mardi 2 octobre 2012

M.O.R.A-st (2011)

to cite their Bandcamp : "From Helsinki, Finland, M.O.R.A. has been playing with the existing line-up since 2008. Angry hardcore with two female vocalists, mixture of old and newschool. Members are/have been in bands such as Black Betsy, Spoiled Betty, Confusa and Aurinkokerho." 
Yes, very cool angry hardcore. this is a band that master the key element for good hardcore that is keeping thing simple and effective. the trashy hardcore riffs, the drumming and the double singing (in finnish) attack concurs to make songs that are very dynamic and catchy. 9 songs, 16 minutes. no filler, just refreshing straight to the face hardcore songs.
enjoy it on their bandcamp

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