samedi 10 avril 2021

Vile Species - Vile Species (2020)


First album (self titled) from the Greek band Vile Species delivering some cool old-school grind-punk, just the way I like it. Now I have to check the split they just released with Human Obliteration, I suppose it's good as well...

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jeudi 8 avril 2021

DJ Muggs & Rome Streetz - Death & The Magician (2021)

One of the many recent collaborative albums with DJ Muggs, this time with Rome Streetz whose relentless fast flow contrast with the old school laid back and soulful and/or dark tracks from Cypress Hill producer. So far the best of the three album Muggs already released in 2021. Quality stuff.

lundi 5 avril 2021

Pekko Käppi & K:H:H:L - Matilda (2017)

Pekko Käppi is a jouhikko player (a jouhikko is a Finnish string instrument) and an ethnomusicologist, and joined with his band K:H:H:L he produces a music hard to describe, that's why, despite liking it instantly (the opening track is really awesome with its screaming riff à la Hendrix, somewhat), it took me four years to review their second album Matilda. They play some psychedelic folk rock rooted in Finnish traditional music (and sung in Finnish) but with also hard rock elements and even bits of funk. Very "exotic" and also enjoyable. Interesting and cool stuff. Not surprisingly it  (like their more recent album from 2019) is released by the excellent Svart records, specialized in all kinds of weird Finnish music.

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samedi 3 avril 2021

Human Impact - EP01 (2021)


One year after Human Impact (Chris Spencer from Unsane and guys from Cop Shoot Cop and Swans  : Jim Coleman, Chris Pravdica and Phil Puleo) debut album (that I reviewed HERE) here's the EP01, a gathering of previously released songs in singles and B sides, same quality as the material on the album, so expect high class noise rock.

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mercredi 31 mars 2021

In the Company of Serpents - LUX (2020)

LUX, the fourth album of In the Company of Serpents is a superb slice of doom metal, with moments reminding High on Fire during the most rocking/uptempo parts, and Earth during the more quiet parts. Overall it is heavy and majestic, like any real doom album should be. 

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lundi 29 mars 2021

Kurushimi - Chaos Remains (2021)

Chaos Remains, the third album from Kurushimi, (I reviewed their first one HERE) is another nice piece of instrumental saxophone driven free-jazz mixed with noise-rock and dub (John Zorn's Naked City being obviously their main influence). This time two long tracks among short ones, with more quiet moments alternating with more noisy ones. Good stuff.


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vendredi 26 mars 2021

Global Horror - Welcome to your Life (2020)

First album from this French band called Global Horror and it's a very good start in an old-school grind-punk vein. Welcome to your Life and it's ten tracks for around ten minutes has everything is needed for a good grind album. I'll be following them.

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