samedi 26 novembre 2022

Show Me The Body - Trouble The Water (2022)

Trouble The Water is another masterpiece from Show Me The Body, another genuine mix of hardcore, noise rock and post-punk, Good enough to compare to their awesome Dog Whistle, and the additional dose of post-punk and somewhat new wave in some tracks works really fine and combines well with the noisecore base. Probably best hardcore album of the year in my opinion (and among best albums overalls). Strongly addictive album, you've been warned...

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lundi 21 novembre 2022

Beaten to Death - Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos (2022)

There ain't a lot of bands that could be described as technical and progressive grindcore. Beaten is Death is among them, and likely the best active one. They use to toy (with talent and mastery) with a lot of different styles in their albums, but their new one Laat maar, ik verhuis naar het bos is more cohesive and would kinda be their "emoviolence album", and like anything they tried they do it sucessfully and it is a very solid and enjoyable album. Clearly one of the recent grind albums you need to listen to.

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samedi 19 novembre 2022

Riddle - Shadow (2022)

Don't know much about this one, producer is Riddle, album is Shadow and it's another good release from Zodiac Music. But what's important is that it's finely crafted quiet jungle beats over dark ambient and it's good if you'r into that kind of stuff. Personnally I enjoy it. I hope you'll enjoy it tto!

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jeudi 17 novembre 2022

Autopsy - Morbidity Triumphant (2022)

Morbidity Triumphant is the ninth album from Autopsy, seven years after the previous one (and like 35 years after the bands beginnings!). Still their usual mix of old-school death metal (which of course was new when they started), Slayer and Black Sabbath. And Chris Reifert is still an instantly recognisable and awesome death metal vocalist. 

They're not reinveinting the scalpel but sure are still slicing sharp and deep.

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dimanche 13 novembre 2022

Snakes Don't Belong in Alaska - Interstellic Psychedelic (2022)

In a better world I would have reviewed some Snakes Don't Belong in Alaska a long time ago, but a least their new album Interstellic Pysychedelic will be an excellent one to start with... Definitely influenced by the space rock of Hawkwind (especially the epic feel, the vocals...), krautrock, drone/doom, and probably what runs in the water in Newcastle-upon-Tyne (also inhabited by Mike Vest, also in a similar musical universe). Epic and trippy to say the least. Interstellic Pysychedelic confirms Snakes Don't Belong in Alaska is one of the best psych bands around.

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mercredi 9 novembre 2022

Bowelfuck - Appetite Comes with Killing (2022)

Bowelfuck, from Prague, keeps on releasing good grind albums. Maybe their music is a tad too generic, but they take the best of the old-school (Napalm Death. OK, I know ND keeps on trying new things, but still...), the best of the new school (Nasum, Rotten Sound), and mix it well. So I'd say when you need your dose of good grind they never disapoint. Probably Appetite Comes With Killing won't be the most memorable grindcore album of the year, but it is excellent and I always enjoy listening to Bowelfuck.

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dimanche 6 novembre 2022

Code 906 - Fade to Viral (2022)

Fade to Viral is the new album from Russian producer Code 906. More than an hour of finely crafted jungle loops over dark ambient. Not very far from Christoph de Babalon, could also remind Mick Harris works. An excellent album. Recommended! 

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jeudi 3 novembre 2022

Cloud Rat - Threshold (2022)

In the past Cloud Rat has been brilliant when it came to inject some diversity (like post-punk elements, melodies) in their hardcore, and I regret that Threshold (like Pollinator, but this one was released with a very experimental EP) is just Cloud Rat at their most aggressive straight forward. That been said their metallic hardcore bordering powerviolence is once again super tight, super sharp and the fierce female vocals are awesome and as usual it is easily one of the best hardcore albums of the year. I expect even better from them, but this one's obviously recommended anyway.

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