samedi 18 janvier 2020

Ossia - Devil's Dance (2019)

Ossia's Devil's Dance, released by Blackest Ever Black, is a very nice and finely crafted hybrid of noise, dark ambient and dub techno (better would be to describe each tracks but, hey, listen to the album!). There are many subtleties and a great attention to details so even the less instantly memorable tracks are in fact also very good. I recommend not only you listen to it but also do it with headphones. This one will be rightly placed in my soon to come list of best industrial/electronic music for 209.

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lundi 13 janvier 2020

Blood Incantation - Hidden History of the Human Race (2019)

Like with Blood Incantation first album, it took me some time to get how good is Hidden History of the Human Race. You don't catch all the subtleties at first listen. It's rooted in old school death metal, reminding Morbid Angel at its most cosmic, but also it's different, more technical but even more more progressive. And whether they do the brutal stuff or the more "weird spacey" parts, they excel. Highly recommended, this one will naturally sit in good place among my soon to come "best death metal of 2019" list.

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vendredi 10 janvier 2020

Guitar Wolf - Love & Jett (2019)

To make it quick, if you like garage rock played with frenzy and everything in the red (vocals in japanese included), then Guitar Wolf is just the band you need, they do that, only that, and they do it well. That's what they do again on their twelth album Love & Jett, and that's cool.

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mercredi 8 janvier 2020

Hide - Hell is Here (2019)

Hell is Here, Hide's second album is an excellent industrial / power electronics piece that will fit perfectly in my list of best industrial music released in 2019. The duo went more abrasive and angry than on the first album and the vocals are also very good and emotional, with a very "real" feel of anger.

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lundi 6 janvier 2020

Incinerated / Landfill - Split 7'' EP (2019)

Let's start 2020 like we ended 2019 : with some blastbeats! On the menu this nice split (released by Psychocontrol records) between Incinerated and Landfill. Ten minutes of really good grind/death. Both bands, each in its own way, sounds a bit like Repulsion but pushed to more extreme. I really enjoy it and recommended it.

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samedi 28 décembre 2019

Hideous divinity - Simulacrum (2019)

Their previous album of Hideous Divinity (from Italy) Adveniens was hard to beat, but the new one Simulacrum, their fourth one, is a very convincing following, another masterpiece in brutal and technical death metal. The monstrous epicness and the relentless intensity could remind Nile (a Nile without the Egyptian melodies). This is impressive, breath-taking but also catchy, not easy to do, but they really master their thing and found a good balance. Highly recommended stuff! One of the best death metal album of the year.