lundi 30 janvier 2017

Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries - Even Spilled Seed Crawls Toward The Womb (2016)

Ten Thousand Miles of Arteries is a one man power electronics project  from the US and Even Spilled Seed Crawls Toward The Womb, released last year by Annihilvs Power Electronix is its first album. And it's a great one, with a crawling ominous feel. The noise is enriched by synths that gives colours or shape to the tracks and slow paced percussions strengtening the sorrowfull atmospheres. The vocals adds another layer of despair. It could remind the works of Justin K. Broadrick and Mick Harris (their industrial music, not Napalm Death!), but in a power electronics vein. Really excellent stuff.

The Bandcamp page.

mercredi 25 janvier 2017

Triage - Power Beat (2016)

Triage is a young band from Toronto , they released a good EP last year called Power Beat. Five short songs that sounds a bit like if early Slayer (I mean Show no Mercy and Hell Awaits) would have gone hardcore. And with a girl singing. If you wonder if it sounds like Undisputed Attitude (when Slayer actually recorded covers of hardcore songs) the answer is yes, a bit. Anyway it's a very good first release (after a demo) and despite it's influences still manage to sound "fresh".

The BC page.

samedi 21 janvier 2017

Internal Rot / Mellow Harsher - split 7'' (2016)

This is a very good grind split. 4 songs from Internal Rot who are from Australia and plays some old school grind (think Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror) with good riffing and groove. Mellow Harsher (8 songs on this split) are from the USA, their songs are especially short and fast, their grind is a bit like some more brutal fastcore, with good results. Recommended !

The Internal Rot side.

The Mellow Harsher side.

lundi 16 janvier 2017

Teeth of the Sea - Highly Deadly Black Tarantula (2015)

I plan to review this one since a long time (it's been released in 2015) but I wasn't sure how to do it justice, it's an excellent album but just describing it is not an easy task, which is also part of its charm by the way. On Highly Deadly Black Tarantula the quartet from the UK Teeth of the Sea goes into darker territory with more industrial / noise elements added to their krautrock / progressive / electronica. It can evokes Pink Floyd, but also The Body, T'ien Lai, or the Young Gods, and then The Mars Volta with it's nice use of a trumpet. Well, you get it, it's impredictible, but always manages to build stong atmospheres, making it a very interesting and enjoyable listen. Highly recommended!

The  Bandcamp page.

samedi 14 janvier 2017

This Ends Here / Conqueror Worm split (2017)

This is the first 2017 release on Blasting Days, two bands I discover with this split, released by the German label WOOAAARGH. Two bands from Bristol (UK). This Ends Here plays a rather unconventionnal kind of hardcore somewhere between crust, screamo and post-hardcore. Quite good. But my favourite side is Conqueror Worm, a lot rawer and savage, sounding a bit like noisegrind covers of Black Flag songs, and it is excellent. Really good stuff. 

The BC page for the split.

Conqueror Worm BC page.

This Ends Here BC page.


mercredi 11 janvier 2017

Cavernicular - ST (2016)

This self-titled album from the Italian band Cavernicular is a really great first release. Their grind / Powerviolence is really straight to the point and there's no fillers among the fourteen songs on the album. The riffing is sharp and good and their use of dual vocals (one guy doing death metal style vocals and the other more punk) is very efficient in bringing more dynamic in the songs in addition to the good rhythmic section. This is a very enjoyable and addictive album. A very strong start for this new band and I hope to hear them again soon .

Their BC page.

mardi 10 janvier 2017

Kubata - Zep Tepi (2016)

Kubata is a Brazilian band playing some instrumental trippy music. Zep Tepi released in 2016 is their first album, after an EP in 2015 (also recommended). They blend some Ethio-jazz keyboard parts, some Afro-funk rhythms and guitar parts, with some progressive / psychedelic rock elements for a really cool result, mysterious and groovy. Good stuff!

The Bandcamp page.

samedi 7 janvier 2017

Kommando - Distroyer / Iron Goat Triumph (2016)

Kommando is a german band and their latest album Distroyer / Iron Goat Triumph (released mid 2016) is the album each bands mixing d-beat / punk and black metal are trying to do. The idea of mixing the two is indeed obviously a good idea but rarely the result is as convincing as it is on this album. Raw and fucking pissed off, angry and evil, disgusted and nihilistic. Very nice actually (when expressed in a musical form).

The BC page. 

vendredi 6 janvier 2017

My favourites 2016 grind releases

Here's my "traditionnal" list of best grind releases of the passed year (and I feel 2016 was a good year for grind), in alphabetical order and with the links to the review I wrote :

 Asphalt Graves - The New Primitive  the review

Cavernicular - Self-titled  the review

Chepang - Lathi Charge    the review

Coffin Birth / Shitgrinder split EP   the review 

Gadget - The Great Destroyer    the review

Livet Som Insats - Check your Grind   the review

Sissy Spacek - Disfathom   the review

Sonic Poison - Harsh Demonstration  the review 

Terrorazor - Abysmal Hymns of Disgust - the review

Violent Frustration - Peace was Never an Option   the review

Wormrot - Voices   the review

Writhing Mass - Human Capital EP    the review