mercredi 27 juillet 2022

Viagra Boys - Cave World (2022)

Welfare Jazz, the previous Viagra Boys album, has probably been one of the three albums I listened the most to during the last two years. The new one, Cave World, is on its way to follow the same path... They seem to be dropping awesome albums like others go fishing. I mean, they make it look like it's easy. And they don't just follow a formula, many songs in Cave World will surprise you even if you know their music. It's another delivery of sharp guitars, sarcasms, groove, howling sax and Suicide beats, but  with a different twist. And as addictive. You've been warned.

Their website.


samedi 23 juillet 2022

Ancient Methods - The Jericho Records (2018)

Ancient Methods (from Berlin) is one of the most reliable dealer of industrial techno. The Jericho Records is their latest LP (released in 2018), and an immersive listening experience, the beat-driven hard-hitting element going hand in hand with the dark futuristic atmosphere. And featurings like producers Orphx, Regis and Prurient and vocalist King Dude cannot harm for sure. Excellent stuff, and a good entry point if you want to discover industrial techno.


The BC page. 


jeudi 21 juillet 2022

Whoresnation - Dearth (2022)

Dearth, the third album from French grinders Whoresnation continues the evolution already heard on Mephitism, their grindcore keep on getting more brutal and heavier, evolving from old-school grindpunk to a more modern sounding deathgrind. And why not, since the result is really convincing, confirming their move from being among the best in the French grind scene to being a band that count on the international scene. Highly recommended!

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lundi 18 juillet 2022

Xaoc - Proxime Mortis (2022)

Xaoc was a band with Tony Petrocelly (the one who did Pain Tank which I reviewed HERE), it existed in 2006-2008, but a few members (Davis Mullen on vocals, J.Alexander on guitars and Giulio Galati , from Hideous Divinity, on drums) have been recruited to record an album, Proxime Mortis, that has been released in 2022. And we can be grateful for that because it's an awesome album! Rooted in old-school US death metal, it is brutal and technical enough, with a slight modern touch as well, but not too much. But the main strength of the album is the songwriting that works really well, with catchy and memorable songs and dynamism throughout the album. The only thing wrong is that the band doesn't exist any more...  

Recommended stuff.


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dimanche 10 juillet 2022

Lament Cityscape - A Darker Discharge (2022)

This new album from Lament Cityscape, is called A Darker Discharge, but don't expect neo/blackened crust, their music has a lot more to do with Godflesh than Discharge!  On this release, they deliver around twenty minutes of godfleshian industrial metal. At time quite melancholic, at time more aggressive, always finely crafted and good.

The Bandcamp page.


mardi 5 juillet 2022

Candy - Heaven is Here (2022)

On their first album (Good to Feel) Candy was more or less a good metallic hardcore band, with Heaven is Here they positively turned into a monster. A bit like Full of Hell, but in a different way, they added more modern and extreme elements to their already dirty metallic hardcore, with bits of death-doom, industrial / noise, and a large dose of beatdown. The result is cohesive and nightmarishly brutal. Signing them was definitely a good move from Relapse Records, this is the best and hardest hardcore album this year so far.

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samedi 2 juillet 2022

Suffering Mind - Lifeless (2022)


New LP from Suffering Mind called Lifeless (released by grind powerhouse Psychocontrol Records). Side A delivers your daily dose of grindpunk, mercilessly executed, tight and with a modern sound. Side B is noise, movie samples punctuated by bursts of grind, little bits, but gaining additional impact by being hidden in the noise/samples. Another good release from Suffering Mind.

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