samedi 27 octobre 2012

The Coltranes-I've got heaven in my smile (2011)

The Coltranes have nothing to do with John Coltrane but are really good anyway. they play a really good  punk rock that sound influenced by garage rock but above all by the early records of The Misfits. the vocals especially sound influenced by Glenn Danzig. I think it's at the same time a good thing because they are doing it with taste and the result is good and enjoyable, but this is also the band main weakness and maybe they need to escape from the shadow of the Misfits if they want to go further along their own path. anyway it's a cool band if you like proto/early punk rock.

Ive got heaven in my smile isn't their latest record, just their latest LP. you can listen / download to the few records they released on their
Bandcamp page.

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