mardi 28 février 2017

Arizmenda - Despairs Dephts Descended (2016)

Despairs Dephts Descended is the second of the two albums Arizmenda (a band belonging to the Black Twilight Circle) released last year. Beneath this Reality of Flesh is also really good and similar to Despaires Dephts Descended, so this review could be read as a review of both albums. LIke other band from the BTC Arizmenda is not about following some rigid "true black metal" formula, they're about to breath some new life into black metal. The specificity of their black metal takes mostly the form of darkly psychedelic guitar riffing and leads. The vocals, more mournfull / ritualistic than overtly aggressive or hatefull is also different from usual black metal and reinforces the eerie feel of their music. They keep the usual lo-fi standard for their sound and it helps making the songs sound like the soundtrack to some nightmares or terrific bad trips. Original and really good stuff.

mercredi 22 février 2017

The Arson Project - Disgust (2017)

The Arson Project is a swedish modern grind band, after a few short but promising releases in the 00'  they kinda diseappeared, but happily they are now back with full-force with their first album called Disgust. It's still modern grind in a hardcore vein, if you're into that, This album, along with the recent one by The Drip, is a must listen (if you're more into old school grind / Repulsion kind of stuff check the Terrorazar album released in 2016). It's sometimes a bit too metallic hardcore sounding for my taste but Disgust is a very intense album, as grind should be, and some songs are really excellent, so I'd recommend it to anyone into grind. Really good stuff!

Their BC page.

vendredi 17 février 2017

Kali - Duress (2012)

Kali is (was?) a hardcore band from the US, and this (20 minutes) cassette,released in 2012, called Duress compiles what they ever recorded (an EP, a split and new songs). A pity they seem inactive now, they were great. Very good for short burst of fastcore as well as for longer, slower songs in a more screamo vein (altough more noisy and violent than most screamo). The vocals are very good and the ensemble carries a great feel of intensity, of every kind of intensity hardcore can carry. Recommended stuff!

The BC page.

vendredi 10 février 2017

Uniform - Wake in Fright (2017)

With Wake in Fright, their second album, more abrasive than the first, Unifrom is probably the most aggressive band of Sacred Bones Records. Their industrial / noise-rock / power-electronics places them on the most extreme and raw end of the post-punk spectrum. They often are closer to NIN, Godflesh than to Joy Division. Their songs really carries a feel of anger, frustration and anguish. Their first releases were good but this one is even better. If you're into any kind of indus / noise music Wake in Fright is a must listen. Highly recommended.

The Bandcamp page.

mardi 7 février 2017

GR (Aka Gregory Raimo) - Propel Tension on Polyester Base (Tapes Archives) 2016

Good to hear Gregory Raimo again! The French psych kraut fuzz rocker is back with a collection of unreleased recordings from 2008-2016 called Propel Tension on Polyester Base (Tapes Archives). I'm usually not fond of this kind of release and more in favour of "proper" albums but when it comes to improvisational / experimental music it can be as interesting as an album. GR is deep down in the experimental / improvisational side of rock music, and this release is very worth your time if you're into this kind of trippy stuff. It's mostly instrumental, with a few vocal parts but never really close to your typical rock "song". It goes from psych fuzzy garage rock to completely kosmische music, from the riffing to the repetitive loops. Good stuff.

The Bandcamp page.

lundi 6 février 2017

Power Trip - Nightmare Logic (2017)

Manifest Decimation in 2013 was a very strong first album and now its follow-up Nightmare Logic (also with Southern Lord Records), end establishing firmly Power Trip as one of the very best recent thrash metal band. The basic formula is still the same, a lot of aggressive old school thrash metal (Slayer, Exodus, Testament) and a bit of Cro-Mags style hardcore. In Nightmare Logic I also hear more groove (Pantera comes to mind more often this time) and in general a more concise and focused songwriting with a more personnal style. Exactly what is needed for a second album actually. I'm more into grind or noise than traditionnal metal these days but an album like Nightmare Logic manages to get me exited and reminds me why I get into metal in the first place. Very cool stuff!

The BC page. 

jeudi 2 février 2017

Terrorazor - Abysmal Hymns of Disgust (2016)

2016 has been a really good year for grind debut albums. I already reviewed Asphalt Graves, Cavernicular, Chepang, Sonic Poison and Writhing Mass (see HERE my list of best grind in 2016 with the links to the reviews). And now here comes this "instant classic" first album, Abysmal Hymns of Disgust by Terrorazor from Germany. Their music reminds Terrorizer ( yes, it's not only the name and cover art, it's also the music, the style and the quality) and Repulsion. Their old school grind has blasts and d-beat, punk / trash riffing (and also a bit of guitar soloing!), and old school death metal vocals, sound and groove. But what sets Terrorazor apart is their ability to write excellent grind songs, brutal and catchy at the same time. The 19 songs album is all killers and no fillers and some songs will really stick in your heads in a way death-grind rarely manages to do. Another good find by Selfmadegod Records.If you're into old school death and grind this is really a must listen.

The Bandcamp page.