mardi 29 janvier 2013

Church of the dead-Stay out of my grave EP (2013)

they say "Church of the Dead is Finnish old school death metal band with real punk attitude, crushing
d-beats and twisted sense of morbid humour.".

well, who's gonna argue with that? definitely not me! 
yes indeed Church of the dead's Stay out of my grave 4 songs sounds old school, and for the better! 
they play the good ol' death metal with reeking remains of trash metal and a frenetic punkish feel in a way that's...dare I say... refreshing?  
if you're into this kind of death metal check out this really cool debut, and wait for their Stay out of my grave vol2 that's coming in may!

here's their website (stream, video's, etc..).

their FB page

Jukka and Antti answer to my questions about their band, just read it below :

-what about the formation of Church of the dead?

Jukka (Vocals): It was quite painless actually. One day Kride (Guitar) was talking to our label manager about this band that he wanted to form - and by the end of the evening he had put together the whole lineup and we had a plan for recording the first EP.

Antti (Bass): I used to play with Kride in a death metal band years before (Lithuria) and last year we started to talk with Kride that we should start to play old school death metal together since we neither had any other band projects at the time, and then he called me in the spring of 2012 that he had found Jukka and Tommi (Drums) to complete the line up.

-do you play or have played in other bands?

Jukka: I've played in different band for the last 14 years. The latest being The Undivine, De Lirium's Order and Ghoul Patrol. All of the guys are quite experienced. Kride has played in Dead Shape Figure and Tommi in GAF, Gorephilia and Temples among others.

Antti: I used to play in Lithuria with Kride and now I also play in Devenial Verdict.

-what defines old school death metal in your opinion and why did you choose to play that kind of metal?

Jukka: The filthy, crushing and macabre sound of old school death metal comes really naturally for us - it's an important part of our expression. It's just in our veins. I won't lecture about old school death metal - it's something for everyone to figure out for their selves.

-what do you have to say about Stay out of my grave that you just released? how was it written, recorded and produced?

Jukka: SOOMG being our debut release, it contains our first songs ever written. Most of it was pretty much done by Kride when started to rehearse together. Of course everyone had important input on them - mine being lyrics and vocal arrangements.

Antti: Yeah, Kride is definitely the driving force behind SOOMG, but me and Tommi managed to sneak some stuff in there too. Recording the album was really easy. We just entered a studio with a friend doing the engineering and the songs practically almost recorded themselves. We all had a clear vision of what we wanted the album to sound like, so it was really straight forward.

-what about the videoclip you did for Nekrovulture?

Jukka: The live clips on Nekrovulture -music video are from our first show at Prkl Club, Helsinki. I edited the video and added some footage from Night of the Living Dead to it. Classic film that goes nicely together with the morbid theme of the song.

-will Stay out of my grave part 2 bring something different?

Jukka: The next EP we're going release is actually called 'Vol 2. Terror Tales'. It will sound like COTD, but in some ways it will be really different. It's much darker, intense and filthier than the first one. Something that we're really satisfied with and waiting forward to releasing it!

Antti: Yeah definitely the darkest release I've ever been a part of. The atmosphere and sound of the EP are just pure blasphemy.

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Jukka: There are many great bands, but to name some I would say Corpsessed and Mörbid Vomit are really good old school DM bands.

Antti: Torture Killer and Hooded Menace of the older players and also definitely Mörbid Vomit and Corpsessed, I’ve played a few times with them, always crushing.

-something to add?

Jukka: Follow us at Facebook and don't miss our next release on May 15th. 

samedi 26 janvier 2013

Violent restitution-ST (2012)

I discovered Violent restitution thanks to a recommandation from Hipness as a second language. And I now recommend it to you myself cause it's really cool stuff. This is a trio based in Vancouver (a vocalist called Jessica, a guitarist called Sarah and a drummer called Pierre, yes another one guitar only band. on the record the singer is Mya Mayhem). what they play is a brutal, noisy and  chaotic mince / grind. and they do it with all the agression and attitude needed. it's another cool band from the rising canadian hardcore / grind scene. the lyrics are about animal liberation and anti-capitalist  and environmental issues. they released their first self titled record through their own label called Mercy of slumber records.

you can stream / download it for free on their BC page.

here's their FB page

check it!

and Sarah (guitars) and Pierre (drums) answered to my questions, so you can read it, just below :

-to start with can you present the band?

Sarah : Violent Restitution started out as "Degenerative Myelophaty" in December 2011. We changed the name because it was kind of wierd and it turned out to be something different than we had originally thought. It consisted of Myself (Sarah )on Guitar, Pierre on Drums and Mya on Vocals. We started out Jamming in Mya's basement and then got a jam space. We recorded our 5 song Demo for our First show which was Feb. 4th at my House in Vancouver. After that we didn't practice that much like maybe once a month. We finished recorded our LP which was the demo songs re-recorded and a few additional ones. Released in July 2012. We then did a 6 1/2 week tour across Canada playing with a bunch of bands like PowerCup, TheVanishingAct, Misanthropic Noise, Gowl, Northless , Archagathus, Head Hits Concerte, Psycho etc...Then i went to Winnipeg for a bit and Mya went travelling so we didn't jam for a while.

so: Jessica*Vox/Pierre*Drums/Sarah*Guitar

 -what about your new singer? do you think this line up evolution will really change the music of Violent restitution?

Sarah: Jessica has really great lows and highs just as Mya did. She currently plays in MERV which is this really awesome grindcore/southerndoom fusion. killer. We are really excited to have her on board because she rules and because being able to get those kinds of vocals just right is really hard and you need to be extra talented. We are also stoked to be able to keep the Female vocalist sound as well as that was really important to me. Having to play with a million dudes get fucking frustrating and i want women to feel encouraged to pick up some guitars, drums or mics and blow it all away. Fuck yea.

 -what about your self titled record, how would you describe it and how was it conceived?

Sarah: I Would describe our self titled record as Old School grindcore. I guess it also takes in various other elements but it has a lot of punk, thrash and mincegrind elements as well. I don't know. We basically wrote the album in little under 4 months and then recorded with Cody Baresich ( ISKRA ) in Victoria in our friend's House at the TROYLER HOUSE. My label, Mercy of Slumber Records as well as What is making us sick, and Black Banana records put our the record.

Pierre: I think the record is pretty straight forward and represents how and why we started this band. Sarah and I started jamming, we wanted fast and to the point old school grind. Played our first show after maybe a month of being a band, and recorded the album and had a six week tour booked not much after that. We stand by our political and social beliefs/whateveryouwanttocallits and wanted to have fun while we play some wholesome BC Kind Grind for our buds. Making a record is the best excuse for tour, right?

-Violent restitution is openly a political band, making a stand for its ideas, can you illustrate your points with some comments about the lyrics of a few songs in the record?

Pierre: I didn't write the lyrics and I wouldn't play on something that I didn't believe in. but I will say don't suck. Don't be mean to animals and don't make anyone else's day harder than it has to be. Have fun.

Sarah: The Lyrics were written by Mya so i can't really go into too much detail about them but We did hold openly political lyrics in various subjects. Speaking mostly about Animal Rights and Liberation and issues surrounding Patriarchal systems, Misogyny and Human Rights. I guess from a broad spectrum just focusing on resisting those systems and fighting against/abstaining from support of the industries that cause harm to animals.

 -a few words about the cover art for your self titled record?

Sarah : Our Pal Adam Kindred of Halifax did our artwork. He is somewhat of a celebrity in the Canadian Punk scene. People even call him the "Canadian pushead". Anyways it's a bunch of animals and plants over growing in a city and taking back thier natural space and is also reminicent of that old-school grindcore style of sketched large artwork.

-grind and crust are often linked with radical politics/ideals, in your opinion what's the main explanation for that. maybe your own evolution can shed some light on it?

Pierre: One might think that it's radical music for radical minds but all different kinds of people are playing grind. Abolishing homo and transphobia, Pizza and weed, animal rights, there's all kinds of stuff found in grind lyrics these days. I think we should just maintain on the path of having fun and not sucking, and leave a lot of room for more open minded people to come party with us. There's always an element of "bro" in all scenes and it's time to cut that shit out. Sooner or later we'll smarten up. Until then, we can just all continue writing songs about fighting the unjust.

Sarah: Well, Grind grew from Crust/Punk in the UK/Europe in the 80s with bands such as ASOCIAL's blasting 7" and Obviously NAPALM DEATH and EXTREME NOISE TERROR. The UK had a pretty special anarcho scene that really influenced a lot of people especially in the years to come. Punk has had many different incarnations but there has always been that "against the grain" kind of mentality. I feel like there are definately scenes and bands that held true to this while others did not do so well at it..but depends what "punk" we are referring to. It's never been something that was created in order to normalize and blend in with mainstreem ideals and pop culture. I Guess it always has room to grow specifically in the misogynistic, Homophobic and transphobic sense but you know, we work with it i guess. For me it was a progression as well. I was always interested in radical politics but it took a few years and some inspiration along the way to really look into it. I don't know this shit is complicated. whatever do what you want except don't be a shithead.

-how did you get in contact with and what attracted you in the grind music & scene, what does it means to you?

Sarah: I guess I started out going to Hardcore shows and progressed from there. At first I didn't even like grindcore really. ( yea yea get mad ) but then one day it was like WOAH, and ever since then i've been a total blast-head. It keeps me busy. I have way too much energy sometimes and it gives me something to channel it to. The community is what is important and as soon as we lose that i guess it won't mean much more to me than some regular old bullshit. But at least i can hide in my room with records.

Pierre: I play drums... what drummer wouldn't want to try and play as fast as possible?! You spend so many years in punk and hardcore bands with people trying to tell you to slow down or d-beat this or that, when you find something where speed is a necessity, you just want to stick with it. I've got a busy mind and a short attention span. I grew up with Boston hardcore, I couldn't agree with a lot of the politics of the scene, so I stayed at home and listened to records. Not to sound like a dick, but I don't really go to shows to socialize. I don't want to spend half my night drinking in the alley while bands are playing. So I found a scene that appreciates the same thing as I do. I still get drunk and miss bands sometimes, but not very often!

-which bands from your area would you recommend?

Sarah: uhm, AHNA, Head Hits Concrete, Haggatha, Osk, Expression of Pain, Iskra, Hoopsnake, Grimhorse (rip), Archagathus, Loutish, Cetascean etc.. i don't know too fucking many,.

-which were your favourite record released in 2012 and why?

Sarah: Oh man, i'm bad at this. I'm kind of a sucker for old death metal and shit so i tend to have a shit-time keeping up with the new stuff. uhmm I guess that new Noisear LP, Turbulent Resurgence andd i've been really digging that new Skullhog LP as well. Squamish BCs HOOPSNAKE is really killer southern doom they self-released an LP this year so i don't know how distributed it is but it's really really good!... uhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!! fuck! The Kill's new LP as well , I am stoked for the actual Vinyl hey!

-what is planned for Violent restitution in the coming months?

Sarah: well i am moving back to Vancouver and i guess we will start jamming again. We're releasing a split 10" with GOD Grotesque Organ Defeilment a rad as fuck political goregrind band from Oshawa Ontario, and then sometime after that we will be realasing a split with Suffering Mind.

-a final "full of wisdom sentence" to conclude?

Sarah: Thanks for the interview!! sorry it took so long!!!

 Pierre: Parting words: Be excellent to each other.> > > > thanks!

dimanche 20 janvier 2013

Blockheads-This world is dead (2013)

I love Blockheads so much. one of my favourite grind band for twelve years now, since I discovered them (Blockheads's older than that, they started twenty years ago!). they really have the rage, immediacy and punkish feel of old school grind, and they managed to keep that while adding to it the power and punishing sound of modern grind. and they're not just good because they melt the best of both world, early and modern grind, they also do it with their own special style (an exemple among other possible, their singer Xav is as instantly recognisable as is Barney, and as good as well). they're not just good, no grind band is better than them. simple as that. they're about to release their first LP with Relapse records, called This world is dead. I'll just say it's a Blocheads record, which means that all I love in grind is in it. and that every grind lovers need to listen to it and to have it. and don't ever miss one of their gig if they go to a town near where you live (they're even better live than they are on record). Blockheads is grind, passion, heart and soul.

the Blockheads Relapse BC page

a place where you can stream This world is dead

their website

Xav who sings in Blockeads answered to my questions with the dedication and passion that are a trademark of Blockheads (the band!). thanks to him!
it's in french but I think I'll do a translation and post it also in english for the english readers.

-ça vous fait quel effet d'avoir plus de vingt ans d'activité? c'est très fort quand même pour un groupe de grind de maintenir ce niveau d'excellence tout ce temps là...
Effectivement, ça fait prendre conscience que le temps passe trop vite …
Tout a commencé par l’histoire de 4 jeunes ados autodidactes qui, au début des années 90, ont eu une révélation en écoutant « Scum ». Plein d’insouciance et d’immaturité, il nous a semblé une évidence de tenter l’aventure tête baissée avec les moyens du bord de l’époque. On n’a jamais fait ce groupe pour prétendre à quoi que ce soit, mais nous avons toujours privilégié un certain état d’esprit.
20 ans plus tard… Malgré quelques rides et changements de line-up, nos convictions sont les mêmes : continuer à vivre cette passion commune tellement enrichissante telle un exutoire qui nous ferait dire que nous sommes des « Grindcore-addicts ».

-vous décririez comment l'évolution de la scène grind depuis vos débuts jusqu'à maintenant?
Si on se replace dans le contexte de l’époque, sans la rencontre de Mick Harris, Nick Bullen et Justin Broadrick, les bases de ce qui allait devenir en 1986 le grindcore n’existerait peut-être pas.
Il ne faut pas oublier que ces derniers étaient des pionniers et disposaient de peu de moyens, autant technologiques que financiers.
C’est surtout musicalement que le style a évolué, notamment si tu écoutes le premier Brutal Truth ou les premiers Napalm Death avec les albums de Nasum.
Les années 90 auront marqué un tournant important dans l’évolution du style tant au niveau de la technique musicale que de la qualité des enregistrements. Mais au niveau de la mentalité, elle n’a pas changée.
Ce style musical est suffisamment ouvert pour continuer sans cesse à évoluer avec des passionnés de toutes les générations.

-votre précédent album, Shapes of misery c'était en 2006, depuis vous avez fait des tournées, un split avec Mumakil, un DVD, puis fait le petit nouveau This world is dead, c'est ça?
C’est vrai qu’on peut se demander, pourquoi une si longue période entre chaque nouvelle production ? La réponse est simple : nous n’avons jamais eu la prétention d’être professionnels et il n’a jamais été question que Blockheads nous fasse vivre un jour.
Nous consacrons quasiment tout notre temps libre à notre passion, en essayant de concilier au mieux nos jobs, nos vies personnelles et familiales avec le groupe. Nous avons toujours voulu privilégier la qualité plutôt que la quantité !
- Chronologiquement : C’est en 2005 que « Shapes Of Misery » a été enregistré par Stéphane Buriez au LB Lab pour sortir en 2006 sur Overcome Records suivi d’une tournée nommée « Blasting Tour » en compagnie de nos potes de Mumakil.
- En 2008, après la faillite d’Overcome, Bones Brigade avec qui nous avions déjà bossé nous a proposé de represser « Shapes of Misery » et nous a également proposé de sortir un split CD.
C’est de toute évidence que le split avec nos potes de Mumakil s’est imposé et a vu le jour en 2009.
- En 2010, pour fêter les 15 ans d’un groupe, nous nous sommes pleinement investis dans un projet vidéo DIY, qui a vu naître notre DVD « Grindcore Overdose » entièrement réalisé par nos soins avec l’aide de l’équipe de TDK Prod.
- En 2010, les premiers contacts avec Relapse et la sortie du split Blockheads / Mumakil en 7’’ep.
- En 2012, l’enregistrement de « This World Is Dead » à Genève avec notre pote Jéjé de Mumakil, et la signature chez Relapse à l’été 2012… La suite, c’est maintenant avec la sortie de l’album!

J'aimais beaucoup Shapes of misery mais je préfère encore This world is dead, je trouve qu'il sonne peut être plus spontané, moins metal et plus grind en quelque sorte, avec vraiment le côté urgent et frondeur du grind, tout en restant super bien construit et efficace. peut être la batterie est moins "à fond tout le temps" et laisse plus respirer et plus de groove. mais peut être je dis n'importe quoi... comment vous voyez ça de votre côté?
Nous voulions vraiment revenir au niveau du son à quelque chose de moins typé métal et effectivement plus grind. Contrairement à « Shapes Of Misery » qui tabasse du début à la fin et qui peut avoir une certaine linéarité, nous voulions également retrouver un certain groove que l’on pouvait trouver sur « Human Parade ».
Le Grindcore est un style qui, dans son urgence, repose énormément sur l’efficacité, c’est-à-dire pas seulement sur la rapidité d’exécution ou sur les plans en eux-mêmes, mais sur la façon dont tu vas les articuler pour atteindre l’impact maximum. On essaye de ne pas se contenter de refaire ce que l’on a déjà réalisé précédemment, pour proposer toujours mieux avec une certaine marque de fabrique… Ce qui nous demande pas mal de temps.

-vous vous étiez fixé quels objectifs en composant et enregistrant This world is dead, vous êtes allé juste au feeling ou vous aviez quelques idées de directions à suivre pour ce disque?
Nous ne sommes pas du genre calculateur. Tout se fait avec une certaine spontanéité et toutes les décisions au sein du groupe se font à 4. Le feeling de ce nouvel album reste le même depuis les débuts de Blockheads : fureur/ énergie / efficacité, chaque titre pris individuellement doit avoir un impact et en quelque sorte se suffire à lui-même. Et ce sont les titres pris séparément et assemblés sur l’album qui ont donné le résultat final.

-au niveau des paroles il y a des morceaux qui vous tiennent particulièrement à coeur?
En tant que citoyen, l’ensemble des thèmes abordés dans cet album nous tient à cœur. Nous parlons juste de notre monde, le tien et fatalement celui de tous, et il est difficile de le voir avec optimisme. Malheureusement, toutes ces absurdités qui font partie de notre quotidien ne peuvent pas nous laisser indifférents : crise financière, accroissement de la misère, renouveau religieux, exodes, réfugiés, guerres, politiques inefficaces…
Une bonne part de l’humanité souffre, crève dans une indifférence relativement générale, où chacun est trop occupé à sauver sa propre peau et cela ne fait que s’accentuer.
Ouvrons les yeux sur ce qui se passe dans le monde plutôt que de parler d’utopie !

-au niveau mixage / mastering, production c'est vous qui faites ou vous avez travaillé avec quelqu'un, comment ça s'est passé?
Depuis l’enregistrement du split avec Mumakil, notre choix était une évidence. Nous voulions vraiment retravailler avec Jérôme de Mumakil au Terrier à Genève. On connait Jéjé depuis l’époque de Nostromo et il comprend parfaitement notre feeling musical. Il a tout de suite pris très à cœur le projet pour envoyer du gros.
Contrairement à nos albums précédents, qui se sont enregistrés et mixés dans des temps assez courts, il est important de préciser que la gestation de cet album s’est fait sur pratiquement l’année 2011, en plusieurs étapes, et ce pour plusieurs raisons :
Dans notre organisation, pour des raisons d’obligations familiales, professionnelles et un imprévu dû à un souci de santé, nous n’avions pas prévu que nous ne pourrions pas être tous les quatre en même temps au studio. Il a fallu s’organiser en quatre sessions ; l’une pour la batterie et les guitares en juillet et l’autre en septembre pour la basse, les chants (lead & backing basse/batterie). Les deux dernières étapes ont été consacrées aux backings guitare et au compléments sur le lead, pour ensuite se terminer par le mix.
Bref, pas mal d’aller-retour qui nous ont permis d’avoir beaucoup plus de recul sur la galette. Pour l’étape mastering et toujours sous les conseils de Jérôme, nous avons confié le disque à Alan Douches du West West Side Studio à NY qui a bossé avec des groupes tels que High on Fire, Mastodon, Converge et qui nous a fait un super boulot.

c'est vous qui avez trouvé la photos bien terrible sur la pochette? un petit mot là dessus?
Rien ne doit être laissé à l’évidence dans la finalité d’un disque, et l’artwork est quand même la cerise sur le gâteau. De ce fait, le choix du visuel a été long. Nous avons fait pas mal de recherches, évincé plusieurs possibilités, pour finalement s’orienter vers une photo de presse. Cette photo hallucinante dans son fond et dans sa forme est l’œuvre d’Eduardo Verdugo (photographe de l’Agence France Presse) avec qui nous avons pris contact pour avoir l’autorisation d’exploitation. Selon nous, elle illustrait parfaitement le titre de notre album. Il s’agit bien d’un fait réel : en 1998 dans le nord du Pérou, une famille de Trujillo tels des survivants après de violentes inondations découvrent le cimetière de leur village entièrement dévasté par la boue. Tout nous semblait être dit avec cette photo qui n’est ni un montage ni un vieux cliché de la seconde guerre mondiale.

-le morceau qui clôture le disque, Trail of the death, est presque doom/sludge alors que tout le reste est quand même bien rapide, vous aviez envie d'essayer un truc différent?
Il est vrai qu’à la base nous sommes tous des grands amateurs de musique bien poisseuse aux sonorités Doom / Sludge.
« Trail Of The Dead » est un morceau que nous avons composé il y a un certain temps et que l’on a utilisé comme une sorte d’intro lors de nos concerts. Par son côté lourd et oppressant, il nous permettait de poser une réelle ambiance décalée et malsaine avant de lâcher la « furie » du Grindcore. Assez rapidement ce titre s’est imposé comme un réel morceau qui aurait sa place sur l’album. Terminer l’album par « Trail Of The Dead » est une sorte de conclusion, comme une marche funèbre. A tous ces éléments se rajoute le fait que les paroles sont très sombres dans leur évocation de la finalité de la race humaine.

-vous avez quelques morceaux préférés sur le disque, si oui pourquoi ceux là?
L’ensemble des morceaux choisis nous semblaient avoir leur place. Après, chacun d’entre-nous a forcément ses titres préférés, que ce soit à jouer ou à écouter.
Mais laissons cette question aux personnes qui écouteront le disque.

-vous savez déjà lesquels vous allez jouer live, ou alors vous allez tous les essayer?
Il est clair que nous ne sommes pas un groupe d’album ou de studio, mais un groupe pour qui la dimension live est primordiale. La nouvelle set-list est prête. Nous allons jouer les ¾ de l’album, mixé à d’anciens titres que l’on jouait déjà par le passé. Pour les dates à venir, nous sommes à fond dans les starting-blocks : du blast, de la sueur et une grande envie de retourner au charbon !

-d'ailleurs vous avez des infos sur la tournée prochaine, j'ai juste vus quelques dates annoncées pour l'instant, c'est en cours?
On est en train de bosser dessus, des dates vont se confirmer bientôt. On espère faire pas mal de concerts, mais hélas on sait qu’on ne pourra pas tout faire par manque de temps… Donc on va continuer à se faire plaisir, continuer comme on l’a toujours fait… c'est-à-dire jouer à chaque fois qu’on le pourra !
Pour les infos, tu pourras les trouver aux adresses suivantes :

-un petit mot sur votre signature chez Relapse? et est ce que vous avez été tenté de faire le truc de façon DIY, internet a facilité les choses de ce côté là non? c'est quoi qui a été déterminant dans votre choix?
C’était une volonté de notre part de proposer ce disque à Relapse. L’histoire est simple, pour nous ce label est lié à tout ce qui nous a fait aimer cette musique. Ca nous a semblé « le label idéal » au bout de tant d’années. On a voulu tenter notre chance et tout s’est décidé après écoute dans les dernières étapes du mix. C’est vraiment un grand plaisir de bosser avec eux. Nous avons toujours voulu faire progresser le groupe, et souvent nous nous sommes questionnés quant à la direction que nous voulions suivre. Le choix s’est fait aussi en fonction de nos disponibilités. Si tu veux avancer vraiment sans l’aide d’un label solide, c’est possible mais ça demande énormément de temps qu’aucun de nous quatre n’a aujourd’hui. Blockheads est parti de rien il y a 20 ans, et nous sommes toujours aussi motivés a faire perdurer le groupe malgré les nombreuses contraintes extérieures à l’aspect purement musical. Bosser maintenant avec Relapse est un bon aboutissement à tout ce que l’on a fait et c’est très motivant. Nos interlocuteurs sont cools et très réactifs. De notre côté, on continue de faire ce qu’on veut sans aucune règle ou consigne à suivre, ce qui nous convient bien dans la façon de nous autogérer.

-This world is dead est bien parti pour être mon disque de grind préféré de 2013, de votre côté de quels disques ou groupes vous attendez beaucoup pour l'année qui vient?
Merci beaucoup, mais parler de disque préféré de l’année alors qu’on est que fin janvier, c’est un peu prématuré non ? De notre côté, nous sommes tous les 4 très ouverts d’esprit, curieux et nous demandons qu’à découvrir pleins de groupes, quelque soit le style musical.

-à votre avis est ce qu'on peut voir le grind comme une réaction à la récupération marchande dont le punk a été largement victime? de façon plus générale qu'est ce que ça représente le grind pour vous?
Au milieu des années 70, les punks clamaient le « No Future » par rapport à la situation économique de l’époque. En 2013 notre réponse en tant que groupe de grindcore est de clamer « This World Is Dead ». Quel que soit l’espérance de vie de Blockheads, le Grindcore aura donné du sens à nos vies et nous aura permis de vivre une aventure humaine inoubiable entre potes.

-quels groupes français mériteraient d’être plus connus qu'ils ne le sont à votre avis?
Il y a évidemment Inhumate de Strasbourg, Trepan’Dead de Lille, Whoresnation de Besançon… Des gars qui en veulent et s’investissent à fond dans ce qu’ils font. Il y en a également pleins d’autres (Chiens, Xaros, Unsu, Ratbomb, The Washingtonians, etc…).
Il faut avouer qu’on appréhende un peu ce genre de questions car au final, 3 jours après avoir répondu, tu te dis « merde, j’ai pas pensé à eux… ni à eux… ».

-j'aurais encore des tas de trucs à demander mais peut être je vais en garder pour une prochaine fois...un petit mot pour conclure, un message à faire passer?
Un grand merci pour ton soutien et un énorme bravo aux personnes comme toi qui vivent la musique avec passion et qui assurent la promotion de l’Underground. Rendez-vous à tous les Grindfreaks de France et de Navarre sur nos prochaines dates pour venir partager du blast, de la sueur… et de la bière !
Longue vie à ton blog.

samedi 19 janvier 2013

Spawn of possession-Incurso (2012)

Spawn of possession features current or former members of Obscura and Necrophagist. thechnical death metal that's it. not my usual kind of death metal but Incurso is not the usual tech death record and when it's as good as this I can enjoy the technical stuff.when it gets too technical it can easily become boring, but on this record it feels like the focus never cease to be on writing good songs and it makes a really pleasing lsiten. it's dense but never too much, there's many things going in the music but it add and not detract to the intensity. the music's not the same but the way they combine intense and technical playing and writing catchy songs in the same time reminds me of Nile. all that makes Incurso a highly recommended records, not only for the fans of tech death but to anyone into extreme metal.

you can listen to it on Bandcamp.

jeudi 17 janvier 2013

Wolfshead-st demo (2012)

This demo by UK's Wolfshead was easily one of the best in 2012. it's a really impressive first release. what they play is a doomy and rocking heavy metal (I mean HEAVY) with it's powerful, and also melodic, huge guitars. the four songs are really catchy (in a metal way of course). their main strong point is the excellent songwriting and the vocals with two really good singers, one doing "clean" vocals in a good heavy metal style the other doing abrasive nearly death metal vocals. 

their Bandcamp

mercredi 16 janvier 2013

Rotten sound - Species at war EP (2013)

After a hard day of work it was really good to listen to the new Rotten sound EP Species at war. their grind with swedish DNA (think both Nasum and Entombed) is still dirty and ferocious, with some mid tempo heavy moments and some other that are fast and grinding. nothing really new but a pleasing records from one of Finland's most reliable grinders.

  their BC Relapse page.

mardi 15 janvier 2013

Innumerable forms-Frozen to death (2012)

Innumerable forms is the death metal project of Justin De Torre from Mind eraser, Rival mob and Soul swallower. This tape called Frozen to death is a compilation of old songs (from the Deark worship demo) and new songs in equal parts (3 and 3). it's death metal in a slow and dark form, building its attack more like establishing a menacing atmosphere than on brute force. and it's very efficient and manages to grab you and pull you into some slugy hellish pits. it works a bit like bands Ritual necromancy or Antediluvian.  with some more heavy doomy parts and wicked solos. it's really good.

their lastfm page

dimanche 13 janvier 2013

Cloud Rat - Moksha (2013)

Their excellent previous records earned them a lot of well deserved attention, and we were many to wait for this new LP by Cloud rat (from Michigan), called Moksha and that will be released in February. And the record justify and confirms their status of rising star of the aggressive hardcore scene. It's once again excellent and it's a new step into the affirmation of their own style. Their raging neocrust has a lot of dynamism and diversity. The use of elements from grind or black metal  adds some more aggression and the melodies creates some epic moments and adds contrasts to the songs. Killer songwriting and a merciless playing (with great vocals) combines to multiply the damages done (is it why they choose to cover "the needle and the damage done" from Neil Young's harvest?).

If you are into this kind of stuff you absolutely have to check this record.

Here's their blog (with the lyrics and free download of their previous releases).

samedi 12 janvier 2013

The twelve grind beauties of 2012

here's my selection of the 2012 grind records I enjoyed the most, with links to my reviews and some interviews I did. in alphabetical order.

-Catheter - Southwest doom violence          review & interview

-Cellgraft - st                                               review

-Detroit - st                                                review & interview                                  

-F.U.B.A.R - Lead us to war                           review & interview

-Intheshit - This failed jokes over               review

-Murder construct - Results                       review

-Noisear - Turbulent resurgence                 review

-P.O.O.R - Exctinction of trust                         review        

-Sakatat - Bir devrim sonu                         review

-Thedowngoing - athousandsyearsofdarkness    review & interview

-The kill - Make'em suffer                          review & interview

-Warfuck - The weak and the wicked          review & interview

jeudi 10 janvier 2013

CityCop / Les Doux-family ties-Labors of love split (2012)

I really enjoyed Citycop previous releases (see my review and interview HERE) and am happy that they bring us some new songs with this split tape.
What they play is something a bit like acoustic screamo. It's acoustic, but the passionate vocals remind screamo and they also play quite fast. But it's not traditional hardcore / screamo without electricity, it's different, sometimes there's a feeling a bit like when flamenco gets pretty fast. And it's not just speed there's a wide diversity of tempi and emotions in the three songs featured on this split. Another great release by CityCop, I just have one complaint : three songs is not enough!
Les Doux, from Hattiesburgh plays a more classic screamo but they do it with taste and ll the intensity needed, making their part of the split another really enjoyable listen.

CityCop on BC
Les Doux on BC

mercredi 9 janvier 2013

Girlfight-Real spite EP (2012)

Girlfight is a hardcore band from Pittsburgh that I discovered with their cool EP Defamate back in 2011. They recently released a new one called Real spite and I think it's a confirmation of the quality of the band. nothing innovative but cool hardcore done the good old way, mix a balance beetween heaviness and speed that reminds some good ol'Black flag records. Real spite is 7 minutes of simple but heartfelt hardcore music.

Their BC page.

lundi 7 janvier 2013

Under Vultures + 466​/​64 split (2011)

I discovered this split and bands thanks to Grind and punishment and once again was not disapointed. two very little known but interesting bands from Spain / Canary islands. the split's been released in october 2011 by Nooirax producciones.
Under vultures plays an interesting and well done mix of death with a bit of slam, more old school death / black, and grind.
466/64 is more grindcore, but not traditionnal grindcore, its frenetic, chaotic and a bit technical guitar works adding a different touch.
both bands have the great merit of doing their own stuff and being good at it.

you can stream / download it for free on BC

dimanche 6 janvier 2013

GR-GR & Full blown expansion (2009)

Need your dose of kraut? Then I have what you need. Released in 2009 this record called GR &Full blown expansion by the one-man band GRegory Raimo will provide the mega-KoZmic kraut required. Its hypnotic and groovy beats and basslines, its krautrock guitar twists will take you into a weird journey and will let you gleefully lost into its maze.

get your dose at Bandcamp

samedi 5 janvier 2013

Black mass-Of first and last things (2013)

Black mass is a band from Leeds (UK), playing a truly excellent kind of old school death metal (think swedish) with some doom and crust / grind elements, adding some diversity to the music. They're very good when they play slow, and very good as well when they play fast. They just released a (digital) record called Of first and last things which is a re-recording of songs from demos. it's eight songs, each one beoing really good, developping absorbing dark atmospheres or making you headbang with some cool blasting moments. It manages to catch your attention throughout all the record. Highly recommended!

you can stream / download it from their Bandcamp.

Support the Mass!!

Jack and Matt from Black mass anwered to my questions about their music. Read it below :

-how did the band formed? what was the idea at the start?

Originally 3 of us lived together, so we started playing in our basement and recorded our 2 track demo soon after. There has since been a revision and expansion of the line-up after members leaving to pursue individual paths.

-do you play or have played in other bands?

Members are connected to projects such as; Light Bearer, Momentum, Narcosis, The Ergon Carousel and Host

-what about the songs that are on Of first and last things, how were they written and recorded / produced?

They were all written in one basement and recorded in another. All recording and production was done by Black Mass

-which song is your favourite and why?

Vermin of the Earth. It was a song we wrote early on but scrapped, we since resurrected it after finding various demo versions, and we felt it set the tone for everything that came afterwards.

-how would you describe your music, old school death metal with some doom and crust/grind elements?

Yes! Spot on.

-which bands were more influantial to you?

Napalm Death, Entombed, Portal, Swans, Godflesh

-what about your live shows?

Transcending the void through sonic ritual. We are as loud and heavy as possible

-what about your new songs? is there a major evolution compared to the songs on Of first and last things?

Not an evolution, more a refinement of our ideas.

-you wrote about a new recording in the coming months, what about it?

We are currently writing a lot of new material, and with our basement studio we can record and release as we please. We have no definite plans for a release as of yet.

-are you looking for a record label?

We are looking for a label who are willing to press "Of First and Last Things" onto vinyl

-what's your opinion about the state of metal these days?

It's the same as always, for all the rubbish shit there's lots of good stuff out there too, you just have to find it.

-any "full of wisdom sentence" as a conclusion?

Blast beats are the best, get high all the time.

vendredi 4 janvier 2013

The heavy eyes-Maera (2013)

The heavy eyes from Memphis entered the heavy rock scene by the main door with their first self titled LP released in 2011. Their new one Maera is a confirmation of their great talent since its at least as good as the first one. their hard blues / stoner is filled with excellent blues and sabbath inspired riffing, grooves and good vocal melodies. And their clever songwriting allows them have more diversity in their album than most bands and each of their songs have something catchy and memorable.
we need more bands like this!

check it on Bandcamp

jeudi 3 janvier 2013

Cloud rat / Republic of dreams split (2012)

if you like really agressive hardcore then this split is a perfect record for you. 
Cloud rat from Michigan (US), plays fastcore / grind with an agressivity that is sometimes comes close to brutal black metal (the kind of blast beats, the dark melodies and the vitriolic female vocals). they are quickly becoming one of the major player in the hardcore / grind game and if you listen to the six songs on this split you'll easily understand why.
Republic of dreams from Germany and Poland plays a screamo with blast beats that is really well crafted and can appeal to people not usually into screamo / hardcore.

check their blogs :

Cloud rat blog (you can download their music from it)

Republic of dreams blog

The Blasting days list of 2012 end year list

the end of the year is a time when musical blog reader are buried under list of the best records of the year that is passing, many lists are useless, but some others allows you to discover very good records that went unnoticed (or escaped your radar for some reason).

here's a selection of lists from blogs I follow :

for the grinders :
Grind and punishment :

flawless list of grind splits on Hipness as a second language :

very underground extreme metal :

a compilation of lists from musicians and bloggers, mostly doom and related :

stoner and related heaviness :

various kinds of metal : 

hardcore / screamo : 

 various things, mostly metal but not only  :

Foetusfoetus :

mercredi 2 janvier 2013

Dead end Alaska / Ostrov - Family and friends vol II (2012)

this is the second volume of Family and friends by the american band Dead end Alaska. last time it was a split with Deadend sons (read my review HERE, with an interview of Josh from Dead end Alaska, with a few words about this second volume).
this time it is a split (two times two songs) with Ostrov. and it's another cool one.
Dead end Alaska is intense and catchy as well hardcore with some great screamo like vocals.
Ostrov (from Hattiesburg) is really good sludge  with some psychdedelic / post-rock melodic touches.

you can stream / download it for free from Bandcamp

Dead end Alaska are currently doing a northwest US tour, here's the dates :