jeudi 4 octobre 2012

Monomaniac vol.1 EP (2012)

I was waiting for this compilation released (vinyl and digital only) by Blastbeat mailmurder for two reasons : the really good bands featured and the concept of this compilation. what's the concept? each track is around one minutes! (even for bands used to releasing longer songs).

the result is a special and really cool compilation, not just good songs, and good bands, but also an interesting exercise in making it short and straight to the point. I usually pass some tracks on compilations, but not with this one!

another interesting point is that it gather different shades of extreme music, while staying coherent (partly due to its concept of one minute songs).
You have the noisy side with the 3 tracks by Thedowngoing (two tracks being already on their last record, but it's really good tracks so I'm ok with listening to it again) and the Sete sept star apocalyptic track. You have the powerviolence side with Detroit or Cloud rat, the black metal side with The howling wind or Diocletian, the groovy grind of Headcleaner, and a more industrial closing with This is past.

here's the track list :

SIDE I, timing: 5:09

1. CLOUD RAT [US] “Finger print v1″ 1:08
2. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Littered” 0:19
3. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Floorboards” 0:19
4. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Hibakusha (Reprise)” 0:16
5. DETROIT [CA] “Birthday Party” 0:34
6. SETE STAR SEPT [JP] “Why not intersect” 0:25
7. BODY HAMMER [US] “Dog Star Man” 0:35
8. HEAD CLEANER [GR] “The Weapon Of The Proletariat” 1:17

SIDE II, timing: 4:53

1. DIOCLETIAN [NZ[ “Traitors Gallow” 1:19
2. THE HOWLING WIND [US] “Bewilderment” 1:26
3. SEMPITERNAL DUSK [US] “Beneath The Emblems Of Death” 1:03
4. THIS IS PAST [GR] “Catatonia” 0:56 

And what's cool is that it's only the first volume! future Monomaniac compilations (with the same modus operandi of songs lasting around 1 minute) will feature bands like Mutant supremacy, Gripe, and other really good bands, so keep your eyes on the Blastbeat Mailmurder releases!

but stop reading and do yourself a favour, listen to it on the Blastbeat Mailmurder website.

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