vendredi 29 mars 2013

Avitacion 101 / Beatriz Carnicero-Lo peor de nosotros (2013)

Lo peor de nosotros is a split with two bands from Uruguay, Avitacion 101 and Beatriz Carnicero.

Avitacion 101 plays crust with some very good female singing / screaming that sounds very heartfelt and springs life into their four songs on this split, and since the songwriting and playing are also very well crafted i'd say all crust / HC punk lovers should give it a try.

Beatriz Carnicero first record called No reces released last year made an excellent impression on me, so maybe that's why at first I was a bit disapointed with their tracks on this split. I'd say No reces sounds sharper and tighter. but don't worry, their eight grinding hardcore (or powerviolence / fastcore) songs are good anyway. but I'm waiting for another record of the caliber of No reces. If it's not already done yet I really recommend you listen to it (and read my review, with an interview of the band HERE).

and listen to the split on BC.  

mardi 26 mars 2013

Call of the void -Dragged down a dead end path (2013)

Dragged down a dead end path is Call of the void's first record  but you wouldn't say so. released by Relapse the record has a professional sound and the playing of the musicians is very tight and precise. They play an abrasive kind of hardcore  with some grind parts and a touch of sludge. what you find in the songs is metallic mid tempo hardcore with a dirty sludgy guitar sound and some faster parts with blast beats. it can also be described as somewhere between Converge and Rotten sound. maybe it's a bit lacking in originality and very strong elements that would distinguish them from the pack, but otherwise it's a really solid record. check it if you're into this kind of stuff.

here's their Bandcamp page.

their guitarist Patrick Alberts answered by mail to my questiosn, read it below :

-a few word on the formation of the band and it's evolution up to now? isn't it awesome to have a first record released by Relapse?
Basically Gordon our Drummer and I have been playing together for the last 8-9 years.  When we were still Ironhorse, we went through a couple failed line ups.  In the later months of 2011 we were finally able to get a line up were happy with and wanted to continue on with seriously.  It is very awesome having our first album released via Relapse.  Relapse is such a great label and it has been a great pleasure working with them and joining the family.

-how would you describe your record, Dragged down a dead end path?

This record is filled with awesome riffs, genuine hateful lyrics and pummeling drums. 

-is grindcore one of your influences? if so how do you relate to it?

Grindcore is definitely one of our influences, but not the main influence.  Essentially we live and die by the riff, if there is room for blast beats then and they  make the song part better then will put them in.  When writing we are not concerned whether or not things are grindcore, we write what we think sounds best.  Blast beats just seem to compliment our riffs very well and make us sound grindcore-ish.

-a few words about how it was written, recorded and produced?

Basically all the songs were written in our house, which we live and practice in.  The album was recorded at the Boar's Nest in Salt Lake City, Utah with our buddy Andy Patterson.   Very simple processes for each.

-what is the idea behind the cover art, with these skeleton nuns?

I'm not sure what the idea behind the art is, since we left all artistic interpretation to Anthony Lucero, when he was drawing it.  We simply gave him the lyrics and said, do what you would like to best represent what we are talking about.  I think he did a very good job and it is one of the best album covers I have ever seen or been a part of.

-there are many bands nowadays mixing hardcore/crust and metal, what do you think is different in what you do?

The main difference is a lot of our riffs come from more of a rock background.  I think a lot of those bands have a lot of influence from Swedish Death n Roll bands, which have no influence on us whatsoever.  I can't really even say I like Entombed.  They are a good band, but I have never really listened to them seriously.  There is more Matt Pike or Greg Anderson in our music than say Alex Hellid. 

-what about the lyrics of the songs?

The lyrics on this album are more a diatribe against organized religion as well as a few social commentaries.  We plan on straying away from religion at this point now that it is out of our system.

-what's your feeling about the situation in the US?

I'm not quite sure on what subject you are inquiring about here.  Basically in some places the USA is great and in some places the USA fucking sucks.  As a society I think we need a little bit more cooperation with each other as individuals and more discourse about our government.

-do you feel like being part of a scene (Hardcore, crust/grind, Colorado, etc.,) or not especially?

Absolutely it is a great scene with a lot of great bands.

-how did you get into hardcore / metal?

Basically my heavy music listening started off as a child listening to Metallica.  Then I moved on to artists like Death, Type O Negative and Cannibal Corspe in my teens.  From there it has been quite a journey gathering and listening to a lot of awesome music.  Hardcore and Metal spoke to me more than popular music and the rest is history.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Bands I'm into at the moment are, Hoax, Homewrecker, Warthog, Creative Adult and Inter Arma.  Bands from Colorado I'm currently enjoying are Primitive Man, Reproacher, Gravetorn and Catholic Girls.  All great dudes playing great music.

-are you touring to present your record or plan to do it?

We just returned from a 3 week tour of the United States.  We have the Scion Rock Fest and Lucifest coming up this summer then we will be hitting the road again in the Fall.

-what's the next step for Call of the void?

Tour, Tour , Tour and then record our follow up.  From what we have written so far, it is going to be on hell of a record.

-a final "full of wisdom sentence" to conclude?

A wise homeless man once told me at a Taco Bell that " If you get a water cup, you can get any flavor you want".  I think it is a great way to view life in general, even though he was just wasted and wanted a free Coke.

samedi 23 mars 2013

Tsar bomba-Silent queen (2013)

Tsar bomba is a young band from Paris and Silent queen is their first record. It starts with an Ozzy like wail (a bit rawer) and a Black sabbath influenced riff so you know from the start that you venture into old school sabbath inluenced heavy metal. is it another doom / stoner band ? for the sabbath riffing yes, beyond that not really I would say. it's too metal for being stoner and too fast for being doom (it's not very fast, but more mid tempo than slow). if you want a comparison, Alice in chains would comes to my mind. but there's also a more metal side in their music with some trashy riffs, with an epic element that can reminds Immortal (yes really!) in second part of the first song for exemple, or some others that can reminds of Metallica's black album like in the start of the third song. 
So what do we have? some cool riffing, sabbath inspired heaviness and mid tempo hard rocking and trashy groove, good vocals, good songs rooted with taste in good traditions but in a quite personnal way. the only weakness I see in this record is in the production that clearly could be better (the way the drums sounds for exemple), but for a young band and a first record it is ok. 
Overall Silent queen is a really enjoyable record and Tsar bomba a really cool new band, already doing very well and promising to bring us more good grooves in the future.

listen to / download it for free on their Bandcamp. (a vinyl release is coming).

Wojtek et Fabien (bassist et guitarist de Tsar bomba) ont eu l'amabilit de rpodnre à mes questions envoyées par mail, merci à eux!
voilà l'interview :

-on peut commencer par une présentation du groupe et de la façon dont il s'est formé?
Fabien : Wojtek et moi on se connaît depuis pas mal d'années, on pensait déjà à monter notre projet il y a presque 10 ans. L'occasion ne s'est présentée qu'assez récemment. On a été rapidement rejoint par Camille, notre premier batteur, et Cédric. Camille ayant moins de temps à consacrer au groupe, Jerry a pris la relève en mars.

-est ce que vous jouez ou avez joué dans d'autres groupes?

Fabien : j'ai été très pris par le conservatoire et je n'ai pas eu l'occasion de m'investir dans un projet vraiment sérieux avant Tsar Bomba.

Wojtek : idem pour moi, rien de bien sérieux avant TB. Cédric quant à lui a joué dans Ubik, Caedeath, Pitbulls In The Nursery (dans lequel joue aussi Jerry actuellement) et Supertanker (dans lequel il continue d'évoluer).

- comment vous présenteriez votre premier album Silent Queen?

Wojtek : Silent Queen retrace nos deux premières années de recherches, c'est une sorte de fouille dans un brouillard hypnotique, puissant, lourd… Il regroupe des morceaux assez divers, un mélange de nos différentes influences.

-comment les morceaux ont été composés, enregistrés et produits?

Fabien : Les morceaux partent d'une première idée de riff et avant de construire autour, on cherche l'ambiance générale. L'enregistrement s'est fait en 10 jours au Dark Wizard Studio en région parisienne.

-à côté de la base Black sabbathienne votre musique brasse pas mal d'influences différentes non?

Fabien : Ouais, on essaye d'avoir une vision large de la musique. Bien sûr on retrouve des racines doom, stoner ou thrash dans Tsar Bomba, mais pour ma part, je suis aussi pas mal influencé par l'électro, le rap, le jazz et les musiques du monde. Ca va passer par des groupes comme La Canaille, Beats Antique, Taint, Karma to Burn... c'est difficile d'être précis car ça peut venir de quelques notes, d'une ambiance, d'un rythme...

-un petit mot sur la pochette de l'album et aussi sur les paroles des chansons? le dernier morceau Black Flag c'est plus une référence au groupe du même nom ou au drapeau anarchiste?

Wojtek : la pochette est le fruit d'une collaboration avec Richey Beckett, un illustrateur talentueux qui bosse beaucoup dans le milieu. On suit son travail depuis pas mal de temps, l’ambiance qui se dégage de ses œuvres nous parle et reflète l’idée qu’on se fait de notre musique. Concernant les paroles, les thèmes abordés sont assez sombres et nihilistes. Pour Black Flag, ce n'est ni une référence au groupe, ni au drapeau anarchiste, c'est surtout une sorte d'adieu aux illusions de jeunesse, noirceur à l'horizon.

-c'est quoi la prochaine étape pour le groupe?

Wojtek : Concerts, nouvelles compos, sortie du vinyle de Silent Queen courant mai, et encore concerts.

-vous avez déjà des nouveau morceaux? ça part ou va partir dans quelle direction?

Fabien : Oui, on a bientôt une moitié d'album, on pressent une ambiance plus sombre avec des sonorités plus nuancées.

-quels groupes français vous conseilleriez?

Fabien : Pitbulls in the Nursery, Cowards, Hangman's Chair, Yyrkoon, La Canaille

Wojtek : Supertanker, Colossus Of Destiny, Abrahma, Glowsun, Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition, Kause 4 Konflikt, 7th Nemesis, Kwashiorkor...

-vous tournez pour présenter Silent Queen au public? comment sont vos concerts?

Fabien : On est plutôt occupé par la comm' et la sortie du vinyle pour l'instant, mais on va entamer très bientôt une série de concerts un peu partout, on a vraiment hâte.

-vous cherchez un label ou bien préférez continuer de façon DIY, ou ça dépend des propositions?

Wojtek : Après l'envoi de Silent Queen, on a eu plusieurs propositions de labels, mais on s'est rendu compte qu'il était plus intéressant de tout faire par nous même pour l'instant. On verra comment les choses évoluent.

-le mot de la fin?

Merci pour ton temps et l'intérêt que tu portes au groupe et à tous ceux qui nous soutiennent. À très bientôt sur scène !

mercredi 20 mars 2013

Ruined families-Blank language (2013)

Ruined families is a band from Greece (Punk from Europe's black hole they say!) that I discovered last year with their excellent "untitled" 7' (HERE is my review of this record, check also their first record, Four wall freedom, also really good). They now are back with an album called Blank language. I would say screamo / hardcore is the backbone of their music, and it has all its qualities, the emotionnally charged intensity and "always on the edge feeling". but they're far from being just another screamo band because they have some other elements in their music. For exemple the riffs often have something like a black metal vibe (more than in their previous record), but they're not another "blackened hardcore band", their sound is sharper than that and carries something like a post-punk  urgency. Blank language is a confirmation of their musical quality and good taste, and I'm also pleased to see that, like in their older songs the lyrics are really worth reading.

check the record on their Bandcamp page

and their Blog

and read this interview I did by mail with Takis of RF (I think it's a good one! interesting band=good interviews!) : 

can you present the band for those not knowing you yet ?
Ruined Families is a hardcore punk band from Athens, Greece.

-You just released your second album "Blank language" what can you tell about it? What do you think it is bringing to your sound?
Blank Language is the most definite statement this band has ever made. We consider it a great refusal, first to ourselves and then to everything that surrounds us.

-why did you choose to call it Blank language? and what about the artwork?
Language is the most common medium for communication and is always open to new adaptations. Words are amazing and we create them, we use them, but, on the same time we become slaves of theirs. What is supposed to make us free now enslaves us. We try to leave open space for the listeners to translate the title through his personal spectrum. Same goes for the whole entity of the record.

-how would you describe your music? A mix of screamo, metal and old school noise / post-punk? or just pissed off punk music?
Definitions are for people that want their life put in boxes and their choices easily digestive. We try to avoid characterizing our sound. All of those are valid and are elements that exist in our music, yet, we try to call ourselves a punk band.

-a few words about your previous records?
In our previous records, it was us playing like the bands we would listen to. This LP is us being one of the bands we'd like to listen to.

-on your bandcamp page you present the band as “Punk from Europe's black hole” what do you mean by that? Is Greece, because of the crisis, the point that is revealing the deep failures of European civilization?
Greece is the prime example of a European country collapsing on a financial and social level. Also, it has been used as a scapegoat and an experiment of neoliberalism in Europe. This situation is a global problem presenting in more different countries presenting the lack of unity inside the European Union with whole countries being used as a "bad student". The strongest countries use the weakest ones and under the debt factor they make profit and expand their power.
I think the European Union has failed to become a Union of people and the Euro currency works only as an excuse for this plan. I think we should reconsider the European Union at its current status, equalize the balance and then plan another Union that will work for the people.

-what does “punk” means to you, a kind of music, an attitude? The scene where both meets? The smell of bourgeois culture burning…or a marketing label?
Punk is a way of thinking. Beyond the spikes and the patches, punk was created as an output for rage and reaction to different social models. There is less and less radicalism in the hardcore/punk movement and we can see it getting branded every now and then in order to make new scenes or new markets. People should be in the position to criticize and take everything into consideration and punk is definitely something to be considered as well. Radical thinking and critique is the true nature of punk.

-what is the usual writing process of Ruined families?
The band works on a theoretical level on what we want to do and then it usually bursts into music. We are not a jam band, but, we may turn into one.

-did the riots and protest movement influenced you and your music?
Definitely. The every day transformation of the urban landscape influences our music. The center of the city becoming a war zone, then getting back to be a marketplace, then getting fortified with cops and drowned in teargas then getting back to be a nightlife destination is certainly something unique.

-what can you tell about your lyrics? the impression I have is that express the miseries of daily life, the frustration that goes with trying to catch some intensity and freedom in life in a society which only admits fake intensity and freedom.
We try to criticize the world around us and any institution or tradition. Every rule is created by man, thus, it's open to be reconsidered and used for man's good.
Freedom is definitely an objective matter since freedom can't be defined by any system or way of thinking. Apart from "deodorant" or "motorcycle" fake freedom there's true will hidden in people. Still, from the moment you grow up and you're poisoned with fear, so, it's difficult to distinguish the lines.

-there is a sense of twisted poetry in those lyrics, do you spend a lot of time writing them or is it more a spontaneous process?
I consider the lyrics of "Blank Language" to be the most stripped-down thing i have ever done, still, trying to remain relevant. I didn't try to write in a certain way, but, i'm a reader, so, i suppose it comes naturally.

-do you think the crisis and the struggle resulting from it in Greece (and elsewhere) can be a beginning for some revolutionary changes? An occasion for rebuilding human relations on a different basis?
I'm not really positive about change. I think the crisis helps people to come together on a certain level, but, in the same time to feel more self-centered and egoistic. Not all people are willing to care about the world around them, even when their life gets worse.

-in an interview you mentioned Debord and the Situationist International (among others) as an influence, what do you think is most relevant from the situationists for today? And what attracted you in their theory/practice?
S.I. was a movement that shaped in a big part the temporary left wing/antiauthoritarian activism and a lot of the DIY aesthetics can be found in them,as they had a radical approach on art and politics.As for today, S.I. identified with the mοvements of the past and it would be deferred to point it as a guide for today.These are the problems of today's leftism,remaining stagnant and following dogmas, but, we can't deny that was one of the first (besides Henri Lefebvre) that imported the problem of everyday life in politics. Τhis well educated, but, lost generation without a purpose can find a lot in the IS and how to find weapons and front this political and cultural crisis. Debord and Vaneigem had acute political intuition and stayed out of dogmas making some unique verifications about the modern life and urbanism.As for Jorn, his approach on art is something that had an impact on us.

-which band from your area (or from Greece) would your recommend?
There's a huge scene going on with really great bands. Here are the first that come in mind.
Antimob, Acid Baby Jesus, Sarabante, Despite Everything, My Turn, Dephosphorus, Dirty Wombs, Gomgoma, Alecto, Narcan, Cut Off, KU, Bazooka, The You and What Army Faction.

-what can we expect from Ruined families in the coming months?
Playing shows, writing music, writing bullshit on the Internet, moaning all the time.

-want to add something?
Thanks for the great interview. Open your eyes, they are always closed, especially when you see.

mercredi 13 mars 2013

Mudweiser-Angel lust (2013)

Mudweiser is a band from Montpellier (south of France) which plays some good hard rock / heavy metal in a stoner / southern US metal vein.  Angel lust is their second album and is released by Head records. there's many good thing in this record, and one of the best thing is its diversity, in the song, and between different songs. you have the heaviness of course, in rocking songs with a big fat groove. you have also the melodies in some "power ballads" (but also in the rocking songs as well). you even have the accoustic quiet moment (there "has to be one" in this type of record but it's not a bad thing and the one in this record "Blackbird" is a cool song).
you also have clean but powerful vocals, and the occasional cool hard rock solos. meat and potatoes. this enjoyable record will do nicely for drinking times or quiet laid back times.

check it on Bandcamp

their bassist Jay answered by mail to my questions about his band (it's in french):

-petit retour sur la formation du groupe, vous aviez une idée précise au départ de quelle serait la musique de Mudweiser ou c'est plutôt venu petit à petit ?

dès le départ l' idée était de faire du gros rock dégueulasse, après avec le temps les influences s’effacent et là tu trouves ton vrai son donc je dirais un peu des deux.

-avant de parler du petit dernier, Angel lust, quelques mots sur vos disques précédents ?

Avant Angel Lust, on a sorti un premier album "Holy Shit" en 2009 chez Head records et un vynil 4 titres "Drug queen" en 2010 toujours chez head records. Ces deux là ont été faits avec Said à la guitare ( qui est à l' origine du projet ), ole notre guitariste depuis presque 2 ans a enregistré le ep 4 titres ainsi que notre nouvelle galette. C'est rock, c'est gras.

-et maintenant comment vous présenteriez Angel lust?

Comme un bon skeud bien graisseux que t'écoutes en buvant un bon wiskhy, ou au volant de ta caisse sous 40 degrés !

-le son de guitare est un peu moins typé "stoner" que sur le disque précédent non ? Au niveau de l'enregistrement et de la production ça sest passé comment ?

Le changement de son est du déjà comme je te l'ai dis avant au fait que nous avons changé de guitariste. Ol a un jeu différent de celui de Said, moins direct rentre dedans, plus bluesy rock je dirais, plus fin ....donc le son va avec ! Pour l'enregistrement on a fait prises de son et mix à la maison chez Ol qui possède un studio et c est parti au mastering aux USA.

-comment vous composez, en répet de façon collective, ou alors un ou plusieurs musiciens du groupe composent de leur côté et proposent leurs morceaux au groupe ?

C'est un peu les deux. En règle générale ça se passe plus souvent en répéte à jammer c'est quelque chose qu'on aime beaucoup faire, mais on ramène aussi souvent des idées qu'on trouvé de notre coté.En gros il n'y a pas de règles établies, c'est variable.

-le disque est un peu plus calme avec plus de moment posé il me semble, c'est un truc que vous avez voulu, ou c'est que vous vieillissez, ou c'est moi qui raconte n'importe quoi ?

Tu racontes n'importe quoi!!!! Non, les moments calmes sont voulus bien évidemment on a envie de mettre de plus en plus d'ambiances dans nos morceaux, ça nous permet d'explorer d'autres choses que l'on a pas fait auparavant, de pas tourner en rond non plus.

-Nights in white satin, la "power ballad" qui clot le disque c'est le début d'une carrière à la Scorpion ? Plus sérieusement comment vous est venue l'idée de reprendre ce morceau des Moody blues?

C'est à la base parti d'un concert qu'on a fait à Toulouse (Toulouse is burning )  où on devait faire 3 covers de groupes commencant par la meme lettre que nous et donc est venue l’idée des Moody blues, on a ensuite décidé de la garder et du coup on l' a carrément enregistré. On fait la chose a fond du coup!

-la calligraphie du livret est un clin d'oeil à Down ou au livret du Great southern trendkill de Pantera on dirait, et je suppose que ça n'est pas une coincidence que l'enregistrement / mixage se soient fait au Trendkills studios ? Ce sont des grosses sources d'inspiration pour vous non?

Non le livret a été fait par Reuno et il n'a été en aucun point inspiré par Down, il a voulu réunir d'une certaine manière nos deux premieres pochettes, avec le côté violent de Holy shit et le coté plus psyché de la cover de Drug queen. Apres en grand fan de Pantera je te remercie de la comparaison même si ce n' est que pour le livret ! Après nos inspirations viennent beaucoup plus du vieux blues et vieux rock genre Sabbath, mais il est évident que ces deux groupes sont importants .

-les concerts accoustiques à l'Inglorious bar sont pour quelque chose dans l'écriture d'un morceau comme Black bird ?

On pourrait croire que oui mais en fait c'est vraiment l'envie d'écrire une chanson à l'ancienne, sortir les acoustiques et jammer sur du blues. Ca n' a même pas été vraiment réfléchi je crois, c' est sorti d'une idée "et si on faisait un blues " et tout le monde a trouvé l'idée bonne. On l'a écrite pendant l'enregistrement même pour te dire à quel point c'est venu comme ca.

-quelques choses à dire concernant les paroles, ça parle de la vie avec des métaphores un peu "western"?

Là-dessus je serai moins précis que Reuno vu que c'est lui qui écrit ses textes, mais il raconte des histoires sombres avec des personnages qui sortent de je ne sais où, il t' expliquerait mieux que moi!

-un petit mot sur la tournée française que vous êtes en train de terminer [fin mars]?

On est parti sur 16 dates en 17 jours avec nos collègues de 7 weeks et loading data pour ce "Stoner Rise 2013". On a fait un grand et beau tour de France, du monde partout, de bonnes rencontres, de la fête, de la transpiration, c' était magique et là on s est quitté tristes de se séparer mais on reviedra bientot!

-c'est quoi la prochaine étape pour Mudweiser ?

Ben on a déjà commencé à composer pour le prochain , on fera surement une tournée en Septembre j'espere à l'étranger vous serez bien sur au courant.

-le mot de la fin ?

Merci mec, on se recroise à un concert bientot !

mardi 12 mars 2013

Needful things-Tentacles of influence (2011)

If you're looking for some straight to your face grindcore this record will do. Tentacles of influence, released in 2011 is I think the second full lenght album of the Czech grinders Needful things. The riffing with crust punk and trash flavours and the simplicity of the song structure relates Needful things music to the old school of grind whereas the rapidity and density of the drumming relates clearly to modern grind (the especially fast drumming and the trashy riffing reminds me of The kill sometimes). the overall result is a well crafted and very efficient album that most grinders will enjoy. 

The BC page

vendredi 8 mars 2013

Mars red sky (2012)

Mars red sky is a new band from Bordeaux (France) that released their first and self titled full lenght album in the end of 2012. they plays a psychedelic rock with a fuzzy stoner sound and manages to do a good mix of 70' influenced rock and a more modern approach, taking what's good in the old school but without sounding retro at any times. some of the songs are really excellent, not just good riffing but also good sogwriting with variations of feels throughout the record. but what maybe is their main stenght is the excellent clean singing and melodic vocal lines.

just do yourself a favor and check it on their BC page.

mercredi 6 mars 2013

Badgod music is a label founded in 2011 and dealing underground and uncompromising music. each of its thirteen band plays a variety of extreme and dark music in brutal or more subtle ways, ranging from death / black metal to indus / noise / ambient experimental music.

you can learn more about Badgod music and its bands on its website :

or listen / download the records on its bandcamp page.

you can also read below what Dave, the man behind Badgod music, answered to my questions :

-on your facebook page we learn that Badgod music was formed in 2011, what were your motivations then? what was the project at the start?

I was and still am hosting a radio show on non-profit station near Vail CO. I accept promos from a number of labels and pr firms as well as independent artists. Many of the unsigned artists fascinated me because I thought their material rivaled or surpassed that of artists on labels – large or small, Doing the radio show I had the good fortune of meeting Never To Arise, Trillion Red and Black Crow King; in fact Gordon Denhart (Never To Arise) was my first “friend” on Myspace as I was setting up a page for my show. Being the paranoid introvert that I am, I immediately checked him out and that led me to his band. I was blown away! Connections with Trillion Red and Black Crow King subsequently followed. I started the label with the simple goal of helping artists I enjoy reach more people.
At the start, the label consisted of three bands and the desire to spread their musical manifesto.

-how did you get into music and metal?
For as long as I can remember I have been interested in music. When I was very young I listened to the radio during much of my spare time. A relative bought Kiss ‘Alive’ for my brother. At first we were both horrified, but after multiple listens I was hooked. AC/DC followed and that quickly led to a slippery metallic slope starting with the standards : Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Metallica, etc..

Despite having limited to no musical aptitude, three friends and I did form a band in high school. It was a joke at first but we did build a rather large fan base quickly and we actually got on the radio and played a handful of gigs before disbanding when we started college. I played drums for a while but as I had no sense of timing or rhythm, I quickly moved to vocals, which fit as I wrote most of the lyrics.

It was for the better that we did breakup because we had strayed from our Misfits/Dead Kenndedys/Ministry roots to something of a Yes/ Metallica/Men Without Hats hybrid with a Yoko Ono thing going on.

-you already signed a few band and released quite a lot of record for a new label in two years, I suppose Badgod music takes a lot of your time?
It definitely does take up a large amount of my time and I would hate to actually sit down and calculate my hourly wage, but I am passionate about it and I like the challenge of starting a label from scratch and bringing it and the bands a level of notoriety that will shock and awe.

-were the band you signed bands that you knew already or bands that you discovered after the birth of Badgod music?
As mentioned, I knew Never To Arise, Trillion Red and Black Crow King before starting the label and they were the initial inspiration to take the first steps towards global musical domination. A recent signing, Denver thrash/doom trio The Casket Crew, I knew of before starting the label. It took a while to work up the moxie to sign them as they scared the shit out of me and these feelings proved to be well-founded as they proved to be hard-asses when it came to negotiations. Inferion approached me through the recommendation of Clawhammer PR. They were another band I had played on my show, so was well aware of them and absolutely rapturous when Nick Reyes approached me.

-how do you pick the bands you want to work with?
There has to be an initial spark but I will also listen to the artists dozens of times before making a decision. I never have any preconceived notions of who or what genre I want to sign. Whatever turns my crank at the time but I want to make sure the crank keeps turning.
-although the majority of the Badgod music bands are playing death or black metal you're not limited to that with bands more noise / ambient as well, was this diversity something you wanted from the start for Badgod music?
When I first started out, I did consider what kind of label I wanted it to be, and decided I did not want to pigeon-hole the label, aside from maintaining a feeling of darkness, malevolence and heaviness. As I enjoy a wide variety of heavy music, the thought of dealing with only death or black metal would have been hard for me.

-it seems that your released has most of the time an "evil" (overtly and brutal or more sneaky) global presentation, music, cover, lyrics, etc..I suppose from the name of the label that it not just coming from the bands but is also your idea of what should be a badgod music release?
Yes, the idea is to maintain an overall feeling of evilness or brutality, even if these can be subversive at times. I believe the bands currently on the roster have no problem maintaining the label’s overall feel now or will in the future.

-what is your most successfull release yet?

That is a difficult question to answer as I feel they have all been successful in their own way, garnering overall very positive responses from critics and hoi polloi alike. Ever the diplomat!

-a few words about your most recent releases?

Summarizing the latest releases in a few words would be a difficult task. The year started off with an unrivaled storm of malevolent ugliness in the form of the industrial/power-electronics of Project:Void’s ‘The Anthropogenic Process’. It is limited to 100. Another limited release is the Trillion Red ‘Echo Road EP’. It possesses a darker, heavier sound than the recently released ‘Metaphere’. Unlike ‘Metaphere’, there are no subtleties: it mercilessly uses the doomscape as its stomping ground. Uvikra’s ‘Bi’ is one of the most interesting slabs of blackened death you will ever hear: production that gives no quarter to pretense and an almost sinuous chord progressions that immediately envelopes the listener in a stranglehold of dread and hopelessness. And the most recent release: ‘The Grace Of Pettiness’, a split between Back Crow King and Thoreous, is a wild sludgy queef of musical experimentation that may push the Grammys to inaugurate a new category. Coming soon is King Carnage’s ‘Ounce Of Mercy, Pound Of Flesh’: a violent and raging Black/Death concoction that will split heads.

-what can we expect from Badgod music in the coming months?

More wonderful weirdness, darkness, heaviness, brutality and overall exciting musical shenanigans that will take music and people’s lives to unparalleled heights of introspection and exploration.

lundi 4 mars 2013

Inter arma-Sky burial (2013)

Sky burial is the third record of Richmond's Inter arma and their first one with Relapse. Their first one was the very good full length Sundown in 2010, the second release was the excellent Destroyer EP. about this EP read the review I wrote, with the interview that comes with it HERE.

I said their music could evoke a colliding between Mastodon and Enslaved, and I think it's still the case for Sky burial, not because it's really close to one of these bands but more because this comparison leaves room for many different possibilities and one thing very important in their music is that they try many different things, explores many different paths. Destroyer had a lot of diversity in its song and Sky burial goes further down this road (taking two songs that were in Destroyer along the way). What do you want? Black metal aggression? Hard rocking stoner like heaviness? A dark atmosphere? Quiet acoustic moments? Melodies bordering psychedelia? Post-hardcore song structure slowly growing the song to a final epic apocalypse? You'll find all that in sky burial, and not only that. But the good thing with this record is not just the diversity, it's that the smart songwriting manage to mix all these elements without turning everything in a messy hodgepodge. It's not an accumulation of elements, it's really songs, memorable and powerful. And the quality of the execution goes with the quality of the songwriting, so it's excellent songs played with excellency (check for example the final of  the title track, sky burial, its riffing drumming madness really carries you somewhere else!).

Inter arma BC page

samedi 2 mars 2013

Vuyvr-Eiskalt (2013)

Vuyvr is a band from Switzerland, featuring membres from Knut, Impure Wilhelmina, Elisabeth and Rorcal. considering this lin-up it's not surprising, first that Vuyvr music is good, and secondly that their black metal is not strictly traditionnal. on their new record, Eiskalt, the basis is raw and blastbeating black metal, ferocious and intense. and to this agressivity they add some epicness and melody, in a way that remins a bit Emperor (but rawer and without keyboards..), but also some post-hardcore elements making their sound bridging the gap between old school and modern black metal. merciless blast beats and subtility? a meeting of black metal and modern hardcore? intense and uncompromising music? you'll understand easily why this release is a collaboration between Blastbeat mailmurder productions and Thoatruiner records.

you can have this release (come on, you must have this release!) eiter as a digital free download, or on vinyl (the more aggressive song on the A side, and the most melodic / atmospheric ones on the B side).

check it on the Bandcamp page. highly recommended!