jeudi 18 juillet 2024

Bitter Branches - Your Neighbors Are Failures (2022)

I just discovered with their Bandcamp bio that "Bitter Branches consists of veterans from the 90’s punk hardcore scene, having served time in Calvary, Deadguy, Lifetime, Lighten Up, Kiss It Goodbye, No Escape, Paint It Black and Walleye." Well, I'm not surprised, this band sounds like the musicians knows what they are doing, for sure. On their first album Your Neighbors Are Failures they are excellent at doing their Am Rep noise flavoured noise rock thing. And the more ambient parts with somewhat spoken words reminding strongly Oxbow are nice as well. Good stuff.

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mercredi 17 juillet 2024

Beaten To Death - Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis (2024)

Well, after what I've called their "emoviolence grind" album, Norwegian grinders Beaten To Death are back to their usual "technical and melodic" grind. Sunrise Over Rigor Mortis is unsurprisingly surprising, with bits from nearly every kind of metal thrown in the mix, but as usual with BTD the result is surprisingly cohesive and mostly sound like Beaten To Death. Another enjoyable album from our favourite "melotech" grinders!

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mercredi 10 juillet 2024

Ying Yang Audio - Inner Nature (EP 2023)

This Inner Nature EP isn't Ying Yang Audio latest release, but I prefer this one over the Sustained Clarity album released this one, which is more ambient and minimalistic, while on Inner Nature the mix of industrial techno and dark ambient feels a bit darker and heavier. Good stuff.

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mercredi 3 juillet 2024

Solitary Sabred - Temple of the Serpent (2023)

Temple of the Serpent is the fourth album from Solitary Sabred, from Cyprus. I don't know their previous album, but will definitely check it if I have the occasion, Temple of the Serpent is a really fine piece of power / traditional heavy metal, with great vocals, great songs, some diversity, from near doom to speed metal. I already listened to it many times, and anyone into old school metal should enjoy it.

jeudi 27 juin 2024

Ulcerate - Cutting The Throat of God (2024)

Cutting The Throat of God is the seventh album from Ulcerate and with it they push their tech/dissonant but atmospheric death metal further in a melodic and progressive direction. And since the album is so good that's totally fine for me, no question asked, I just enjoy it. Again, and again... 

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lundi 24 juin 2024

Four Stroke Baron - Data Diamond (2024)

Been thinking for a long time about reviewing their previous album Classics (which I recommend, as a nice "guilty pleasure"), but now they're releasing a new one, Data Diamond. So I'm reviewing their new stuff (even if maybe I prefer Classics).  Four Stroke Baron is an American duo with a daring approach to songwriting, often walking the fine line between genius and bad taste. Their music could be described as a kind of mix of Deftones and Depeche Mode, with maybe a bit of Faith No More for some added craziness. I don't like every moment of the album, but I keep going back to it (like with their previous one before). Will you dare to try it ? 


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jeudi 20 juin 2024

Midnight - Hellish Expectations (2024)

The world seems determined to turn into a vile pool of shit, but at least we still can rely on Midnight to get our regular dose of speed, thrashing dbeating, traditional metal, or maybe we could call it blackened speed metal, you get the idea. Their sixth album is Hellish Expectations and we indeed get the hell we expected. And's when it's fun hell coming from Midnight it's great!


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