mercredi 31 octobre 2012

Lento-Anxiety, despair, languish (2012)

I discovered Lento last year with their really good second LP called Icon, and now they confirm the good impression they made with a second album (they also released in between a live record) released by Denoali records and called Anxiety, despair, languish. they stay on indus / doom ground but now they developped the different extremities of their music and enlarged its scope, they added colours and not just many shades of grey like in Icon. with the added melodies it's less dark but they gained in diersity. I think they also sound more metal and less ambient / indus with more diversity and change in tempo. They sound a bit like an encounter between Godflesh and Loss. what's sure is that they maintained the high quality of their music. don't fail to give it an ear.

check their blog

lundi 29 octobre 2012

Necrovation-st (2012)

Just a look at this classy cover art and you guess that maybe this death metal record will be a bit different. you guessed right. Necrovation comes from Sweden and since 2003 plays some good ol' death metal, but with this second and self titled album (on Agonia records) that offers something that explores some different ways. They mix with taste the old school swedish recipe with some different tricks. The sound is raw but also powerfull and this fits well with the epic darkness that they add to their grim songs. some massive twisted grooves and occult atmosphere can reminds sometimes Morbid angel, bu also can evoke sometimes a darker and more brutal version of  Metallica's instrumental songs (in fact they have their own melodic instrumental with The transition). they really succeed  in injecting some freshness in their old school death metal brew. And it makes one if the best death metal record for this year in my opinion.

here's their website and FB

dimanche 28 octobre 2012

Murder construct-Results (2012)

If you're looking for a band expert on the death/ technical side of grind, then look no further. Murder construct will do. the band features Travis Ryan (Cattle decapitation) on vocals, Leon Del Muerte (Impaled, Exhumed, Phobia), Kevin Fetus, Caleb Schneider, and Danny Walker (Exhumed, Uphill battle), so it's no surprise they're mastering the deathgrind work. Their second record called Results, released by Relapse records this summer, is eleven songs that are intense, dense, complex, brutal and played with a deadly precision. the music combines relentless agression with a deathmetallic groove and Travis Ryan (with the help of Leon Del Muerte) vocals are excellent and offers something different compared to most extreme metal singers. recommended!

listen to it on BC

samedi 27 octobre 2012

The Coltranes-I've got heaven in my smile (2011)

The Coltranes have nothing to do with John Coltrane but are really good anyway. they play a really good  punk rock that sound influenced by garage rock but above all by the early records of The Misfits. the vocals especially sound influenced by Glenn Danzig. I think it's at the same time a good thing because they are doing it with taste and the result is good and enjoyable, but this is also the band main weakness and maybe they need to escape from the shadow of the Misfits if they want to go further along their own path. anyway it's a cool band if you like proto/early punk rock.

Ive got heaven in my smile isn't their latest record, just their latest LP. you can listen / download to the few records they released on their
Bandcamp page.

vendredi 26 octobre 2012

Trash talk-119 (2012)

Trash talk is a hardcore band from sacramento CA, their sound include old school hardcore punk elements as well as more modern and metallic hardcore elements. they are not very far from bands like Madball or Terror (but with more diversity and subtility in the songwriting). they just released their fourth LP called 119 and it's really good. I can't point exactly what they have that makes them better than most hardcore bands, but they are among my favourite in that "classic" style of hardcore. maybe it's that they sound more spontaneous, more "real", it's also that they write good songs with a lot of energy and groove. the records is released by the hip-hop collective Odd future and two MC's from Odd future appears on one track (Blossom & burn), and even if you're not into hip-hop you can like it. no wrong move on the record so if you like hardcore I'm pretty sure you'll like it...

Trash talk website (with tour dates, music, videos, etc...).

jeudi 25 octobre 2012

Blessings-Bittervaten (2012)

This tape is the first release of Sweden's trio Blessings (with members of Anchor and Scraps of tape). the tape called Bittervaten is seven songs for a bit more than twenty minutes and it's not just "solid for a first release", it's really good and interesting. Like many bands nowadays they mix hardcore with more dark and metal elements like black/death metal and crusty sludge, but they manage to sound, from the first listen, different and more interesting than nearly all the bands in the "blackened hardcore" wave. maybe because they also have in their sound something that reminds a bit the noise / post-punk from the 90' making them sound a bit like a meeting of Black flag with Sonic youth.
but it's hard to describe so just listen to them...

Blessings-Bittervaten on BC

Mattias who plays in Blessings answered to my questions about his band. read it below.

-how did the band start? what was the project when you formed?
I guess we've been a band for about a year. We're all busy doing tons of things besides BLESSINGS, but once we're together we're focusing 100%.

-how did you composed the songs in Bittervatten?

More or less all of the songs on Bittervatten just happened, so to speak. They came to us very organically and without any amount of force. It was just the three of us jamming it out. We decided early on to focus on the whole and not go into tiny details. It was a very relaxed process and we're all very proud of the outcome.

-was the idea with the recording of Bittervatten to find places to play live? Are you looking for a record label to release an album?
Not really. No plans, no goals. We just wanted to play music together. A label, yeah, I guess. Anyone is welcome to approach us with ideas or offers. We're all well-behaved and friendly young men, so don't be affraid.

-how would you describe your music? I described it as sounding a bit like a meeting of Black flag and Sonic youth, would you agree to that?
I honestly haven't thought too much about that. I've been too busy playing our music to be able to pigeonhole whatever it is where doing and I don't really care anyway. If Black flag meets Sonic youth is what we sound like I'm happy!

-a few words about your nine minutes long song Seven blessings?
Like most of our songs "Seven blessings" basically just came to us. Keeping it simple was the rule number one throughout the entire writingprocess and that song manifests that one hundred percent. It was important not to overdo or complicate anything. We never sit down and discuss where to go musically. The music takes us places. What you hear is what comes out when we plug in and play. We wanted to keep it that way.

-I really like The shrine it’s maybe the song I prefer in Bittervatten, what do you have to say about it?

"The shrine" might actually be one of my personal favorites. It was one of the last songs we wrote, if I remember correctly.

-what about the lyrics of your songs? What does Bittervatten means ?

Johan came up with the title. He's a man full of ideas. I guess he liked the word and it resonated well with the rest of us. I'm the least involved in writing lyrics. I trust the others with it and it turns out fine. If it's not broke I'm not gonna try and fix it, you know. If there's a message behind our songs I'd say it's one of darkness and evil.

-are you influenced by the Scandinavian tradition in black/death metal?

We're influenced by a lot of different types of music. Swedish death metal has definitely had a huge impact on me and my musical identity. Bands like ENTOMBED/NIHILIST, DISMEMBER, MURDER SQUAD, CARNAGE, AT THE GATES, GRAVE and EVERDAWN have meant tons to me. The list can be made endless though.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?
I'd say if you're into BLESSINGS you might want to check out the other bands we're in. SCRAPS OF TAPE, FÄ, PAINTED WOLVES and ANCHOR among others. I'd like to think that'd give you further insight into who we are and our reasons for doing this.

-what’s your favourite records released this year?
My number one has got to be THÅSTRÖM's Beväpna dig med vingar. He's one of my absolute heroes and every time he releases a new record it's close to a religious thing for me. UNVEIL - A flame with nothing to feed on is an amazing record by an amazing band. Such a shame they broke up a few months ago. I would've loved to see them take that formula even further. The new NECROVATION-lp blew me away too. Who else released records this year? The new SCOTT KELLY-record is just as amazing as I was expecting it to be. Same thing with NEUROSIS - Honor found in decay obviously. PROPAGANDHI has always been one of my favorite bands and Failed states didn't disappoint. I also had HOT WATER MUSIC - Exister on repeat for months. Such an incredible record.

-what do you plan for 2013?

We don't really make plans. As a band we're more of the come-what-may-and-we'll-see-what-to-make-out-of-it-type.

-have you started writing new songs? What can we expect from the next record?

We actually recorded two songs live in our practice space last week and laid down the vocals yesterday. These songs are meant to end up on a 7". No label sorted yet, so feel free to get in touch if this sounds interesting to you!

-something to add in conclusion?
Disco sucks, fuck everything!

mercredi 24 octobre 2012

Anaal Nathrakh-Vanitas (2012)

Vanitas is another (it's their 9th record!) high quality record delivered by the cyber grind epic heavy black metal audio terror duo that answers to the name of Anaal Nathrakh. the two lads from Birmingham UK keeps on following their own tortuous way and they inflict to us once again their mix of black/grind/industrial beats, black / trash  riffing, destructive chaotic brutal madness times and some more melodic and epic moments, crazy extreme metal vocals and equally crazy clean vocals. Vanitas is no exeption to that but the mix is a bit different this time, compared to Passion, their previous record, it has less epicness and decadent atmosphere and more straighforward brutal sonic assault, it reminds more their first record. And I think the result is a success.

their Myspace
their FB

mardi 23 octobre 2012

The assemble head in sunburst sound-Manzanita (2012)

This record is called Manzanita, and indeed it is refreshing, as can be 60' influenced psychedelic rock. it's the fourth record by Assemble head in sunburst sound from San Francisco and it's been released this year by the really good Teepeerecords. Nothing new under the sun of California but it is a really nice record, quiet and warm.  I don't know what to add, if you like that kind of music just try it...

lundi 22 octobre 2012

Buried at birth-st EP (2012)

This self titled EP released by Give praise records is the latest record from San Jose grind band Buried at birth. This is a cool band that knows well how to balance the frenzy of poweriolence with the heaviness and groove of death metal. A classic but always working grindcore recipe! 
maybe more diversity in the vocal parts would be welcome but that being said the vocals are good (shriekings in a PV/fastcore style). the playing is simple but effective, with a riffing going from death or black metal to trash / punk. The production could be better but is ok (some of their recordings are better produced than others). But their strongest force is maybe the songwriting, they write enjoyable, agressive and catchy at the same time songs.
they released a few records before this EP on various labels. some of them (maybe all) can be listened to on various Bandcamp pages. I recommend you check it.

self titled EP on Give praise records
self titled EP on Braineacherecords
Pestilent hallucinations on Grindcore karaoke

and here's their website

dimanche 21 octobre 2012

Not enough hate-Knocked into tomorrow (2010)

If you are in need of your weekly dose of D-beat / crust this one could really do. Knocked into tomorrow was released in 2010 by Not enough hate from Gothenburg. they sound like a mix of Discharge, scandicrust and the more rocking moments of Entombed. Nothing new but the songs are good and played how they should be. It has the speed, the rage and the attitude. the few time they slow down a bit the result's also good, there's good melodies just as much as needed, cool frenzied punk solos, if youre into this kind of music you should try it.

Not enough hate Myspace
and Facebook

jeudi 18 octobre 2012

Slug guts-Playin' in time with the deadbeat (2012)

Mens in a swamp holding pigs heads? no it's not a black metal or sludge record, Slug guts is a band from Brisbane playing a kind of post-punk / no-wave. they released this year their third album called Playin' in time with the deadbeat on sacred bones records. if you like post-punk / no-wave or bands like Birthday party, Nick Cave and the bad seeds or Gun club this record could really be a good pick for you. It ooze with desperation and unease, the guitars are cold and sharp, the singing is on the edge, and the sax adds a nice dark, menacing and dirty groove.
On their Sacred bones page it is said : "Playin’ in time With The Deadbeat was written during a year which saw members of this seven piece endure trips to the mental hospital, jail, court trials, death, rehab, and bouts of violence following thousands of kilometers spent in a van." not surprising all that resulted with this record...I don't recommedn the process at the origin of it but I really recommend the record!

here's Slug guts facebook

dimanche 14 octobre 2012

Sete star sept - Vinyl collection 2010-2012 CD (2012)

Sete star sept is a japanese duo (bass / drums) that displays a great inventivity in merciless audio terrorism. They are masters in playing blasts of noisy grind that melts the deadliest elements of fastcore and harsh noise. Many of their songs ( or miniatures since they rarely last more than 45 seconds!) starts with a larsen and end with a larsen and in the meantime you get blasted with loud noise, blast beats or  nice "violent free jazz" beats, noisegrind bass guitar attack and screams. all that played with a nihilistic careless punk attitude that really fit with the music. and the most incredible is that you'll like it and keep coming for more!
Their vinyl records released for the last two year are now released on a 75 min CD by Fuck yoga records.
It features the songs from :
-split 12" w/ GENERIC DEATH 
-split 10 w/ NOISE 
-split 7" w/ PENIS GEYSER 
-split 7" w/ CSMD 
-split 7" w/ SATAN 
-split 7" w/ ROTGUT 
-4-way split 7"
-"gero me" 10"
-and a live set from KFJC

 this is a really crazy sick record, but also a really funny and cool one!

you can listen to some tracks on the Fuck yoga website

and here's Sete star sept website

Their drummer Kiyasu Ryosuke answered to my questions by mail, read it below :

-can you tell us a few words about the beginning of Sete star sept ? Is the band really different now? do you intended from the start to play as a duo?

SETE STAR SEPT is Vocals/Bass and Drums's 2-picese band from Japan.
Kae is playing on bass and vocals.Kiyasu is playing on drums.
in past, the band started from 2004 as Kiyasu on Vocals for 3-pieces band.
then we've changed the current lineup in 2009
-do you play or have played in other band?

i play drums in Keiji Haino's "Fushitsusha" and free jazz band called "Kiyasu Orchestra".
in 2003-2004, i've played drums in "The Endless Blockade".
-how would you describe your music?

extremely fast and brutal music.
-you play a really extreme kind of hardcore/ grind / noise, Japan is known for being forward thinking for these styles, were you influenced by other Japanese bands or not especially?

i influenced from The Gerogerigegege.
80's and 90's japanese noise/noisecore bands are so cool.
-seems to me that since Revision of noise you evolved toward even more apocalyptic / chaotic songs is it so?

songs in "Revision of Noise" are sound like old scholl grindcore song.
but now,we are getting into how to make fucked up songs.
-what is the writing process of the songs?

i make bass riff as draft then we do jam session for couple of times.
the song will continue to completion.

-a few words bout the release of the 2010-2012 compilation on Fuck yoga record?

this is true grindcore!
-were these two last years an important time for the evolution of Sete star sept?

yes, we were able to return to the origin of SETE STAR SEPT.

-are you preparing a new record (or some new records)?

we are preparing 2nd album. we've done recording all tracks for it.
and we have some upcoming new releases. i will announce it on our facebook page or blog.
check it out!  
-do you plan to tour Europe any soon?

i have plan to European tour 2013 in July.
-how are your live shows?

our live shows are getting better and better.
we need to improve live show for the tour in next year.
-which bands from you area would you recommend?

solo goregrind performer called "Oniku"
-your favourite record released in 2012? (you can name more than one).

this is my favorite record released in 2012 below.

GENERIC DEATH : Underground is dead : 7"
CSMD : cosmic noise adventure : 7"
Wake The Machines/Ocksen : split EP : 7"
-how would you describe your drumming?
destroy drum set
-do you have something to add in conclusion?

my music formed by noise.

jeudi 11 octobre 2012

Beatriz carnicero-No reces EP (2012)

No reces (no prayer in spanish) is the first EP of Beatriz carnicero a fastcore / powerviolence band from Uruguay. That's a solid record in that style, especially for a first one. It's fifteen songs, the longest lasting one minute, it's full speed aggression but also quite catchy, the production is ok, not too clean but not too muddy, the grindcore like singing in spanish (with two singers) is really good also, adding efficiently to the dynamic of the songs. so if you like fastcore / PV / grind you'll have to check this band.

you can listen to it on their Bandcamp

follow their facebook 

and they asked me to post this link where you can download  freely their record :
Beatriz carnicero-No reces EP (2012)

here are Beatriz carnicero answers to the questions I sent them by mail. it's in spanish and in english :

-can you present the band and its music?

Somos una banda fastcore-powerviolence formada a principios de 2010 en el sur de Uruguay. Nico toca el bajo, Marcelo la batería y grita, y Darío la guitarra y gritos.
We are a fastcore-powerviolence band founded in early 2010 in southern Uruguay. Nico plays bass, Marcelo plays drums and shouts, and Dario plays guitar and screams.

-can you tell us a few words about your new EP No reces?

Es la primera grabación que hacemos. Son temas compuestos a lo largo de los dos años y medio de vida de la banda. Algunos temas son un tanto “viejos" para nosotros, porque hace bastante tiempo que los venimos tocando. Otros temas son mucho más recientes, lo que vuelve algo irregular a la totalidad del EP. Grabamos los instrumentos a la vez. Después agregamos las voces.
This is our first record. These are songs written during the two and a half years since the band´s birth. Some songs are a little "old" for us, because we´ve been playing them for quite some time. Others are much more recent stuff. This makes the entire EP irregular. We recorded the instruments at once. Then added the vocals.

-are you touring to promote it?

No hemos hecho giras ni nada por el estilo. Tocamos cuando surge algún lugar donde organizar algo, o cuando alguna banda nos invita. Tratamos de mantenernos fuera del circuito comercial de boliches. No pagamos para tocar.
We have not toured or anything like that. We play when there´s some place where something can be held, or when some band invites us. We try to stay out of the commercial circuit of clubs. We do not pay to play.

-what about the lyrics of the songs?

Las letras hablan de alienación, de odio, de la falsedad del mundo, hay letras sarcásticas en las que nos reímos de nosotros mismos, y hay letras que no dicen nada.
The lyrics tell about alienation, hate, about how the world is a fake. There are sarcastic lyrics in which we laugh at ourselves, and there are others that say nothing.

-how is it to play fastcore / grind in Uruguay? Is it easy to find places for playing live?

No hay muchas bandas powerviolence en Uruguay, de hecho creo que no hay ninguna. Es gracioso, porque esa situación te coloca como pionero haciendo algo que otros han descrito como “vieja escuela” de powerviolence.
Los lugares para tocar hay que inventarlos, pero esa situación es igual para todas las bandas punk, cualquiera sea el subgénero que hagan.
There aren´t many powerviolence bands in Uruguay, in fact I think there is none. It's funny, because that situation makes you a pioneer when you are doing something that others have described as "old school" of powerviolence.
You have to build up places to play, but the situation is the same for all punk bands, whatever the subgenre they play.

-how did you get into this kind of music?

Internet. Las disquerías apestan. Los discos son caros y tenés que conformarte con un catálogo muy reducido de bandas “oficiales”. La música hay que buscarla en los toques o en Internet.
Internet. Music stores suck. The albums are expensive and you have to settle for a very short catalog of "official" bands. The music must be sought in gigs or the Internet.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Hay un grupo de bandas que nos gustan mucho y con las que hemos tocamos muchas veces: Avitación 101, División Burzaco, Sonido Caganera, Plankton… Otra muy buena banda que toca desde hace casi diez años es Setiembreonce. Hay bandas de otros géneros que también nos gustan, como Hijo Agrio o Santacruz.
There are a few bands that we really like and who we've played with many times: Avitación 101, División Burzaco, Sonido Caganera, Plankton… Another good band that´s been playing for almost ten years is Setiembreonce. There are bands in other genres that we also like, such as Hijo Agrio o Santacruz.

-what have you planned for the end of 2012 and 2013?

Estamos trabajando en algunos temas nuevos que pensamos grabar hacia fines de 2012. Son unos ocho temas que sacaremos en un split con Avitación 101. Nunca hemos tocado fuera del país, y nos gustaría cambiar eso el año que viene. También vamos a seguir componiendo y grabando. Tenemos planeado sacar un split con Sonido Caganera.
We are working on some new songs that we'll record in late 2012. They are about eight songs that we will release in a split with Avitación 101. We've never played outside our country, and we would like to change that fact next year. We will also continue writing and recording. We plan to release a split with Sonido Caganera.

-do you have something to add?

Gracias por escuchar y escribir!
Thanks for listening and writing!

lundi 8 octobre 2012

Blut Aus Nord-777 Cosmophony (2012)

This record is not a black metal record. It is a Blut Aus Nord record. The third part of the 777 trilogy. I don't know if black metal fans or Blut aus nord fans will likes it (and I don't care) but what I know is I like it. the only things left from the black metal origin of Blut aus nord is the dark atmosphere (and even that...since some light appears) and its deep spiritually charged intensity that really good black metal can have. But musically most of it sounds more like a dark new wave or dark industrial ambient. could be as well released by 4AD or Jarring effect. no blast beats. very few metal singing, mostly clean melodic vocals. and even in one song a bit of spoken word / rap vocals (this part reminds me a bit of the french old school rap band Kabal). what makes the link wih the other B.A.N records is the cold industrial feel of the sound. and the quality. Cosmosophy is five long and good songs and a really good record. take it for what it is. I really recommend it.

Blut Aus Nord on FB

dimanche 7 octobre 2012

The Monomaniac interview vol.1

Three days ago I posted a review of the first volume of the Monomanic compilations series by Blastbeat Mailmurder. Here is this review.

And here is the Monomaniac page on the Blastbeat mailmurder website : MONOMANIAC

I asked Panos Agoros, the man behind Blastbeat Mailmuder a few questions about BBMM, the Monomanic series and its first volume (I also recently posted his answers about the recent record of Dephosphorus for which he sings, you can read my review of the excellent Dephosphorus record, Nightsky transform, and the interview with Panos about it at this location).

read below the Monomaniac interview :

-how did you get this idea of the Monomaniac compilations?

Panos: That was while I was hearing a new song by a local brutal death/grind band, Atavism. They are friends of mine, and have been really slow at releasing new music these last years. So, this new track was a surprise because I didn’t expect anything new from them, as well as because it had a better sound than their previous releases.
I started to brainstorm as per how I could include the song to a future release. I first thought to use it as a side to a split-7”. Then I realized it was just one minute long! It would be  a waste for a 2-way split and even for a 4-way split - since you can fit at least 10 minutes of music at good sound quality to a 7 incher… That’s how the idea occurred to me of compiling several one-minute songs to a 7”!
In order to get all the background, I must mention that ever since I started collecting vinyl I particularly loved 7”EP’s that featured more than 2 songs. I have always felt some sort of weird satisfaction when a 7” featured 3, 4 or more songs. I don’t know why.

-how did you choose the bands?

P.: I started asking to friendly acts and bands that I have been in touch with. In the meantime, Andrew Childers from the excellent blog Grind & Punishment really liked the idea, and volunteered to help me out and ask to a few good grind bands that he was in touch with. That’s how Cloud Rat, Detroit, Thedowngoing and Body Hammer signed in.

-how the bands reacted to the idea of writing songs around one minute long? Most bands on the compilation are used to write short songs, but others usually write longer songs, did they took it as a cool challenge?

P.: The first most interesting thing about the Monomaniac series is exactly that, getting non-grind bands to follow the grind methodology and write a really short song! Some musicians really like the challenge of concentrating their band’s music and style in 60-90 seconds.
The second most interesting is getting together those short songs written by bands of different style and background, but all sharing a common passion for intense, unmitigated underground music and the associated culture/aesthetics.
I hope that if the series go well, the whole concept will get so infectious that eventually I will be receiving spontaneous submissions even from bigger bands (like say, Napalm Death, Immolation or Dark Throne) who will write saying “hey, we think that the Monomaniac series are cool, take this new song that we wrote exclusively for you!”.

-something to say about the order of the tracks on the compilation?

P.: The running order is always extremely important but in the case of a compilation it is crucial in order to maintain the listener’s interest and an overall cohesion.
To start with, I decided to group the grind-ish bands on one side and the black/death ones on the other. This helped assure a stylistic cohesion but on the other hand I hope that most of the people who will buy it will listen to both sides, and not just to side A if they are grind freaks or  to side B if they’re black/death fiends…
In the future this might change, but it will depend of the tracks at my disposal. A blackened grindcore song can be squeezed between a death metal and a black metal song, and vice versa…
Now I will detail a little bit the choice of this volume’s running order.

Side I:
  • I thought that Cloud Rat were perfect in order to kick off side A and this whole volume 1. Their song has a thick, metallic sound, some really powerful screams and a seamless flow. I thought that both the grind and black/death audience would like it.
  • Style-wise, Thedowngoing were the obvious choice to carry the torch after Cloud Rat. They also have some ear-piercing screaming vocals and  offering in their minute 3 tracks, they are relentlessly hammering the listener making him realize what he got himself into. We’re not kidding here. This is extreme deathnoise for the most vicious of audiophiles!
  • Detroit’s powerviolence/hardcore with its raw and gritty production was chosen next in order to give a break from the grind onslaught of the first two bands. It’s still brutal of corpse, but in a different way. Like if we got from nuclear bombing down to street fighting level!
  • Sete Star Sept are next and their avantgrinding noise violently erupts making the listener wonder if his equipment just broke! Both the mastering engineer and the pressing factory personnel have inquired whether so much distortion was normal! Anyway, I wanted the overall flow to have some powerful dynamics and a track like “Why Not Intersect” serves exactly that purpose. Body Hammer’s cybergrind tune is also in these veins with some effective dynamics, so it was cool to have it next, letting Head Cleaner close the first side with a more straight-forward and catchy style.
Side II:
  • Diocletian were meant from the beginning to open the black/death side of Monomaniac vol.1… “Traitors Gallow” was one of the first tracks to be submitted, and it was also the first excerpt that was offered from very early on to the audience. Its inhumane, take-no-prisoners chaos perfectly represents what I like best about underground metal. Diocletian were the flag bearers of Monomaniac vol.1, a band which has trusted me and signed in instantly eventhough they did not know me very well. Being one of my favorite bands of these last years and with such a monstrous track, they just had to go first…
  • The Howling Wind have initially surprised me submitting an instrumental song. It’s an awesomely majestic number with a lot of eerie stuff going on, so it was perfect after Diocletian…
  • Sempiternal Dusk is a new death metal band from Portland-Oregon with an extremely dark and menacing sound. Side B featuring two regular songs and two instrumentals, the righteous thing to do in order to maintain dynamics was to alternate them. That’s how This Is Past got the opportunity to close Side II and Monomaniac vol.1 with some ritualistic bombast.

-two tracks by Thedowngoing are also on their latest record, it’s an exception isn’t it? The other tracks are exclusively featured on Monomaniac?

P.: Good question! All tracks submitted to Monomaniac must be unreleased and somehow exclusive. Demo/live versions or remixes might fit if they are relevant and of good quality.
In the case of Thedowngoing there is one song on Monomaniac that they have re-recorded for their “Athousandyearsofdarkness” EP, “Floorboards”. I realized this a few weeks before the release of Monomaniac vol.1. I could have asked them to pull it down, but I didn’t because I guess that they’ve somehow missed the exclusivity part of Monomaniac’s concept. Plus it’s a different version than the EP’s and only 1/3 (20 seconds) of their contribution, so I really don’t mind!
The other TDG song that you’re referring to is “Hikabusha (reprise)”. Like the title clearly suggests it’s a reprise which means (quoting Wikipedia’s article): “(…) repetition or reiteration of the opening material later in a composition (…)”. The full “Hikabusha” song that is featured in the EP is 34 seconds, while the reprise is 15 songs long, so it’s definitely not the same song!
There is another similar case, DETROIT’s “Birthday Party”. It’s still unreleased/exclusive to this moment but they have re-recorded it for a future split-LP with Dysplasia (that is going to be an excellent release, by the way). I heard the new version and it’s quite different, having a different sound and more/different vocals/lyrics. I must say thay I prefer the original version though!
Anyway and in order to recap, the vast majority of the songs featured on Monomaniac are new/exclusive material. There might be a couple of exceptions over time, but I am 100% committed in maintaining high quality standards and not including any fillers.

-do you know already which bands will be featured on the next one?

P.: I know some of them and have already a few tracks ready!
The bands that have already submitted material are:
  • Mutant Supremacy: excellent death metal from Brooklyn, NY. You are already familiar with them since you’ve reviewed their “Rotting Season” 7”EP, as well as having done an interview with them.
  • Burial Hordes: brutal black metal from Greece with Dead Congregation, Enshadowed members. Shiteater, the drummer playing on this track is the last drummer we’ve played with Thanos (Dephosphorus) back at the Straighthate days (2007-8), he’s also playing with Embrace Of Thorns, Necrovorous, Resurgency.
  • Gods Of Chaos: chaotic hardcore/grind from Croatia. Excellent band, still relatively unknown which is something that hopefully will change…
I’m expecting in the next few weeks tracks from:
  • Ravencult: awesome thrashing black metal from Greece.
  • Skullshitter: old-school grindcore from N.Y. featuring Robert Nelson, Mutant Suppremacy’s drummer.
  • Progress Of Inhumanity: grindcore from Greece featuring another ex-Straighthate drummer, Nikos Prapas.
  • Priapus: grindcore from the states.
  • Haapoja: blackened metal/hardcore from Finland.

-do you already know how many monomaniac compilations there will be? Maybe it depends on the success of the first ones?

P.: I will keep releasing new Monomaniac volumes as long as there is enough interest for the series, and as long as I have the time/money to do it… But I like to take one step at a time. I hope vol.1 is going to do fine and in the meanwhile I am preparing vol.2. Support Blastbeat Mailmurder and we will carry on!
-what can we expect from Blastbeat Mailmurder in the next few months

P.: Next release in line is “The Mignola Split”, the ever-delayed split-cassette between Kommpound, my personal field recordings/noise/drone/ambient project, and Hellboy 106, a local comrade doing noise. It is a tribute to Mike Mignola and his legendary Hellboy series. It will be Blastbeat Mailmurder’s first cassette release, limited to 60 red tapes.

I guess that if things go well, Monomaniac vol.2 should be out early next year (after the end of the world, that is). I will also release at some point two 12”LP’s, and this is a scoop!

The first one, is the self-titled MLP of Injekting Khaos, which is the black metal band where Nikos played prior to Dephosphorus. It is their final recording, and you can stream two out of its five tracks from their bandcamp page. The format will be one-sided 12”MLP with an etching/engraving on the other side, and it is going to be a co-release between Blastbeat Mailmurder, the band, Temple Of Flesh, and Order Of Theta.

I will also (co-)release at some point the final recording of another now defunct band, Kvazar. They were one of Greece’s finest grindcore offerings, as well as friends of mine. I have committed not only to release it, but also to lay down the vocals! It has the length of an EP and most likely will be released as a split-LP with a foreign band that has yet to be determined…

That’s all for now. Thanks so much for your support Dennis, it is appreciated and good luck with Blasting Days!!!

Stream/download Monomaniac vol.1 now from Blastbeat Mailmurder’s bandcamp page! If you don’t have a turntable please consider buying the digital version for the amount of your choice. That will help us finance the next volumes!

You can purchase the 7”EP either from the BC page, or from our paypal store.

Last but not least, we don’t yet have a fancy web store featuring all the titles that we distribute but we’re working on it! Until then, please check out our online catalog. It’s full of killer items. Make your choice then drop us an email. We’ll get back to you asap with the postage cost to your location. If you support us, we’ll keep bringing you inspiring underground releases!

Chaos inception-The abrogation (2012)

This record start foot to the floor and it rarely slows down. if you like bloody fast floridian/brazilian style death metal then The abrogation by the Alabama band Chaos inception is for you. it's their sophomore (that is their second) record and if not really original its follows prouddly in the path of bands like Morbid angel and Krisiun (sounding a bit like a mix of the two). they knows how to craft songs with full speed blast beats, death trashy fast and ominous riffing, angry death vocals, fast guitar solos with weird melodies, and from time to time slow down a bit to create a massive groove moment. nothing new but a really enjoyable record in my opinion.

you can listen to a few songs from the record on bandcamp.

samedi 6 octobre 2012

The tunnel-Fathoms deep (2011)

If you like music that brings together post-punk and dark amerciana this record is a good choice. The songs are somewhere betwen Joy division and 16 Horsepower (the Gun club or Birthday party also comes to minds). it's not a copycat of these bands, bu it uses some of the same elements and develops a deep, dark and nervous atmosphere that reminds them. Fathoms deep is The tunnel's second album (released on digital and vinyl format by themselves in 2011), and this is what the band from San Fransisco has to say about it on their bandcamp : " (it) was hammered out in various San Francisco dives and warehouses, but draws its lifeblood from the darkness of the surrounding, still-remote Northern California coast. The sounds are akin to the art-damaged noise coming out of 1970s New York, 1980s London-via-Berlin, or an 1850s West Coast harbor town damp with fog and whiskey. ".

you can listen it or download it for free on their Bandcamp

vendredi 5 octobre 2012

Catheter-Southwest doom violence (2012)

Southwest doom violence, released this year by Selfmadegod records (a good record label from Poland that also released last Encoffination among other good stuff),  is the second full lenght by Catheter from Denver. The first one was already cool but unlike this one it suffered from a weak production. Like many bands nowadays they injected in their grindcrust mix a heavy dose of sludge, a bit like a fight between Napalm death and Eyehategod, a mix of early and modern grind, crust and sludge (southwest doom violence they say. that's a way to describe it!). the good thing is that they're doing this grind/sludge thing better than others, with a good, dynamic and diverse, songwriting and a really good execution of the songs. good riffs, good drumming and good vocals. and more importantly they know how to make it groove!

check it on the Selfmadegod bandcamp

edit : in fact Southwest doom violence is their third LP, Preamble to oblivion in 2002, Dimension 303 in 2005 and Southwest in 2012, plus a bunch of splits, compilation, etc...

and here's an interview with H murder, drummer in Catheter :

-can you present the band briefly ?

the band is now brandon hayden bass/vocals, jeff montoya guitar/vocals, and h murder drums /vocals   
-a few words about Southwest doom violence? 
it was an album that got recorded with a different line up and after many listens to the record it was not up to our standards so we rerecorded the whole thing and added a few new songs
-How was it written, recorded, produced?

it was written over the course of 7 years some  songs changed rearranged songs added some dropped and it was produced by steve goldberg of cephalic carnage and catheter
-7 years between Dimension 303 and Southwest doom violence, what’s the reason? Did you prefer recording a lot of splits and Ep’s?

actually we did no splits in that time except one with street walker but the recording went through a few line up changes over the years so thats why it took a while to get finished 
-seems to me that you added a heavy dose of sludge in your music since Dimension 303, a few words about that?

we are fans of the sludge and we always had the element in our music it seems it just came out that way i think the future will bring more of that to the table 

-in your opinion what is grindcore and what does it means to you?

in our opinion grindcore was a way to bond with friends around the world with this similar taste in music it was a tight knit scene but over the years it got kind of trendy with this more grind than thou attitude and lost the unity and bond it once had that was special. don't get us wrong there is that bond going on still but not like it was in the late 80's early 90's 
-what about your lyrics?

Catheter lyrics are a wide range of things from personal trauma to world wide events to anger to not so serious topics 
-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Jeff has another band tree of woe, and really other than that ACDC is killin it Laughing dog is amazing! 
-any hope to see you play in Europe?

well if you missed us in 2012 i doubt we will be back any time soon 
 -what do you plan for the coming months?
we are on a break now did a heavy dose of touring and we each follow a different direction in our personal lives.
-something to add?
check out the facebook page and get our new album!

jeudi 4 octobre 2012

Monomaniac vol.1 EP (2012)

I was waiting for this compilation released (vinyl and digital only) by Blastbeat mailmurder for two reasons : the really good bands featured and the concept of this compilation. what's the concept? each track is around one minutes! (even for bands used to releasing longer songs).

the result is a special and really cool compilation, not just good songs, and good bands, but also an interesting exercise in making it short and straight to the point. I usually pass some tracks on compilations, but not with this one!

another interesting point is that it gather different shades of extreme music, while staying coherent (partly due to its concept of one minute songs).
You have the noisy side with the 3 tracks by Thedowngoing (two tracks being already on their last record, but it's really good tracks so I'm ok with listening to it again) and the Sete sept star apocalyptic track. You have the powerviolence side with Detroit or Cloud rat, the black metal side with The howling wind or Diocletian, the groovy grind of Headcleaner, and a more industrial closing with This is past.

here's the track list :

SIDE I, timing: 5:09

1. CLOUD RAT [US] “Finger print v1″ 1:08
2. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Littered” 0:19
3. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Floorboards” 0:19
4. THEDOWNGOING [AU] “Hibakusha (Reprise)” 0:16
5. DETROIT [CA] “Birthday Party” 0:34
6. SETE STAR SEPT [JP] “Why not intersect” 0:25
7. BODY HAMMER [US] “Dog Star Man” 0:35
8. HEAD CLEANER [GR] “The Weapon Of The Proletariat” 1:17

SIDE II, timing: 4:53

1. DIOCLETIAN [NZ[ “Traitors Gallow” 1:19
2. THE HOWLING WIND [US] “Bewilderment” 1:26
3. SEMPITERNAL DUSK [US] “Beneath The Emblems Of Death” 1:03
4. THIS IS PAST [GR] “Catatonia” 0:56 

And what's cool is that it's only the first volume! future Monomaniac compilations (with the same modus operandi of songs lasting around 1 minute) will feature bands like Mutant supremacy, Gripe, and other really good bands, so keep your eyes on the Blastbeat Mailmurder releases!

but stop reading and do yourself a favour, listen to it on the Blastbeat Mailmurder website.

mercredi 3 octobre 2012

Down-Down IV part I EP (2012)

With Blasting days I usually deal with less known bands, and Down certainly don't need blogs to spread the word for them. but well...I really like this band for years now so I make an exception. They just released Down IV part I, the first of the four EPs they would release until december and before their next album. another 6 good songs by down. that's a good thing. but...
but I'm a bit disapointed by this EP. one reason is that there is absolutely no surprise on the EP and the songs are not very different, mid tempo all the time, no fast songs, no accoustic or whatever, no diversity. it sounds a bit like business as usual, the exitement and freshness that was so present in Down II seems far away. Down is still a really good bands writing good songs, but is not as special as it was. I hope the next EP will bring something different from this one...

Down website

addition : I discovered there is an  explanation to the lack ofdiversity on this record. the band choose to gather the old school heavy metal songs on this one, the more modern heavy ones on the second, the third will be more "bluesy, accoustic" and the fourth will be  "doomy & apocayptic, bury me in smoke like". ok. but I still think mixing these different Down aspects in each of the EPs would have made a better lsitening experience. but that being said, I'm impatient to hear the other ones, especially the third and fourth ones.

mardi 2 octobre 2012

M.O.R.A-st (2011)

to cite their Bandcamp : "From Helsinki, Finland, M.O.R.A. has been playing with the existing line-up since 2008. Angry hardcore with two female vocalists, mixture of old and newschool. Members are/have been in bands such as Black Betsy, Spoiled Betty, Confusa and Aurinkokerho." 
Yes, very cool angry hardcore. this is a band that master the key element for good hardcore that is keeping thing simple and effective. the trashy hardcore riffs, the drumming and the double singing (in finnish) attack concurs to make songs that are very dynamic and catchy. 9 songs, 16 minutes. no filler, just refreshing straight to the face hardcore songs.
enjoy it on their bandcamp

lundi 1 octobre 2012

Earth drive-ink storm (2012)

I dont know much about this band exept they are from Portugal andreleased Ink storm in april 2012. But what I knowis that it's a really cool, enjoyable and trippy record. A the same time heavy and melodic, a kind of psychedelic stoner rock, evoking smoke and astral travels. It's also quie origunal for this kind of music, maybe it's due to the good singing, some parts by a man, most part by a women. my only complaint is that it's two short, only four real songs and a few, good bu really short instrumentals. but the fact that it left you wanting some more is also a point for them...

check their Myspace and website.