jeudi 29 septembre 2022

Spiritual Voices - Scream (2022)

From excellent UK label Zodiac Music, specialized in dark electronic music, this five track called Scream by Spiritual Voices delivers some nice old school jungle beats (and even a bit of ragga vocals) over dark ambient sounds (reminds a bit the sonic universe of Christoph de Babalon). Good stuff.

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mardi 27 septembre 2022

Eggs of Gomorrh - Wombspreader (2022)

Wombspreader is the second album from Switzerland's Eggs of Gomorrh, another frantic assult of black/death/war metal, barbaric and viciously evil, in a vein reminding Arkhon Infaustus. Good stuff.

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jeudi 22 septembre 2022

Mienakunaru - Strato Arcology (2022)

Mienakunaru is a trio with two leading musician of the psych underground, from Japan the guitarist Suzuki Junzo (who sadly is recovering from a very serious accident), and from England the bassist Mike Vest, joined by David Sneddon on drums. If you're familiar with Mike Vest other bands you'll find yourself at home listening to Mienakunaru third albumm Strato Arcology (released by the excellent Riot Seanson Records), otherwise expect two long tracks of heavy psychelic rock, where trippy space rock combine with punk savagery. Powerful stuff! 

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mardi 20 septembre 2022

Trauma Bond - Winter's Light (2022)

Trauma Bond is a Londonian duo composed of Eloise Chong-Gargette  doing the vocals & lyrics and Tom Mitchell doing the music. Winter's Light is their second release (after an already excellent The Violence of Spring last year), it delivers twenty minutes of high quality noisegrind/powerviolence. Recommended! 


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vendredi 16 septembre 2022

Fret - Because of the Weak (2022)

Because of the Weak is the new Fret album from Mick Harris, and weak it is definitely not! It delivers ten tracks of super heavy, dark and abrasive industrial techno, with trademark Mick Harris bass heavy dubs, a touch of jungle and some noise textures. If or when you feel Scorn is too peaceful, the more aggressive Fret will satisfy you. Another awesome release from Mick Harris.

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mardi 13 septembre 2022

Xenotheory - Dawn of an Eyeless Realm (2022)

Slamming deathcore with synths is not what I would listen to usualy, but this first self-released album (but well produced and done by experienced musicians) on cassette from Xenotheory (from Paris) and called Dawn of an Eyeless Realm is one of the very few deathcore album I really enjoy. Been attracted at first by the name and cover art (done by Kax), and then came back to it because I like the music and especially the dark futuristic/industrial atmosphere the guitars, synth layers and modern sounding drumming are creating (reminding me a bit The Amenta). Good brutal groove as well, even for someone like me that is definitely not a slam/deathcore fiend. Sometimes, giving its chance to a modern death metal, or even deathcore, album is worth it. Recommended!

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vendredi 9 septembre 2022

Nobody aka Willis Earl Beal - Nobody Knows (2012)

Nobody Knows, released in 2012 is not the most recent album from Nobody aka Willis Earl Beal, but I think it's still his masterpiece (the rest is good as well). He's crafting his on mix of every Afro-Amercian music from the chain-gang worksongs to hip-hop through blues and soul, for a result that sound at the same time familiar and unique. Both he songwriting and the singing are excellent and special and this album should be considered a classic.

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mardi 6 septembre 2022

Triac - Pure Joy - Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals (2022)

After many (good) splits or EPs this is a at last a first album, called Pure Joy - Numb Grief​-​stricken Animals  from Triac, a powerwiolence/grind trio from Baltimore. Most of the time they play especially fast, and they're damn good at it, but when they slow down for some sludge/noise rock moments it is also excellent. This first album totally confirms that they are among the best.

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samedi 3 septembre 2022

Binker & Moses - Feeding The Machine (2022)

Feeding The Machine is the third album from young but prominent members of the Londonian jazz scene Binker Golding and Moses Boyd. The first one is saxophonist and on a more melodic side of jazz in his solo albums (and good at it bringing a fresh twist) while the second is drummer and going in a more avant-garde and darker direction. The collaboration of the two sound closer to the drummer solo albums, with an atmosphere that at times reminds John Zorn's Painkiller. Recommended!

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