lundi 30 septembre 2019

DREAD - In Dub (2017)

This album called In Dub is actually the second "dub" release from Lustmord, but it's been released (in 2017) under the name of DREAD, maybe because it's goes further into dub territory than the first one (also good, but more industrial and closer to the usual Lustmord sound, a bit like Lusmord with some dub beats). I don't listen to a lot of dark ambient because I often find the lack of a rhythmic backbone frustrating, and Lustmord usual work is no exception for me, but with the addition of beats, and I really like the dub beats so it's even cooler, then it is solved and the result is great. In Dub has the slow motion dark feel that you would expect from Lustmord but it's also really a dub album, not just dub beats over industrial/dark ambient music, there's some (dark) melodic themes, a bit of vocals, a bit of guitars, and the omnipresent bass heavy sound. Whether you like Lustmord doesn't matters, what we have here is a great dark dub album.

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vendredi 27 septembre 2019

Skullshitter / Bleeding Out - Split (2019)

This split album between Skullshitter (from NY) and Bleeding Out (from Toronto, this is their first release, but it's composed of experienced musicians, ex-Endless Blockade, Column of Heaven, Abyss, Fuck the Facts) is a feverish dream for death/grind freaks. No wonder it's released by the mighty Nerve Altar Records. Both bands are on the old-school Repulsion school of death/grind, with Skullshitter more on the Repulsion/Autopsy old school death-metal side (and is maybe more wild and unpredictable) while Bleeding out is punkier and would remind more Repulsion and Extreme Noise Terror, and also focus more on the groove I'd say. Anyway, both are awesome at what they do and this is a must-have split album. I love it. This is worthy of Skullshitter excellent previous releases and Bleeding Out are making a perfect start.

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mercredi 25 septembre 2019

Mike Patton & Jean-Luc Vannier - Corpse Flower (2019)

I place Corpse Flower, a collaboration with French composer Jean-Luc Vannier (who worked with Serge Gainsbourg and other well known French singers), among the albums of Mike Patton that matters most. The songs are exquisitely written and arranged and offers the best musical environment for Mike Patton to show once again how good a singer he is. One of the very best for sure and maybe the most interesting to follow. When "pop rock"(with many elements including traditionnal French music, violins, swing/jazz, rock, etc.) is as sophisticated and classy, as nicely done, with such freshness and inventivity (and the slight subtly weird and disturbing touch we are accustomed to with Patton!), then everyone can love it (grind and noise freaks like me included). Corpse flower is one of those instant classic that sounds better at each listen (and since I discovered it it became a daily listen for me). This is not "just" "album of the year" material, but another timeless classic in Mike Patton discography. Can't be recommended too much, try it you won't regret.

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samedi 21 septembre 2019

Shock Narcotic - I've Seen the Future and It Doesn't Work (2019)

Shock Narcotic is a new grindcore band based in Detroit with Jeff Tuttle (ex-Dillinger Escape Plan, Old Gods), Shawn Knight (Child Bite), Don Slater (Battlecross) et Zach Gibson (The Black Dahlia Murder), I've Seen the Future and It Doesn't Work is their first album (released by Housecore records). I don't know very well the other bands of the members but I assume they don't sound like Shock Narcotic a lot since Shock Narcotic sounds a lot like Napalm Death. But don't think it is just "traditional grind" because it also often reminds Napalm Death when they're in an experimenting mood (including what they did in the nineties, which is ok for me). The album is very well crafted, enjoyable and interesting grind. Napalm Death worshiping, OK, but done very well and in a smart way. They won't win any originality contest but it's still one of the best grindcore album of the year anyway.

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jeudi 19 septembre 2019

Cloud Rat - Pollinator & Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff EP (2019)

 Cloud Rat is releasing a new album called Pollinator, coming with a bonus EP called Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff. This time their experiment with more melodic or post-punk parts are concentrated on the bonus EP which is not hardcore at all whereas the album, Pollinator, is Cloud Rat at their most aggressive. Problem is this way the album is more "monochrome" more predictable, so I prefer their previous ones. Still once again their super fierce hardcore is extremely well crafted and it well could be the best hardcore album this year.
 What about the EP? It is more diverse than the album, going from neofolk to new-wave and dark ambient, with melodic singing only, but also it is more inequal in quality, some parts are very good and interesting, while some others are less memorable.
I'd like them to keep on creating non hardcore music, I'm curious to hear where it could lead them since there are promising elements in Do Not Let Me Off the Cliff,  but also I'd' like that next time they inject more experiment and diversity in their hardcore songs.

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vendredi 13 septembre 2019

rDEVICE - Rebirth (2019)

Rebirth is four tracks of good quality techno from rDEVICE (Riccardo Di Vizio), released on Blattodea Records (Italian label releasing industrial techno and power electronics music).
What we have here is powerful hardcore beats over industrial noises, with also maybe an acid flavour. Well crafted hardcore/industrial techno with a distinct personality. Good stuff.

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mercredi 11 septembre 2019

Screamer - Highway of Heroes (2019)

Sometimes a bit of traditional heavy metal is like refreshing. Here's some from Screamer (from Sweden), and a new album (their fourth) called Highway of heroes. Their main influence sounds to be old Judas Priest, and they're good at playing this kind of metal. Of course this is often a bit cheesy, and sometimes bordering bad taste as much as genius at the same time, but hey let's face it, heavy metal always have been a kind of "guilty pleasure" anyway, isn't it? Just enjoy it... hold your virtual sword, ride into the wind, no thinking no regret! Have fun.

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jeudi 5 septembre 2019

Visceral Disgorge - Slithering Evisceration (2019)

Need your fresh dose of brutal death metal? Then I have a treat for you! The new Visceral Disgorge, called Slithering Evisceration, eight years after their first one has everything you will like. It's clear those eight years were not wasted because the new one beats the old. Dense and straight to the point at the same time thanks to the good songwriting, technical enough (the drumming especially), some slam but not too much, good riffing and a good brutal groove. They do the job expertly. Good stuff!

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mardi 3 septembre 2019

No Balls / Blank Veins - split (2016)

This is an awesome split with two bands influenced by the Brainbombs kind of noise rock, trumpet (for No Balls) and sax (for Blank Veins) included. No Balls even features half members of Brainbombs.
The No Balls tracks are more repetitive (not in a bad way) and are more brutally industrial, whereas the Blank Veins tracks have more diversity, sometimes a bit melodic, sometimes more chaotic and noisy.
Both side of the split are really excellent.