lundi 31 juillet 2023

Aelk Minsur - Ground Redux (2023)

I don't know much about American producer Aelk Minsur, but I like his subtle dark ambient / industrial tech / rhythmic noise music, on display in his latest album Gound Redux. Good stuff.

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mardi 25 juillet 2023

Systemik Viølence - Negative Mangel Attitude (2023)

Great to have Systemik Viølence back! They deliver their second album, Negative Mangel Attitude, after five years of discographic silence, and they're sharp as ever! Raw and fast D-beat with elements of speed/thrash metal, and they make the best of this cool mix. Think Discharge, Venom, Midnight and Impaled Nazarene. Excellent stuff!

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mardi 18 juillet 2023

Oxbow - Loves Holiday (2023) & Oxbow & Peter Brötzmann - An Eternal Reminder Of Not Today (live at Moers) 2023

So there's not only one new good Oxbow album, but two. While the previous album, Thin Blak Duke, left no impression on me, I really enjoy Loves Holiday. But even better is their live collaboration with free jazz colossus Peter Brötzmann, called An Eternal Reminder Of Not Today, Oxbow's noise rock and the powerful yet lyrical free jazz of Peter Brötzmann turns out to be an excellent match and the album produced is excellent. Will be a memorable step in both discography. Recommended!


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dimanche 9 juillet 2023

King Yosef - An Underlying Hum (2023)

Discovered King Yosef with his excellent collaboration with Youth Code. The rest of his discography is cool as well. On An Underlying Hum the most rap metal elements (rapped vocals of guests, turntablism) of his music are gone, and it's now a mix of industrial metal, nu-metal and modern hardcore (think Uniform, Deftones, Will Haven and Code Orange). Maybe I preferred his older stuff, actually. But I also enjoy An Underlying Hum. Of course, purists better abstain (but they're probably not reading this in the first palce anyway...).

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