samedi 6 octobre 2012

The tunnel-Fathoms deep (2011)

If you like music that brings together post-punk and dark amerciana this record is a good choice. The songs are somewhere betwen Joy division and 16 Horsepower (the Gun club or Birthday party also comes to minds). it's not a copycat of these bands, bu it uses some of the same elements and develops a deep, dark and nervous atmosphere that reminds them. Fathoms deep is The tunnel's second album (released on digital and vinyl format by themselves in 2011), and this is what the band from San Fransisco has to say about it on their bandcamp : " (it) was hammered out in various San Francisco dives and warehouses, but draws its lifeblood from the darkness of the surrounding, still-remote Northern California coast. The sounds are akin to the art-damaged noise coming out of 1970s New York, 1980s London-via-Berlin, or an 1850s West Coast harbor town damp with fog and whiskey. ".

you can listen it or download it for free on their Bandcamp

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