samedi 20 avril 2024

Terror System - Demo 2 (2019)

No, music from Compton is not gangsta rap only, the Terror System guys are playing grindcore (or were, don't know if they're still active, I hope they are). This second demo, released in 2019, is basic but finely crafted old school grind, halfway between grindpunk and deathgrind, 100% pure grindcore. Good stuff, an album would be welcome !

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jeudi 18 avril 2024

The Obsessed - Gilded Sorrow (2024)

Second album after their return, the new The Obsessed album, Gilded Sorrow, is, as expected, a superb piece of traditionnal doom metal, with the unmistakable singing and riffing from the great Wino Weinrich. Maybe not totally as good as previous album, The Sacred, but this last one was so awesome...

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dimanche 14 avril 2024

Alkaloid - Numen (2023)

Numen, released last September, is the third album from Alkaloid, five years after the previous one. I feel they focused a bit more on the melodic and progressive side this time, but they stay firmly within the tech death scope, and still at it's very top. Awesome album once again, totally recommended.

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vendredi 12 avril 2024

STATIQBLOOM - Kain (2024)

This new STATIQBLOOM (Fade Kainer) album, called Kain, is a fine piece of dark-electro/industrial/EBM. Often heavy and hard-hitting, but not without subtleties in its sound, it will satisfy anyone into dark electro/industrial music.

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lundi 8 avril 2024

Smallpox Aroma - Festering Embryos of Logical Corruption (2023)

Smallpox Aroma is a trio from Bangkok, they are active since 2006 and released many splits, EP's and the like, but Festering Embryos of Logical Corruption is their first album. It's a fine piece of grindcore, with some goregrind, but also mincecore elements and can be enjoyed by people into any of the grind different varieties.

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vendredi 5 avril 2024

REPLICANT - Infinite Mortality (2024)

Been thinking about reviewing a Replicant album for a long time, and now that with Infinite Mortality they released a third excellent album in a row, it's due time I do it. They deliver some dissonant death metal, of a technical / mathy kind. What I like the most about Replicant is that they're really good at finding the right balance between avant-garde impredictibility and writing memorable songs with enough groove and melodies to be catchy enough as well (we're definitely not talking about "easy listening" music, though). Warmly recommended!

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samedi 30 mars 2024

3TEETH - EndEx (2023)

EndEx is the Fourth 3TEETH album, still quite easy listening industrial metal, often closer to Marilyn Manson or even Static-X than to NIN (with some nu-metal elements) but this time it's better than what they did on Metawar. Is it less a guilty pleasure if we say 90' metal is now "old-school"? I don't know, and don't really care, I just enjoy listening to it...