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Oranssi Pazuzu

Kosmonument by the finnish band Oranssi Pazuzu is an aptly named record (released in 2011 by Spinefarm records). It is indeed a kind of musical monument celebrating cosmic, trippy and dark music. It sound like an encounter between Mayhem and King crimson (without never sounding like a rip off. I name these bands only to get you figure what kind of music it is), it's a spacey travel into dark atmoshperes, heaviness, a few bast beats here and there, weird melodies, dissonant riffs, and singing in finnish that adds to the strangeness of the music. Very special and good music, a sonic experience that I recommend you highly.
Check also their first record (this one is the second) called Muukaiainen puhuu, different but also very original and good.
HERE is the band official page.

Korjak from Oranssi Pazuzu kindly answered to some questions I asked the band. Read it below :

-To start with can you present the band, its members, what was the project at the start and how it evolved until now?

Korjak:  We started the band with Ontto, Jun-His and Evill sometime in 2007. Very soon we realized that there was space for more colors in our music. After a while Moit was invited to join our group. Evill and Moit took the space area and filled it with their magic. Once we got the lineup finished we’ve been searching new ways to make music that has a strong atmosphere but which also has powerful taste of unknown inside of it.

-Do you play, or have played in other bands?
Jun-His is playing guitar in Candy Cane these days. They will probably record an album at some point.  Some of us have some other projects too, but not many that would be interesting for Pazuzu fans for now. 

-How did you get to that special mix of black metal, and dark prog/space rock?
It came quite naturally. The first heartbeat for the idea of this band came through the enthusiasm to Black Metal as new inspiring genre for Jun-His and Ontto.  Soon it was very clear that no-one of us wanted to do Black Metal as a mirror of what’s been already done in that genre.  In my opinion music of Oranssi Pazuzu is a mixture of five individuals playing music that we felt was missing from the world we know.  I think these days a strong atmosphere is the only lasting element that really leads us forward on our musical trip. Otherwise the goals are constantly changing.  

-With what kind of band do you play with usually? with what band would you like to play?
We really enjoy sharing evenings with interesting bands. Last year we were doing a night with Mono for example. In this spring we have a possibility to play with Dark Buddha Rising and Jex Thoth. We’re really looking forward to play with these great bands. Even though Finland is a small country, there are quite many inspiring bands to play with

-I know that Kosmonument is a concept album, but what is this concept? what are your lyrics about (I don't understand finnish!)?
The vision behind Kosmonument can be seen as a three different ways of how our planet will be destroyed and how an individual escapes this massive destruction to outer space. What will happen then? Or did it all just happen in your mind?  Ontto is the master behind our lyrical themes so probably you have to ask him if you want more details. By the way, you can find also the English version of the lyrics from the album cover.

-The weird cover art for Kosmonument is pretty cool and goes really well with the atmosphere of the music, was it painted especially for the record?
Album art was painted by Olli Kiviluoto. Olli is a truly friend of ours and a very talented artist. Yeah, the original painting was made while listening to our demos for Kosmonument and it was made especially for the record. It seems Olli were deep enough in our music to do such incredible and well-fitting artwork for the record. 

 -I saw that you have a deal with spinefarm record for the next album; can you tell us more about your association with spinefarm (which is the biggest metal label in Finland isn't it?)?
Kosmonument was released through Spinefarm records. About one year back we asked from Teemu Suominen if Spinefarm want to release our next album. Teemu said yes. The start of our co-operation was quite simple and easy, I would say. Time will tell what happens with our next album. That is how it usually goes in these days - at least in Finland.  Deals are made for one record at a time. 

-Do do already have precise ideas about how will sound the next album? I find Kosmonument heavier and maybe more tortured and dissonant than Muukalainen puhuu, will you continue in that direction?
After Muukalainen puhuu we felt that there were elements in that album we needed to focus on more and go deeper with.  I think that is what quite much happened on Kosmonument.  With next album we probably take some other elements and go further into steam with them. We have ideas of what will happen in our music in the future, but what direction we’re going to choose for the next album… I don’t know yet. Our music is anyway in continuing progress.

-You have the Roadburn and the Hellfest festival on your agenda, I guess you are exited to play there! aren't you? do you intend to play more shows in France (I would be glad to see you in Montpellier or nearby, in the south of France where I live!)
We are looking forward to play in these festivals. Members of OP have been in Roadburn listening bands and enjoying that unique atmosphere for a couple of times.  Then Hellfest… it will be the first really big festival for us outside of Finland. I hope we’re able to play more shows also in France during the next summer or fall. We’ve been playing outside of Finland only few times so this year will be very exciting period for us to live through. 

-Which other good band from your area should we check?
Mr Peter Hayden, Hexvessel, Circle, Dark Buddha Rising, Swallowed just to name a few.  

-What are you interested in apart from music?
Life is interesting. 

-Do you have something to add?
Thanks for the interview.

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  2. thanks! I enjoyed doing it. Oranssi pazuzu is really an interesting band I think.