mercredi 26 février 2014

Whoresnation - Scum will reign (2014)

Need your daily dose of old school grind?  Then this one side 12' (about 10 min of music) by Whoresnation will do! With Scum will reign (yes ol' school grind!) the grinders from Besançon (east of France) delivers their ferocious grind, without much originality but with all the frenetic energy needed. And that's what matters the most! I'm pleased they confirm the good I already wrote about them (HERE). The French grind scene is growing and Whoresnation is a nice addition to it! (check also Blockheads, Inhumate, Ratbomb, Chiens, Warfuck)

Their BC page.

Their website.

And here's the interview we did by email :

- Can you go back to the origin of the band and tell us how it happened? What was the project at the start, and how have you evolved since the beginning of the band?

Lopin : Everything started during summer 2008 with the ex HCF singer (actual Chiens) and I. We decided to create a new grindcore project. Every member by that time played in different grind bands before, so the idea wasn't really new, I guess what was special back then was the will of starting something sounding Swedish, it was quite new in the French grindcore scene. Whoresnation was born officially in 2009, and we made our first gig this year.

- Do you play or have played in other bands?

Pibe : I also play in BLACK CODE which is a mix of Crust, Hardcore and Metal as a vocalist, I sing in GROS SEL, a brand new Mincecore band, GUILLOTINE with whom we play Black Hardcore. And I just started a raw punk d-beat band called Disköse as a drummer. I used to play in XAROS (grindcrust) as well and in different other formations.

Lopin : I used to play in XAROS as well and I also play in ROUGEOT YOUTH (80’s punk hardcore).

Chech : Yes, I play in 2 other bands. One is call Nosoï. It's a brutal death metal band in which Tonio, The drummer of Whoresnation is also playing. And the other one is call Nahbom. A death metal band too!

- How would you describe your new release, Scum will reign?

Pibe : I would say that this is one side of 12'' full of violence, with the best sound we ever had. Of course, we still need some improvement, but for me, it's the best thing we got. We really tried our best on that one, we recorded with our friend Michol at our drummer's house, the artwork was made by Arnaud Maniak another great friend of ours, and it is released by our long time buddy Mika from Witch Bukkake Records. So we only worked with people we love, and we tried once again to keep it as DIY as possible. I would say the song are more elaborated than on the previous release, maybe the lyrics as well.

- What about the lyrics of the songs?

Pibe : Most of the lyrics tackle problems that touch us, it can be quite personal sometimes and often sociopolitical. On Scum will reign I wrote a lot about addictions and their dark sides but also about police brutality, hate, anti-nationalism and idleness. I try to keep lyrics as interesting as I can. I write both in French and English. Even if most of the time lyrics are ready last minute we try to give them a lot of importance.

- How did you get into extreme music? What does grindcore mean to you?
Pibe : I am a kid of the internet generation, so I got there starting from Neo Metal and then thanks to the boards I finally discover Grindcore and extreme music in general. For me Grindcore is a means of expression, raw and noisy, Grindcore goes hand in hand with DIY and tolerance. Grindcore is not about misoginy, racism or whatever. Grindcore is Punk, Punk is love.

Chech : First I was listening to thrash metal. Then I have been listening to lot of death metal bands like Cannibal Corpse, Decapitated, Deeds of Flesh, Messhugah, etc. (and also blues and fusion). However, I think Origin turned me into a more blasting music, and then to Grindcore. To me, it's the most violent music. It breaks not only legs, but also racist ideas. It's more involved in social discussion (like punk music). If it's not like that, generally it's gore grind, and I don't like that.

- Do you feel grindcore relates more to punk or to metal? Or does it stand in between as part of both?

Pibe : I guess it depends on which band we're talking about. I think we belong to the punk circuit. We play more squats than other kind of venue. Our best friends are more into punk and crust I guess.

Lopin : Our music is mostly influenced by extreme metal and hardcore than punk. We are definitely a metal band who play and believe in the punk scene values.

- Do you think that the DIY way of action could be a global alternative or do you see it more as a practical way of growing for an underground band?

Pibe : This is definitely a global alternative. It has it's wrong sides as well. Development and growing are of course important for an underground band, but one should never betray DIY. I really hope we will keep working with the labels of our friends and play mostly DIY gigs.

- Which bands were more influential for you, either for the music or for other things?

Pibe : I listen a shitload of Mincecore, Punk Rock, Crust etc. I have no real influence concerning the vocals except my first screamo love and Immortal.

Lopin : I can say Burning Heads or Magrudergrind whatever make me feeling happy. I have no special influences in my guitar riffs I just try to keep it fast.

Chech : when I started to play bass, at 13, I just discovered the Morbid Vision/Bestial Devastation album of Sepultura. I wanted to play this kind of music. Fortunately, I met some friends who was playing thrash metal. I joined their band and I never stop playing since that time.

- Which bands from your area would you recommend?

Pibe : Human Compost, Dead Ramones, The Irradiates and Jack and the Bearded Fishermen. They are all from Besançon, our Hometown with Lopin. Futher I would say Doomsisters, Chiens, Satan, Uhl, Geranium.

Lopin : Black Code, Cruel Friends, Lust For Death, Warfuck.

- What is planned for Whoresnation in the coming months?
Lopin : We gonna tour with Chiens in July and playing at Play Fast Or Don’t Festival. In October we’ll tour two weeks with a Canadian band called RetardNation where we gonna play at Bloodshed Fest for the first time. A recording session is coming for a split release and full of unique shows until the end of the year.

- Something to add?

Thanks a lot for your interest and hope to see you on the road.

lundi 24 février 2014

Dephosphorus - Ravenous solemnity (2014)

Dephosphorus is a band that likes to surprise and we are used to hear them evolve, adding new elements, enriching and refining their sound release after release (see HERE the different reviews and interviews related to them in Blasting days). when I read that they were releasing a double LP I thought that a very ambitious, more complex and progressive album was on the way. But with Ravenous solemnity i've been surprised to, well...not been surprised that much this time. it's more a subtle maturation than a new evolution or experiments. maybe it will be for next time. anyway it's ok because it's another really good, finely crafted and finely executed, album. the songs are shorter and I'd say more straighforward than in Night sky transform and at the same time the grind elements are again less present than it was in Axiom. we could say that most of the time it could be described as a mix of dark and raging hardcore and black metal with some melodic and epic touches. with really good and personnal vocals, good and creative riffing, and the new drummer is doing good as well. that's what I'm saying for the moment, but I suppose that, like it was with their other releases, after some more listen I will discover new subtilites in the songs and in the overall atmosphere of the album. anyway I highly recommend you try it and make your own opinion it sure will be worth it.

The BC page.


Munly & the Lee Lewis harlots - self titled double LP (2013 reissue)

This album was first released in 2004 by Alternative tentacles and was reissued last year by Pesanta urfolk. Munly & the Lee Lewis harlots plays some finely crafted dark americana, with touches of bluegrass (banjo, strings), rockabilly and some post-punk vibes. it reminds bands like Nick Cave and the Bad seeds, 16 Horsepower (Munly played in a band with David Eugene Edwards before he formed  16 Horsepower) or the softer part of Swans. excellent songwriting, very good dual male / female vocals, and a great atmosphere. I also recommend Munly's most recent releases, "Petr and the wulf" in 2010 with The Lupercalians and in 2011"Unentitled" with the Slim cessna's auto club.

Munly website

mercredi 19 février 2014

Cloud rat - Blind river (2014)

if you're not already into Cloud rat I advise you to begin now because it's the best recent hardcore band. this new release called Blind river, is a compilation featuring both new songs (3 of it) and already released songs (the other 8 songs). the new songs will also features on the yet to be released split with Orgullo primitivo. the already songs are from the Monomaniac comp vol.1 (excellent comp by the way. I reviewed it HERE), the No compromise / earth first comp, and the excellent split with Republic of dreams (reviewed HERE).  with the new songs they carry on bringing us the most intense, tight and relentless hardcore / fastcore and the female vocals are as awesome as usual. they really have one of the best hardcore singer, she combines perfectly agressivity and emotion, in a very personnal way. very highly recommended!

the Bandcamp page.

mardi 18 février 2014

Cultes des ghoules - Henbane (2013)

Henbane, the second album by the polish Cultes des ghoules was one of the best black metal album released last year (it's on one of my "best of the year" list, see HERE). it managed to capture the fascinating atmosphere of early black metal. it reminds especially Mayhem's De mysteriis (the vocals and the overall atmosphere) with a touch of the epic vibe and medieval feel that you could find in early Emperor (In the nightshade eclipse for exemple). five raw and primitive, but long and complex song of the darkest black metal in its purest form. sounding looser and more spontaneous it brings back the wild "evil" feel that is the root of black metal. the past is alive!

stream it on Bandcamp

samedi 15 février 2014

Grand magus - Triumph and power (2014)

Grand magus is probably my favourite 21th century (but traditionnal) heavy metal band and their previous album, The hunt, was my favourite among their faultless discography. that been say no need to say that I had big expectations for the nex one, Triumph and power. but since The hunt was so good that I prepared myself for something excellent but not as good (see HERE the review & interview I did after its release). even the best bands are not able to better every time. but I have to say that Triumph and power is really another impressive "tour de force". it's good ol' heavy metal anthem after heavy metal anthem, and each one is outstanding, instant classics. first song is a classic heavy metal anthem, second song is another clasic heavy metal anthem, ans so is the third one, and the fourth, etc,. start to get the idea?  amazing band, amazing album again. it's also a great album because it's not just a collection of heavy metal classic, there is also some diversity, exept two instrumental interludes it's heavy metal anthems but it's not the same forumla every time, there's some diversity in the rythms, mostly mid tempo, but also faster or slower songs. diversity also in the choruses, in the arrangements, etc,. not just amazing songs but also a great album when you put all the songs together. as JB (and Rob Halford!) say "Heavy metal is the law" and Grand magus sure knows how to it justice! and as long as they'll keep on releasing albums of this caliber they will stay powerfull and trimphant indeed!
I just can't recommend it enough.

mardi 11 février 2014

Stomach earth - Stomach earth (2013)

Stomach earth, the solo band of Mike McKenzie, offers with its first (self titled) album some very abrasive and heavy funeral death / doom. death metal style vocals, very slow songs, very thick and harsh guitar sound. mournfull and hatefull desolation all the way. just some funeral doom or old school death style melodies subtely placed in the songs. I really like it's radical sound. one of most memorable and best funeral-death/doom album released in 2013. if you like it slow, heavy, and raw I recommend it.

check its BC page.

samedi 8 février 2014

Cripple bastards - Nero in metastasi (2014)

When I started listening to grindcore, something like 15 years ago, Cripple bastards were already there, one of the most respected grindcore bands, one of the first (they formed in 1988!). I knew I loved grindcore because I loved bands like Napalm death and Cripple bastards. if you wanna know what is old school grind, what are the roots of grindcore, of course you have Napalm death, but just after ND, a few other bands defined with them the sound of grindcore and Cripple bastards are one of these. take some hardcore punk / trash crossover, add some death metal brutality, play it faster, add some more urgency and craziness, add again some more speed and relentless agression and you have it. Cripple bastards. grindcore. ok, you get it. now you'll be pleased to hear that the italian grind pionneer are releasing a new full lenght album (their fifth, but of course they also released a lot of splits, EP's, etc.), called Nero in metastasi (with Relapse records, as was their previous EP Senza impronte). have they slowed down, mellowed bit? you guessed it... they have not! it's still fucking brutal and in your face. it's still as grind as it used to be. they stuck to their successfully tried and tested formulas. but tried something different in the end of the album (so it's not breaking it's crushing dynamic) with a slower and longer song with some spoken words. the result is really dark and quite creepy. a good try, ending the album in an interesting way.

you can stream it on the Cripple bastards Relapse Bandcamp page.

their singer Giulio answered to my questions by mail (a big thanks to him!), read it below :

-you were among the first grindcore bands, before the name did not even exist, isn't it? Could you tell us what was your state of mind at the time? Was there a feeling that something was happening like the growing of a new musical movement?

Well, actuatlly we have started the Cripple Bastards in 1988 (although me and Alberto the Crippler had been already playing together fast stuff in 1987 with other names) when in other countries – the UK above all – what was about to become Grindcore was quite evident already. I would rather say we have been the first in Italy, and yes - in the early years even if probably the term “Grind” was around already, we hadn’t heard it yet as we were kids with not many contacts outside of our area and because in Italy everything arrives later. So we were aware of doing some kind of the fastest possible Ultracore/Thrashcore, we simply wanted to play as fast and extreme as we could, it was very instinctive and we didn’t have many reference points.. neither we had a feeling that the genre was growing until we went into that phase that every week Earache Records and Manic Ears were releasing something in that style we loved, from Napalm Death to Carcass, Unseen Terror, O.L.D., Terrorizer, Intense Degree, Sore Throat and all the stuff of that kind that followed.

-do you think grindcore (or grind related music) can be understood as a reaction against the recuperation and commodification of punk?
Probably we have never tried to see this kind of meaning behind, but rather have always simply seen it as a total outburst of rage and violence, a way to vent out hatred and that negativity and frustrations killing us from the inside.

-isn't one of the idea behind the lyrics and artworks of the band something like “we don't have to tell people what they should hate, it's enough to just show them the worst of reality and they will make up their mind in their own way”?

Partially yes, but some points are also made very clear and direct. If a majority are more focused on the kind of imagery/scenario surrounding us leaving space to the reader to make up their mind in their own way, others are very explicit and straight to the point. On this album we have really direct lyrics about topics like the booking agents’ mafia here in our area (“Promo-parassita”) and the music industry forcing reunions (“Agonia di un rientro forzato” = “Agony of a reformed band”). So it’s variable from song to song. .  By the way, being our lyrics in Italian, both the CD and the LP include extensive translations in English made by a very good translator that has followed us for years and deeply understands the sense of our lyrics, so I can assure that these translations recreate very well the mood expressed.

-let's now talk about your new album, how was it composed, recorded and produced? Did you proceed in a different way compared to your previous records?

We usually start from some guitar riffs, then we jam with the drummer and give shape to a more defined structure retouching it over time and repeated listens. Then we record a raw instrumental version and I go to a friend’s studio to add a rough vocal line, coming up with an embryonic demo version to be listened/discussed together with the other members. Then we move to a final structure adding more touches, fixing the vocal parts and adapting the lyrics to the sing. “Nero in metastasi” was recorded and mixed at Studio Fredman in Gotheburg/Sweden except the vocals that were recorded in Italy at Toxic Basement Studio. This was our 3rd time at Fredman in a range of 7 years.. it’s always a good choice for us.  Fredrik and his assistants thoroughly understand our style and our needs and how a C.B. album needs to sound in terms of power and intensity. This time it took us few days more than what we spent there when we did on the previous "Variante alla morte" but we divided it in 3 phases, we first did 5 days to record all the instruments, then as I mentioned all the vocals here in Italy and then we went back to Gotheborg for a week to assist the final mix. Organizing this work through a longer range of time has given us the opportunity to listen over and over the recording through its development and be much more determined when the mix started. With "Variante alla morte" the work was done all in one go in the same session and did not allow us to realize a variety of details and refinements that emerge only over time after many repeated listenings. So definitely the production on "Nero in metastasi" is more accurate and mature than on the previous full length. As for the songwriting, the main difference compared to previous works was the second guitar added, this new member has been very helpful in arranging songs, refine the riffs and consolidate a song structure to its final shape. It's been even more a teamwork than before.

-In your opinion how does Nero in metastasi fits in your discography?
It’s a natural evolution to albums like the previous “Misantropo a senso unico” and “Variante alla morte”, taking them to a more mature and cohesive dimension but still keeping strong the elements that have always characterized the CB’s sound, ultra-fast and nervous breaks, the Hardcore styled aggression and the big variety in the guitar work. Being it our first full length on Relapse, each one of us has tried to take out really the best of creativity and passion to make it an album that could represent in detail our 26 years of existence pointing out the best elements of our style.

-can you tell us about the song called “Splendore e tenebra”, which is different from what you do usually, how would you describe it and what was your intention with this song?

“Splendore e tenebra” was a big challenge for us in many ways..  The starting idea was to write a sort of soundtrack that could function as background music to this highly disturbing poem called “The pit” written in WW2. We were inspired by an obscure Croatian band called GRČ that had put it into music back in 1987 with a fantastic song called “Krv je moje svijetlo i moja tama” (Blood is my light and my darkness) but of course we wanted to do something special in our own way. The poem talks about a column of prisoners in a death camp progressively being executed by cutting their throats and having the coup de grace with a hammer smashing their heads, then being all thrown into a pit and covered by quicklime.  The writer describes himself as among the prisoners and staying alive after the hammer blow, buried by corpses in the pit. We removed all parts that could give an excerpt of hope and positivity to fit even better the CB’s imagery of pain and death. There is no particolar reason why the song ended to be so slow, longer and sludgier than our usual style.. Probably the starting influence of GRČ’s song (that is actually very slow and repetitive) gave us the approaching input, then the fact that most of the vocals are spoken made us move towards the direction of giving more “breathing” to it with heavier parts. Anyway, it’s a 9 minute long song, which is quite an unusual feature on a CB record..

-what about the italian grind scene nowadays? Which bands would you recommend?

I’m not much into today’s Italian Grindcore bands because they all seem to be quite one-dimensional to me. I’m more into Hardcore bands like ED, RAW POWER, CONCRETE BLOCK, CARLOS DUNGA and similar outfits.  Just to mention them, the currently active Italian Grind bands are stuff like ZEITGEIST, DIORRHEA, TSUBO, BUFFALO GRILLZ and so on.

-which evolution would you like to see for underground music in the future?
More individuality and imagination, we need a sort of “raze to the ground” change that could bring things back to a dimension like as it was in the 70s and part of the 80s, when bands were really creating something new of their own with talent and room to experimentation and courage. All what I see today is just imitations and boredom played in a flat way.

-what is planned for Cripple bastards in the coming months?
We have an upcoming tour in Japan and Australia, later on we’ll do several shows here in Italy to introduce the new album, then Maryland Death Fest in USA, then some summer festivals.

-something to add?
Thanks for your support and the space you gave us here.
More about CB on these sites:

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Hail spirit noir - Oi Magoi (2014)

Hail spirit noir from Greece are releasing with Oi Magoi their first full lenght album. after their excellent and original EP Pneuma in 2012 we were many waiting for that (well, many is maybe too much, probably I should say, me and some other bloggers dwelling in the undergound..). and let's say it straight, they didn't disappoint!   Oi Magoi is another fascinating gem, blending with taste progressive 70' rock and black metal. you have the vintage keyboard sound, some atmosphere and rythms reminding King crimson, clean singing, but also black metal singing, a few blast beats here and there and dark occult vibrations. they remind a bit a band like Solefald, but are less going in every direction I would say, they sound more focused. but comparing them is a bit silly anyway, they really have their own unique sound and identity.
highly recommended!

their lastfm page.

mercredi 5 février 2014

Nothing more to eat - st (2013)

The rock'n'roll vibe of Nothing more to eat, from Finland, bring something fresh to their grindcore, making their self titled album really enjoyable to listen. you'll easily get caught by the rocking groove of their motorhead grind punk. surely not the most extreme grind album but surely more catchy, fun and original than most. and their addition of surprises like the mariachi like orchestration in the first song, or the saxophone in There's no glory in space adds some more spice and welcome diversity to their mix. wasn't featured in my best of grind record list for 2013, but honestly it should have been.

don't fail to give it a try on their BC page.

samedi 1 février 2014

Convulse - Evil prevails (2013)

Convulse rises from their 18 years (!) slumber to bring some more old school death metal. and indeed it sounds like it could have been done 18 years ago and even older. but it sounds really good so we can thanks the finnish band for doing it again!  simple and raw death metal with a vicious groove. it reminds me a bit of Cannibal corpse's Eaten back to life (yes, it's really old school!). the vocals and the bass sound maybe..
sometimes it's pleasing to hear another band showing that death metal don't need to be super fast and technical. it can also be all about some simple but cool riffing, the groove and a raw and organic sound. Evil prevails (released in november 2013 by Svart records) is just an enjoyable old school death metal record, and when it's as good and cool as this one, that's fine with me!

their FB page

their Svart record page