mercredi 3 octobre 2012

Down-Down IV part I EP (2012)

With Blasting days I usually deal with less known bands, and Down certainly don't need blogs to spread the word for them. but well...I really like this band for years now so I make an exception. They just released Down IV part I, the first of the four EPs they would release until december and before their next album. another 6 good songs by down. that's a good thing. but...
but I'm a bit disapointed by this EP. one reason is that there is absolutely no surprise on the EP and the songs are not very different, mid tempo all the time, no fast songs, no accoustic or whatever, no diversity. it sounds a bit like business as usual, the exitement and freshness that was so present in Down II seems far away. Down is still a really good bands writing good songs, but is not as special as it was. I hope the next EP will bring something different from this one...

Down website

addition : I discovered there is an  explanation to the lack ofdiversity on this record. the band choose to gather the old school heavy metal songs on this one, the more modern heavy ones on the second, the third will be more "bluesy, accoustic" and the fourth will be  "doomy & apocayptic, bury me in smoke like". ok. but I still think mixing these different Down aspects in each of the EPs would have made a better lsitening experience. but that being said, I'm impatient to hear the other ones, especially the third and fourth ones.

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