.

-I would say that these solos and the good songwriting makes (among other elements) a big part of what set you apart from the average death metal band, do you agree?

I hope so. I think songwriting is really important, and we put a lot of thought into how the parts go together, and the transitions to make them flow onto each other. I think that good death metal can still be catchy, without being poppy or too melodic, it can still be really ugly and get stuck in your head if it's well written song. 

-what kind of music do you listen to when it’s not death metal?

I listen to a lot of stuff.  I like a lot of rock and punk, especially the crust stuff like Amebix and Sacrilege. I like some country and classical too.  I like most kinds of metal as well, I mentioned Judas Priest, they've been one of my favorite bands for almost 20 years.  Iron Maiden too, and I a lot of the classic thrash like Megadeth-80s Megadeth, before Dave Mustaine forgot how to write good songs and became a wacko and a Christian.

-with what kind of band do you like to share the scene? Is New York/Brooklyn a good place for death metal?

We like playing with other death metal bands, no surprise.  Deep down we're all just like any other fan, and we love getting to play with the bands we listen to and are influenced by, so getting to play with Suffocation and Insanity was fucking awesome. NY can be good for death metal, there are really good shows here, but sometimes there is too much going on on some night and a good show gets no turnout. There are 8 million people in New York City, so if you get the word out shows here can be really awesome. And most bands that tour play here so we get to see great bands without having to travel all that far.
-can you tell us about the artwork of Infinite suffering and Rotting season, they’re from the same artist isn’t it? Was it made especially for the records?

Yes, they're both painted by John Clue, a painter and tattoo artist in NY.  He's done a bunch of my tattoos and drawn us some flyers for our shows/tours as well as the album art. Both of the paintings were done specifically for us, I actually have the painting for Infinite Suffering in my bedroom. He's an incredible artist and a huge metal fan also, so his art fits perfectly with our music.

-do you plan to tour Europe? (I’d like to see you in the south of France!)  

We would certainly like too. We'd like to find a European band to tour with so we can share some gear and a ride, and hopefully have more people at the shows, I don't know how well known we are over there. It basically comes down to money, unfortunately, and we can't afford to do it yet. Hopefully having Rotting Season as a European release will help us on the way to making the right connections to play in Europe.

-something to add?

Merci beaucoup pour les questions et pour votre soutien.  J'espere que nous pouvons rendre visite à France pour faire les concerts dans l'avenir. Maintenez voter soutien pour le Death Metal!


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