vendredi 29 janvier 2021

HedNod (Mick Harris) - Five (2021)

Mick Harris is very active these days with not one but two releases, one with JK Flesh as Monrella, one of the more straightforward techno release both of them ever did, and this one, which I prefer, called Five, as HedNod and into his usual bass music territory, in a vein quite similar to Scorn. Four good tracks of industrial dub, slow, heavy and vibrating with subtle mysteries.

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lundi 25 janvier 2021

Grand Magus - Wolf God (2019)

Yes I should have reviewed Wolf God when it came out in 2019, but at the time I hesitated if it was good, very good or excellent. I mean judged by their own standard because in my opinion Grand Magus is the best heavy metal band of the XXI century. It's an album in the vein of what they did in the last ten years, that is closer to Judas Priest than to Black Sabbath, not trendy, but they are so good at it! And I'd say Woldf God is above Sword Songs and as good as Triumph and Power (the Hunt is maybe still my favourite). Traditional heavy metal of the highest class.

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dimanche 24 janvier 2021

Aseitas - False Peace (2020)

False Peace the second album from Aseitas is really an interesting release (Translation Loss records), finely crafted and original. Could be described as progressive death metal with mathcore elements and could remind a more rooted in death metal Imperial Triumphant. Many people picked them in their "best of 2020" list, and maybe I'll do the same, it's indeed an excellent album.

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mercredi 20 janvier 2021

Terminal Bliss - Brute Err/atta! (2021)

With Brute Err/atta!, the first Terminal Bliss album (released by Relapse Records), we already have a first outstanding hardcore album for 2021. A new band, but with experienced musicians (including vocalist and guitarist form Pg.99 and drummer from Darkest Hour and Iron Reagan). It is fast, noisy and angry hardcore, and it's done totally how it should and works deadly well. Simple but great stuff. Hardcore at its best.


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mardi 19 janvier 2021