samedi 30 mars 2019

Endon - Boy Meets Girl (2019)

On this third album, Boy Meets Girl released this year by Thrill Jockey, Endon(from Tokyo) still has the noise rock and crazy chaotic hardcore elements but this time the main element is power electronics, or we could say it's power electronics with bass lines and occasionnal outburst of frenetic harcore. It is extreme, radical and really good, with an abrasive groove punctuated by intense blasting parts. Oh, and this is supposed to be the soundscape of an imaginary horror love movie. Indeed it could be that. Third excellent album in a row, they really confirms they are one of the most interesting recent bands.

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mercredi 27 mars 2019

Putrefaction - Slavery Code (2018)

From the cover art of Slavery Code and the Russian nationality of he trio of musicians who form Putrefaction you'd expect some slamming death metal, there's a slight bit of that, but actually it sounds a lot more influenced by Dying Fetus. Slavery Code is a really good first album, filled with heavy and groovy catchy death metal songs, I enjoy it.

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dimanche 24 mars 2019

Sole - Destituent (2019)

Following last year Let them eat Sand, Destituent is another excellent album from Sole. As usual the lyrics are awesome, he's probably the best at that actually, and maybe not only in hip-hop. The production is also excellent. Since 2012 he has turned into a master of sampling some terrible music (well, sometimes he's also sampling good music) and turning it magically into dope addictive hip-hop tracks, and Destituent is another proof of that. As usual with Sole the songs are really emotionnally charged, either sad or angry, or both. And sometimes a bit happy at the same time. He's really good at that.
Superb album from one of the most original (and best) hip-hop artists.

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vendredi 22 mars 2019

Bowel Fuck - Fragments (2017)

Bowel Fuck is a Czech band and, contrary to what theirname might suggest, it is not porno/gore grind but grindpunk, in a way reminding Nasum. Fragments is their second album and it's a really good one. Not a lot of originality but a really good songwriting, straight to the point, with good riffs and a clear and powerfull production. I really like it.

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mercredi 20 mars 2019

Teeth of the Sea - Wraith (2019)

This fifth album fromTeeth of the Sea is maybe not as good as the previous one (reviewed HERE) was, still Wraith is an excellent album.
Curious about how psych/post/kraut rock with synths and trumpet sounds like? Go for it! (and you won't regret!)

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lundi 18 mars 2019

Alkaloid - Liquid Anatomy (2018)

I really should have paid more attention to this album because I now think it's one of the best metal albums released last year. The second album from Alkaloid (with guys that were in Obscura and many other bands), Liquid Anatomy is a masterpiece in progressive and technical death metal, with clean melodic vocals and more traditionnal death metal vocals, but often sounding really death metal, even often strongly reminding Morbid Angel. It can obviously appeal to afficionados of tech/prog death metal but also to anyone into extreme metal and open minded enough. There's virtuosity but it's more about excellent death metal songs.
Highly recommended stuff.

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vendredi 15 mars 2019

King Midas sound - Solitude (2019)

On their new album, their third, called Solitude (the central theme is a meditation about loss), King Midas Sound is just Roger Robinson doing spoken words (and the words are excellents) and Kevin Martin (Techno Animal, The Bug, etc.). The music is even more minimalistic than their usual and the ambient electro dub is actually often getting closer to drone than to dub, and the tone is quite bleak. But it's beautifull. It's really good and my favourite KMS album up to now. Quiet music rarely get as addictive as this.

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mercredi 13 mars 2019

Fukpig - Bastards (2018)

Bastards is another album form Fukpig where they do their usual stuff and that's completely fine since they do it well (and were among the firsts to do it, before it became more common) : a relentless mix of D-beat hardcore punk and black metal. The song "Déteste" with french vocals is the innovation on the album (and it's good). Cool stuff.

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lundi 11 mars 2019

GALL + Tooth Decay - Collaboration EP (2019)

This Collaboration EP is a new excellent release from Nerve Altar records, definitely the place to go for grind (and related extreme music) nowadays. It's also a confirmation of the power of GALL (after its really good EP in 2017), here they are associated (for the second time, first time was for completely noise/ambient music, and was good as well) with Tooth Decay also from Germany, Tooth Decay is one guy and his modular synth for additional noise and weirdness over GALL noisegrind. I'm discovering him with this collaboration, but after quickly checking his own releases I'd say it sounds quite good, will take the time to dig more.
The result of their collaboration is an absolutely awesome EP, both the more grind and the noise parts are really well done, I love it.
Heavily recommended!

The Nerve Altar BC page for this EP

GALL BC page

Tooth Decay BC page

vendredi 8 mars 2019

Circle of Ouroborus - Vangin Laulu (2018)

Usually the Circle of Ouroborus have a classy cover art, I don't know what happened with this one for Vangin Laulu, released last year... Anyway, what matters is that the music is as good as usual in this album with the "classic" Circle of Ouroborus sound (not an album with many folk/acoustic parts) with the melancholic atmosphere and a mix of black metal, shoegaze and post-punk/new-wave (think The Cure at his gloomiest). As usual it is finely crafted and works very well. Another excellent album from Circle of Ouroborus.

mercredi 6 mars 2019

Theories - Vessel (2019)

Vessel is Theories second album and another step in their evolution towards more "technical/modern" death metal in their death/grind, with longer /more complex and melodic songs, making them somewhat sound like halfway between Napalm Death and Deeds of Flesh. The result is a finely crafted and enjoyable album, like their previous releases I recommend this one.

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samedi 2 mars 2019

Genghis Khan - Her Absence is My Antichrist (2016)

Her Absence is My Antichrist is the second album from US producer/MC Genghis Khan (member of The Gemini Lounge collective). Often described as influenced by industrial/noise, it is dark and heavy yes, but actually it reminds me a lot more DJ Muggs or Ill Bill, with beats rooted in the nineties. Fisrt album The Broken Love was already good but this one's even better. If you like your hip-hop grim and old-school this is a must listen. Havily recommended!

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