mercredi 30 août 2023

Skull Fist - Paid in Full (2022)

Paid in Full is the fourth album from Canadian heavy metallers Skull Fist. Discovered them with this one, but if the previous ones share the same level of mastery, I should check it, and so do you if you're into traditionnal heavy metal. Good vocals, good leads, and above all strong riffing and songwriting. Nothing new under the sun, but definitely well crafted and enjoyable!

samedi 26 août 2023

Fange - Privation (2023)

Privation is another excellent album from Fange, keeping on developing their new industrial direction, this time with a slightly melodic feel, in a somewhat doomy post-punk vein, with melodies reminding Paradise Lost or maybe Hangman's Chair. Still with bits of NIN / Author and Punisher, and the Godfleshian beat. But my favourite moments in the album are when Morbid Angel style riffs (from Domination to Gateways) crawls in. memorable also is the singing in French that works really fine. Heavily recommended!

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lundi 14 août 2023

New Age Doom & Lee "Scratch" Perry - Lee "Scratch" Perry's Guide to the Universe (2021)

This collaboration is Lee "Scratch" Perry last album and testify that he experimented till the very end. New Age Doom is a (somewhat) "free drone rock" band (built around the core of Eric J. Breitenbach and Greg Valou) that had previously released two interesting albums. This time they were joined not only by Lee Perry but also by Donny MacCaslin, a leading figure of the new generation of forward-thinking sax players, Dahm Majuri Cipolla of MONO on drums and gong, and a few others. The result, Lee "Scratch" Perry's Guide to the Universe, is a nice piece of droning and psychedelic fusion jazz / dub mix. Recommended!

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jeudi 3 août 2023

The Arson Project - God Bless (2023)

God Bless is the second album for Swedish band The Arson Project. They keep on delivering ferocious and powerful metallic hardcore with grind elements for added craziness and sonic destruction. Good stuff.

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