lundi 22 octobre 2012

Buried at birth-st EP (2012)

This self titled EP released by Give praise records is the latest record from San Jose grind band Buried at birth. This is a cool band that knows well how to balance the frenzy of poweriolence with the heaviness and groove of death metal. A classic but always working grindcore recipe! 
maybe more diversity in the vocal parts would be welcome but that being said the vocals are good (shriekings in a PV/fastcore style). the playing is simple but effective, with a riffing going from death or black metal to trash / punk. The production could be better but is ok (some of their recordings are better produced than others). But their strongest force is maybe the songwriting, they write enjoyable, agressive and catchy at the same time songs.
they released a few records before this EP on various labels. some of them (maybe all) can be listened to on various Bandcamp pages. I recommend you check it.

self titled EP on Give praise records
self titled EP on Braineacherecords
Pestilent hallucinations on Grindcore karaoke

and here's their website

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