jeudi 28 mai 2015

Coliseum - Anxiety's kiss (2015)

Coliseum are back with an album called Anxiety's kiss that goes a step further in the direction they already took in the last couple of albums (read HERE the interview I did with Ryan Patterson after the release of Sister faith, with my review of the album). The Black flag meets Motorhead style they had is now something of the past, and the post-punk feel they developped is now more present than ever, they're now a lot more closer to Killing joke than to hardcore. Is that a problem? I don't think so. They were a cool band and we can regret their old style, but since they're different but still excellent, in their new direction, I'm ok with it and enjoy listening to their new stuff as well. And Anxiety's kiss sure brings the quality with very well crafted songs with strong atmospheres, they create a different feel but it's not less passionnate. And don't worry the evolution is quite progressive and if you liked the two previous albums you won't be lost and probably will like Anxiety's kiss as well. as I do.

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mardi 26 mai 2015

Needful things / Compulsion to kill split EP (2014)

This is a cool split from two very good grind bands, Needful things from Czech republic and Compulsion to kill from Malaysia. it was released in nov 20144 by Psychocontrol records.

Needful things plays a grind that is especially fast and tight, in a modern vein, and they do it right (I also recommend their 2011 album, read my review HERE).

Compulsion to kill plays a rawer, more old school and grindpunk kind of grind, with good riffing, efficient drumming and dual high pitched screams / pig squeals vocals. They released a very good album last year (called Ruined society).

Very good split with two bands playing two different style of grind and very good in it. recommended!

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dimanche 24 mai 2015

Renegade Brass Band - Rhymes, Beats & Brass (2014)

Some more "feel good music" for a change. eh why not? From Sheffields UK, here comes the Renegade Brass Band, a brass band in it's most modern form, in the following of bands like the Youngblood Brass Band, that is with a MC and a turntablist in addition to the percutionnists and horns players. It's a very potent and dynamic combination, very lively and full of energy, able to channel a wider range of feel into the brass band music, from anger to melancholy and joy, from quiet to frenetic. Everythings you'll find aplenty in their latest album aptly titled Rhymes, Beats & Brass. A really cool album that everyone can enjoy, no need to be into jazz or into hip-hop. Recommended!

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samedi 23 mai 2015

Theories - Regression (2015)

Three years ago I reviewed Theories demo and asked them a few questions about the band and it's first steps (Read the review / interview HERE). I'm now pleased to see how they confirmed their potential with their first album, Regression, released by Metalblade records! well done guys! it sure is deserved.
how does Regression sounds? they still are into death / grind territories (with trash, crust, hardcore elements in the mix, they clearly are not trying to sound like a specific band or scene) but they went further in focusing even more on the songwriting (with a bit of melodic parts, not too much) than on the brutality (but brutal it still is). To support this direction they have a quite clean production and maybe some would find it too clean and overproduced. Yes, but it's doing a good job in stressing how the songs are as "catchy" as death / grind can get, with memorable riffing and good grooves. It's quite a good balance. The riffs are simple but efficient and the drumming, more technical than usual, is really a prominent element in their music, for the better. Regression is a strong and promising first album.

their FB page

mardi 19 mai 2015

Domovoyd - st (2015)

This self titled album from the finnish band Domovoyd is their second one, still on Svart records. Like Oh, sensibility was, this one is a grower, not revealing all it's mysteries and qualities at first. But the more glimpse you get of it the more you're attracted to it. This time their original psychedelic doom (more on the trippy side of it than on the sheer heaviness, closer to Blown out than to Electric wizard, with guitar works often closer to Hendrix than to Kirk Windstein) is getting more epic proportions (especially the two 16 and 17 minutes tracks) and more good ol' progressive vibes, while still being hypnotic, slow and heavy like all good doom albums. The first track is called Domovoyage with good reasons but it's the whole album that is definitely a trip.

The Bandcamp page

samedi 9 mai 2015

Gets worse - White horse (2015)

Gets worse is a powerviolence / grind trio from Leeds, UK. The real deal. White horse is their new release and it's as ferocious and relentless as they use to be. I'd probably get crazy at one ot their show. They're very good at finding the good balance between slower hardcore parts and faster grind, each one strenghtening the impact of the other. That's the key and they found it. If you need your 8 minute dose of grindviolence this will do perfectly. You just risk being left wanting some more. But don't worry you'll just have to play it again and that will be fine...

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jeudi 7 mai 2015

Kamasi Washington - The Epic (2015)

This is called The Epic and indeed just "Epic" would have been an understatement for this album is the glorious embodiment of how epic a jazz album can be. On The Epic Kamasi Washington plays with his band, the excellent The next step (10 musicians, Kamasi on tenor Sax, two bassists, one standup and one electric, two drummers, a keyboard, a piano, trombone and a singer). there's also a 32 people string section orchestra and a 20 people choir. how about that? Uually I don't like orchestral music and I prefer small jazz bands but even if sometimes the orchestrations are a bit too much that's also part of the greatness of this album. That much too much borders genius! it walks a dangerous thin line but that's also why it's a fascinating album. it's not just awesome by the number, oh, did I mention it's a 3 CD album, 171 minutes of music? can you take it? guess what? you probably can, there's enough diversity and creativity on display that you can listen to the whole album without getting bored at any moment. It's an immersive experience. it swallows you. ok quantity but also very high quality, marvellous and surprising songwriting, the best musicianship you can find (special mention to the rhythm section, to the keys / piano and to Kamasi Washington with his sax).  It's jazz of course, it's also very groovy and funky (that drumming!), soulfull (the orchestration can reminds Isaac Hayes at times, or Stevie Wonder melodies).  You can find a Coltrane bit, a lot of Sun Ra i'd say as well, well, it's some crazy, trippy forward thinking jazz.

An awesome and very special jazz album (and maybe more than that!).

mardi 5 mai 2015

Cloud rat - Qliphoth (2015)

Cloud rat used to be a fast rising hardcore band. They are now firmly established as one of the best hardcore bands. This band have something special. not easy to say exactly why but they just are better. Their new album called Qliphoth, even if it's maybe not as stikingly good as was Moksha (perhaps it's just because we're warned this time!) is still a confirmation of their excellency. It does not disappoint, and after Moksha raised so high the expectations it's already a success. Their singer Madison Marshall confirms that she's one of the best hardcore / grind singer, with her versatile and so passionnate vocals. They continue to display a lot of diversity of atmosphere in their grindpunk / hardcore combining with taste and a lot of dynamism agressivity (most of the time) and melodies (with the vocals and guitars). and they're really doing it in their own way. Either the fast raging songs or the slower subtler ones are finely crafted and works very well. With Qliphoth their are another time releasing (with Halo of flies records) one of the most memorable album of the year.

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