dimanche 29 août 2021

Halo - Degree Zero Point of Implosion (2000)

Halo is another band I discovered thanks to the OPIUMHUM blog. At the time of Degree Zero Point of Implosion, they had become a bass/drums duo. This one was done after Guattari, their first album with Relapse. And as they always did, the album is a live improvisation. Their music is a kind of noise/industrial doom, sounding like a mix of funeral doom and Godflesh. Yes, it is crushing and bleak. And it is good.

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vendredi 27 août 2021

Husmanskost - Sykkelstjæling (EP 2021)

Husmanskost are back as a duo (guitars / drums) with this new EP called Sykkelstjæling (I already reviewed some of their previous releases HERE). This is maybe their most deathgrind release, with Niklas Mortensen drumming bringing the grind part and Kai Andre Kofoed guitars bringing the death metal (old school) part, and it works fine, with good songs with a good balance between speed and groove, as should be with deathgrind. I enjoy it.

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mardi 24 août 2021

Sanguisugabogg - Tortured Whole (2021)

Usually I'm not that much into the brutal/slam kind of death metal, but I have to say I really enjoy Tortured Whole, the first Sanguisugabogg album, with its nice injection of large doses of Mortician and Obituary grooves into more modern brutality. One of the best death metal album released this year.

samedi 21 août 2021

Lingua Ignota - Sinner Get Ready (2021)

While on the previous Lingua Ignota album Caligula the harsh noise elements were less present, now it disappeared completely in the new one Sinner Get Ready, there's also less screaming. But the noisy element is still there in the form of some dissonant/out of tune piano play. Lingua Ignota music is now almost only piano and lyrical and somewhat lyrical singing. A bit like a pissed off and chaotic Nick Cave (which means it's a lot more interesting and better than what Cave is doing now!). I preferred Caligula, but Sinner Get ready is also a strong album and even if overall it's softer, there's still in Lingua Ignota's music an intensity that is matched by few. 

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vendredi 20 août 2021

USA Nails - Character Stop (2020)

Character Stop is the fifth album from UK post-punk/noise rock band USA Nails. Softer than Unsane but maybe noisier than Idles. With good vocals and an uninterrupted festival of high quality sharp riffs this album is excellent from beginning to end. I also recommend their back catalogue, USA Nails deserve more recognition.

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lundi 16 août 2021

Moldering Vibration - Endless Cycles of Insanity (2021)

I already really enjoyed Moldering Vibration first demo EP last year (and reviewed it HERE) and am pleased to see them back for a third EP called Endless Cycles of Insanity. They get a better production but still play some excellent old school death/grind with a few doomier parts, reminding Repulsion sometimes, but also a more primitive Incantation when they slow down. Good stuff again.

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jeudi 12 août 2021

RNXRX - Impreciso (2021)

Impreciso is the first album (after a few shorter releases, good as well) from producer RNXRX. It sounds modern, but blends different kinds of more old school elements : industrial techno but also EBM and jungle. There is a wide diversity in the songs, with cinematic/atmospheric parts and more hard hitting ones. It should please people into any kinds of dark industrial/electronic music. Quality stuff.

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lundi 9 août 2021

Cancer Bats - You'll Never Break Us - Separation Sessions Vol. 1 (2020)

To be honest I have never been interested in Cancer Bats usual records, but I'm really happy I gave a chance to this EP called You'll Never Break Us - Separation Sessions Vol. 1 and featuring acoustic reworking of 6 of their classic songs (with banjo, guitars, organ and drums and percussion). I totally dig this EP. Less electricity, more intensity! Whether you like Cancer Bats, hardcore, metal, metalcore, folk, country, and whatever, just try it.

Highly recommended !

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jeudi 5 août 2021

Sex Dwarf - Non-Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret (2014)

Sex Dwarf if a Swedish very raw and noisy hardcore punk band. Non-Stop Erotic Noise Cabaret is their only album, released in 2014, but they have also 6 shorter releases, including an EP released in 2019. If you like the wild, raw and noisy Swedish and Japanese punk hardcore scenes this one's a must-have.

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mardi 3 août 2021

Cannibal Corpse - Violence Unimagined (2021)

Violence Unimagined is the fifteen album from Cannibal Corpse, but there's something new, Erik Rutan (Morbid Angel, Hate Eternal and producer a few times for Cannibal Corpse including this one) replaced Pat O'Brien, so the two guitarist are now Rob Barrett and Erik Rutan. Erik Rutan wrote two songs of the album. Apart from that you'll find the Cannibal Corpse you're used to. On this new album they have plenty of good and memorable tracks, more than on the two previous albums. Violence Unimagined is a good album to listen to Cannibal Corpse again.

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