lundi 27 février 2023

Ranger - Yl​ö​s raunioista / Risen From The Ruins (2022)


Yl​ö​s raunioista / Risen From The Ruins is the third album from speed metal duo from Finland, Ranger. 16 songs, but it's two versions of the same 8 ones, first in Finnish, then in English. Why not? But what matters most is that it's excellent speed metal, with a big Slayer vibe but also more heavy/speed elements. Somewhere between Reign in blood, Kill'em All and Painkiller. Among more recent bands, they could be compared to the also awesome Evil Invaders. Fast and aggressive as it should be, but also catchy just enough. Recommended for everyone, especially if you're into old-school metal.

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vendredi 24 février 2023

Sole - MBFX (2021)

This one's, called MBFX, is not the latest Sole album, he released one with DJ Pain 1 last year, but I prefer the more old school vibe and stripped down production of this solo one, the last of his Man's Best Friend series. And as he always does, Sole demonstrate that conscious/leftist lyrics doesn't have to be an endless collection of clichés, and can be spot on, smart and creative. Thank you Sole! We need more rappers like you. And having an excellent flow like he does also help, of course...

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mardi 21 février 2023

Grotesquerie - Composted Beyond Recognition (2022)

Grotesquerie are from Switzerland and their music is on the more death-metal/gore side of grindcore, somewhere between Cannibal Corpse, Mortician and say Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition. Heaviness, groove, good production, tight execution, everything makes Composted Beyond Recognition an excellent first album (they also have good split releases).


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jeudi 16 février 2023

Circle of Ouroborus - Thurisa (2022)

Circle of Ouroborus keeps on releasing new stuff very fast, and this one called Thurisa, is one of the three he released last year. While on Aavikon Varjo he experimented with short keyboard /ambient oriented songs, and Autuala was closer than his usual to "normal" black metal with a focus on epic atmospheres, Thurisa sits somewhat in the middle, sounding between a drugged and depressed Emperor and a black metal tribute to The Cure (expect it's sung in Finnish!). And I think it's the most interesting and convincing album of the three. Good and singular stuff as usual from Circle of Ouroborus.

mardi 14 février 2023

Quoit (aka Mick Harris) - Collection (2020)

Quoit is the old school drum & bass / jungle project of Mick Harris (Scorn, Fret, Blood of Heroes, Painkiller, and Napalm Death a long time ago). As expected this is not party music/clubbing DnB, this is the darker, harder, more industrial sounding stuff. And as also expected from Mick Harris it is excellent. This Collection release (with tracks from singles and compilations) is released by the also reliable Ohm Resistance label. Submerged (who's also part of Blood of Heroes) also collaborated on some of the tracks. Enough said, check it!

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dimanche 12 février 2023

Sanguisugabogg - Homicidal Ecstasy (2023)

I like this second Sanguisugabogg album, called Homicidal Ecstasy. But I have to say I enjoyed more the first one, the totally awesome "Tortured Whole". I feel the first album was crazier and catchier than the new one, maybe it benefited from a more inspired songwriting, maybe because a slight shift towards more downtempo/slam and less goregrind makes the music more monotonous. That being said, I still recommend Homocidal Ecstasy (but if you don't know the 'Bogg yet, start with Tortured Whole!).

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mercredi 8 février 2023

Sightless Pit - Lockstep Bloodwar (2023)

Lockstep Bloodwar is the second album from Sightless Pit, a band with Lee Buford (The Body) and Dylan Walker (Full of Hell), but this time without Kristin Hayter (Lingua Ignota). The vocals are now done by many guest vocalists. The whole thing is rooted in industrial / noise / illbient, but there's a lot of diversity, and it goes from more ambient to very aggressive through trip-hop to trap to power electronics and vocals going from singing to rapping to growls. Often surprising and interesting. But I'd say would have been more memorable as an album with more cohesiveness. You often feel like you're listening to a mixtape, more than to an album. But why not. I'll keep following what they'll do next.

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samedi 4 février 2023

Sonic Poison - Eruption (2023)

First longer release (by grind standards) for Sonic Poison from Finland. And Eruption doesn't disappoint, I still really enjoy their old school death/grind (maybe even proto-death) in a Repulsion vein. Excellent stuff that will very likely end up on my list of favourite grind releases for 2023. Don't sleep on it (brutal awakening guaranteed!).


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