samedi 29 décembre 2018

Scorched - Ecliptic Butchery (2018)

Second release this year (Here's my review of their first) but first album for Scorched. Ecliptic Butchery is confirming how good they are for doing the old school death metal thing (with a strong slayeresque trashy feel). If you're in need of blast beats, sick solos, and headbanging inducing putrid riffing look no further. Really cool album.

The BC page.

vendredi 21 décembre 2018

Hank von Hell - Egomania (2018)

Egomania is the first album from Hank von Hell who used to be Turbonegro's singer as Hank von Helvete (Helvete is Norwegian for Hell). It's fun and feel good hard rock in pure Turbonegro style, no surprise for sure, but who would complain since it's so good?
A convincing comme back!
Turbonegro with Hank von Helvete was good of course but now  in 2018 we have a good album from Turbonegro ("Rock'n'roll machine") and a good Hank von Hell album, "Egomania", so everything is good and well. Double fun double rock'n'roll!

Hank von Hell website

jeudi 20 décembre 2018

Husmanskost - Solstice (EP 2018)

If you read my list of favourite grindcore released this year (HERE is the list) you found there the latest album from Husmanskost called "Ambi-valence". They end a really good year with this EP called Solstice. The four songs of this EP sound like a death metal turn (we're talking about good old school death metal here), the grind roots are kept but the band on these tracks sounds more death-grind than grind-punk, in this they push further a trend that was already heard in their latest album. And why not? Since the quality is still definitely there I don't mind. If this is just a try for this EP it's ok, if this is their new direction, it's ok as well.
Another enjoyable release from Husmanskost.

The promovid on Youtube

mercredi 19 décembre 2018

Favourite grindcore in 2018

Here's for you my list of favourite grind released in 2018, whoohoo, and in time for Festivus/Saturnalia! hooray!

16 releases from some bands that already had been on one of my best grind list (like Sissy Spacek, Six Brew Bantha, Warfuck, Husmaskost, Beaten to Death), and from new bands or newcomers in my grind lists as well

I give it in alphabetical order.
Clik on the link to read my review (and there find the BC page link most of the time).

Feel free to comment, suggestions will be welcome.

Abjured – Absolutist

Beaten to Death - Agronomicon

Bifid Corpse – Enter the Corpse


Transient + Bastard Noise  – Sources of Human Satisfaction

jeudi 13 décembre 2018

Cripple Bastards - La Fine Cresce Da Dentro (2018)

Oh shit, I love Cripple Bastards and alwats expect great stuff from them, but witht their new album they managed to impress me, La Fine Cresce Da Dentro, is even better than what I expected. In this 7th album, after 30 years of grindcore, they managed to do more catchy, and even, yes, more melodic(!), songs  while maintaining their level of speed and relentless aggression. there was already a bit of that in the previous one, they just pushed it a bit further. It's surprising but it's working really well. A great album!

The BC page.

mardi 11 décembre 2018

Majestic Mass - Savage Empire of Death (2018)

Majestic Mass and their first release Savage Empire of Death is another good find from caligari Records. Their garage speed metal sound a bit like a mix of Venom and The Lords of Altamont. Evil and Fun rocking. Yeah!

The Bandcamp page.

mardi 4 décembre 2018

Operant - Harnessed to Flesh (2018)

Operant is a duo from Berlin and Harnessed to Flesh is their third EP (and third release), all on Instruments of Discipine (a good tech/noise label, also based in Berlin). Their music combines rythmic noise, power electronic and industrial techno, with various dosage in the different tracks, and they do it very well wether it's more noisy, more beats driven, with or witout voice/synths, etc. Dark and abrasive. Good stuff.

The BC page.